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Methods for installing aluminum profile for LED strip

LED lamps have a large number of advantages. Such devices are durable, low power consumption and light direction. LED strip light makes it possible to provide the necessary brightness, part of the premises, which needs a decorative illumination or used as

primary or additional lighting of the workplace or in the kitchen section.
Installation of LED profile, you can do yourself with the necessary electrical safety standards.

Options bindings factory profiles

Types of LED Profile

To LED lighting has been installed on all the rules, the installation should be done in a special profile for LED strip. The profile may be made of anodized aluminum or polycarbonate.
Installing LED profiles made of metal can be made not only in the room, but also on the plot for the lighting design of landscape design. Aluminum profile is not subject to corrosion, It has a low weight and can easily be installed in a horizontal plane, and in a vertical arrangement.
plastic products, have a low price, but reliability is significantly inferior to the metal profile. The advantages of this material is its flexibility. Therefore, if you want to install the profile on the wall section with curves, the use of plastic profile, is no alternative fixing LED strip.
LED profile can vary in size and have the following varieties:

  • Angular.
  • Mortise.
  • Overhead.

corner option It allows you to install LED lighting in the corner of the room. This species has a diffuser, that allows you to slightly reduce the intensity of the luminescence device.


Mortise profile It can be installed in a variety of home furnishings. If such a structure to mount profile in a ladder, the lighting will look very impressive and safe movement will be organized in the evening and at night.


The main advantage Surface Profile, It is the ease of installation of this element. Surface element can be mounted via screws or adhered to a special adhesive tape.


Profiles for LED strip can be not only a rectangular shape, but also have a rounded appearance. Round profile allows you to place the LED elements, inside the tube, which is also the diffuser of the device. detail the varieties of shapes and designs and use in the interior of the apartment.

Mounting of the profile of aluminum

Mounting Profile for LED strip is possible in the presence of the following tools:

  1. Otvёrtka.
  2. Drill.
  3. Glue.
  4. Soldering.
  5. solder.
  6. copper cable.

Installation of the aluminum profile for LED strip, to be Implemented in such a way, to the tape length and profile were equal. If necessary, shorten the LED strip, it is not difficult to do with conventional office scissors. The tape can be cut only in certain places, marked on its surface.

Then soldered copper wire to LED strip, which must be connected to power supply for LED strips. Then, with the LED strip is removed a protective layer on the back side, and it is attached to the aluminum profile.

When the tape is set to the set profile diverging lens and plugs on both sides. Fastening aluminum profile for LED strip profile is carried out by attaching the housing to a wall or any other smooth surface.

Installation profile made of polycarbonate

In the same way can be set and the profile of polycarbonate. If you need to install lighting on the surface with a significant rounding is required in addition to attach a profile with self-tapping screws or dowels.

To implement this method of installation will need the following tools and materials:

  1. Profile of polycarbonate desired length.
  2. LED Strip Light.
  3. Glue.
  4. Dowels or screws.
  5. Drill and drill bits for metal and concrete.
  6. marker.

Installation is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. In the profile, stepping back from the edge 2 – 3 cm holes are made with a drill and the helical drillspolikarbonatovie profilesand the diameter 8 mm. Profile is applied to the installation site and a marker marked on the wall point, where it is necessary to make drilling for installation of fasteners.
  2. If the wall is concrete, the drill to a drill set for concrete and is carried out at the marked points on the drilling depth needed for mounting dowels.
  3. Then set polycarbonate profile. By the wall screwed profile housing with dowels. The strip is also set as in the aluminum profile, to remove enough of the protective layer, and firmly press the tape to the bottom of the plastic profile. If the installation is carried out angular profile for LED strip, it should use the adhesive mounting method for mounting such a construction.

there are alternative variants LED strips powered at 220V without power supply, that have a sealed enclosure, they can be used for street lighting.


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