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LED ribbon in the design of the apartment ceiling

Using the most unusual materials and technologies in the device of various fixtures and highlights options for a long time no one should be surprised, more so that today there is a huge demand for non-standard design solutions the most common elements of apartment, e.g. for ceiling space.

In itself, the ceiling space, most involved in the interior design together with the original and unusual for this clearance, and requires specific functional features, eg, room lighting company, placing lamps, chandeliers, illumination elements.

And here is the best for these solutions serves a new kind of lighting fixture like LED Strip Light - a unique option for unique solutions.


Features of the application LED strip

Really, features of this material, able to very clearly and expressively transform any interior. soft foundation, with a large arrangement of small light-emitting diodes of the same brightness makes it possible to use the most unusual ways of lighting. LED strip in the interior of the apartment is increasingly being used not only as a means of illumination, ie enhance lighting, creating an additional luminous flux, but also as the main lighting, the more that are more powerful light output began to find more and more application in this form of production.

The flexible base, with an adhesive underside portion, capable of firmly and securely attach to virtually any surface. Small overall weight and a large number of tapes arranged LEDs can create the luminous flux comparable with standard lamps. But in addition to ease of installation, the tape itself is capable of even more opportunities to expand, if the LEDs, installed in the tape are able to change color. This LED Strip Light, design of the apartment ceilings which are developed by the use of colored LEDs, It makes it possible not only to change the illumination mode, but also the color of the light ceiling.

LOW vOLTAGE 12-24 In achieved using power supply and make it safe for installation inside the structure, and special types of ceilings. A low thermal efficiency fits perfectly into the concept of the ceiling space with internal illumination. Usable interior lights LED ribbon with dimming function enables creating besides the illumination zones also mood characteristic in dim or bright glow on the contrary.


LED ribbon general principles for use in lighting the apartment

Developing options for LED lighting devices tape most of the projects, Use tape as light sources, adhere to the principles of designing such systems:

  • lighting LED tape in the apartment, must be, used the maximum;
  • lamps design should be as simple and functional;
  • installed in the tape drywall constructions should not appear on the eye to any point of the room;
  • open location tape must necessarily use the outer shell as the lamp housing;
  • Control block, connecting cables and other accessories should not be shown outside of the structure.


Headlamps of LED strip in different ceiling constructions

The process of designing modern lighting ceiling structures in which it is planned to use the LED strip in the interior ceiling, usually, It begins with selecting the type of decoration ceiling space. Today, in most cases, uses three basic types of ceiling clearance spaces:

  • plasterboard ceiling structure;
  • the use of tissue or PVC stretch ceiling;
  • combined with the device type as a plasterboard, and inserts of stretch ceiling.

For drywall constructions characterized by the use of LED strip as an auxiliary type of lighting, tape installed in special recesses or mounted in such a way, to illumination light was directed from the structure, forming, in this way, kind of "flying" ceilings. For a more spectacular illumination lights are generally used blue, blue or bright white light.


LED ribbon in the design of the ceiling with the use of PVC fabric tension can be set LED ribbon inside space on the perimeter of the room, and in the case of PVC fabric combined with built-in furniture and attached to the furniture fronts. Also a great way to enter the illumination of glossy ceiling in the interior of the room is to use LED strip in the interior as illumination windows and niches.


For combined structures, with multi-level buildings, LED strip can be used as a variant lateral illumination, placed in niches designs, or as backlight of inserts of stretch ceiling.


Such use of LED strips is possible even for self-installation, but to build more original designs with multi-color backlit remote control is better to turn to professionals.

Further diversify the interior help LED aluminum boxes.


The use of LEDs in covering different rooms apartments

Ability to use application LED strip in flat interior determined, first of all, appointment of the room and its functionality.

for large, spacious rooms, which hosts most of the time it is important for the family with the help of such coverage not only to create spectacular lighting throughout the area, but use it very efficiently. The large rooms, usually, except for the central light source, chandeliers or large ceiling lamp, LED lighting can be used as the additional light source, eg, as a backlight stretch ceiling.

A good solution backlight LED home interior ribbon using such receiving, as zoning. Placing lighting different areas with the use of the premises of drywall constructions, suspended ceilings and light fixtures will allow, without prejudice to the overall picture to emphasize and improve the functionality of the most popular areas.

For children's rooms, there, where the child spends most of his time, Lighting Design LED strip with adjustable luminous flux will solve the problem of illumination of the room in the dark, and the option of using multi-color LEDs will create a sense of novelty and holiday child.

for corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobe this option will significantly improve illumination of the room. ceiling space lamps placed around the perimeter will make even the smallest room visually more spacious and wide.


Combining different options, and ceiling light fixtures in the interior

The idea to diversify the interior with LED tape must first be agreed with the main room lighting. Today, traditional still performs exactly the location of the ceiling fixtures in the central part of the room. For spotlights play the role of the individual zones of lighting, but for LED lighting in most cases it is recommended to use the role of illumination or at least additional lighting.

Backlight LED Strip apartment, in particular using a color version with adjustable color flow should be chosen very carefully, not to create disharmony with basic lighting and home furnishings.

The convenient location of fixtures will be continued in the placement of lighting open windows, aquariums, sculptures. LED strip in the interior of a bedroom may be used as a backlight for curtains cornice, dressing table, lamps bedside. When placing ceiling tape as in the embodiment in the central room, successful is the location of the lamp over the bed. Placing the lamp above the resting place, using high quality LED color glow, It must necessarily be matched with the function of adjusting the brightness of the light flux, So, the lighting does not interfere with recreation.



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