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track lighting: features, appointment, installation


Techniques for interior furnishings updated with new versions each year, includes finish and improved characteristics, and the colors and, naturally, lighting, for the creation of which has recently increasingly used LED lamp track type. On the lighting market, they are a relatively recent, but enjoys great demand due to its tens of benefits. Discover, What is Track LED lamp, where this type of lamps used and what its advantages over other options, by using the following details.

knowing, What is Track LED lamp, and its features, You can replace conventional equipment such lighting systems. The more so, despite the high price, mount them is quite simple, and purchase costs quickly pay off high efficiency and ease of use.


Design features

The main difference between these lighting systems is, that are located on the track LED lighting trunking - that is part of the overall system of multiple devices of the same type. Obodinonnye lamp used to create the appropriate lighting in a variety of areas - from shopping areas and exhibition halls to city apartments and country houses. In this case the connection of individual modules is performed due to the special calipers.

Conductor rails for track LED lamps differ in the number of phases (from 1 to 3), depending on the number of which can be connected to the track by 1 to 3 groups of LED lamps, going on and off independently of each other. And calipers they are rectangular, P- and L-shaped, flexible, direct and cross-shaped. Such diversity makes it possible to choose the lighting system for the premises for any purpose and size.


The track system consists of these components:

  • LED lamps;
  • transformers;
  • tokoprovodov;
  • elements for connection of the individual devices;
  • devices for hanging structures.

Fasteners and fixtures to accommodate tracking systems provide the ability to place them not only at any height, but on different planes - both horizontal, and vertical. On busbar trunking it is placed lamps of different power and type, and their number can easily change depending on the tasks of the system.

Main application


In tasks, that perform Track LED lamp, includes:

  • Drawing attention of shoppers, museums and exhibition centers on certain goods and exhibits;
  • division into zones of premises and entertainment facilities and catering;
  • highlighting areas of apartments - mostly, areas of cooking food (kitchen) or recreation (living room and bedroom).


Pros and cons of LED systems track

The popularity of this type of lamps due to the benefits of, which provide primarily LEDs. They consume several times less electricity compared to other lamps and instantly reach full brightness. A more LED lights last several times longer - up 100000 no. And there is no stroboscopic effect and hazardous substances LED lamps still have a part of (that there, eg, from mercury lamps).

Among the advantages of using LEDs can be called:

  • high strength;
  • noiseless;
  • resistance to temperature extremes and high humidity;
  • easy to recycle (to discard the failed LED does not necessarily apply to special services);
  • no ultraviolet radiation, whereby during operation of the lamps the room temperature does not rise.

Besides, LED track light LED has many advantages, and due to the peculiarities of the systems themselves - ease of use, possible changes in visual space in the room (reduce or enlarge, depending on the location), as well as ease of installation and removal. Track lamp easily mounted on any surface - from walls to the ceiling. And yet they can be used to illuminate the room in any style - from classic to modern and industrial and minimalist.

The design of the track system moves the lighting along the busbar. Due to this, you can easily change the direction of the light from each individual luminaire and light level different zones in the room.

The only drawback, which can be found at the track lighting fixtures, is their high cost. However, the advantages of its use allows virtually ignored this disadvantage. Moreover, in the operation of the use of LEDs pays off.

equipment features

For the appropriate LED lamp should be guided by its characteristics such as the power and luminous flux. The first parameter can be compared with the performance of incandescent lamps - 1 W LEDs is approximately 5-7 watts of ordinary light source. It means, that to replace the 60-watt lamp 10 sufficiently watt LEDs. The value of the luminous flux is used for calculation of luminance level, which will provide light - for living a normal value is 100-200 lux (10-watt lamp cost from 1000 rub. / pcs as suspending from a height 2,5 m), for office space - from 400 lux (20-watt bulb, the price of each of which reaches 1500 rub.).

In addition to these parameters, consider:

  • divergence angle of the light flux, which affects uniformity generated tracking system
    lighting. Recommended value for this parameter around 30 degrees;
  • color temperature, which for premises should be in the range of 2.5-3.5 thousand. Kelvin and about 4000-5000 K for commercial space;
  • color reproduction (for indoor lamp rate should not be less than 70).

Features connecting track lighting

knowing, what track light, you can see the features of its installation. For this, Firstly, We need themselves lamps and power supplies with special forks views. Sometimes this source comes complete with lamp. In other situations, it must be purchased separately.

Installation lamps consists of the following stages:

  1. Turn off the power in the room, where the system is installed;
  2. Attachment to walling frame - staples, cables or chains suspended;
  3. installation of fixtures.

The ends of the cable outlet at the ends of the tracks. It simplifies the task of mounting a multicolored labeling wires, allowing to identify among them the grounding, phase and neutral.

LED lamp mounted track directional light follows the same procedure, which is used to set the point lighting:

  1. Wire branches to the ground, where it is assumed the device mounting;
  2. Cables of the same color are interconnected;
  3. Insulated wires bared parts;
  4. Installation is carried out in the slot selected and already assembled lamp. Understand, the device is installed, you can click on a characteristic;
  5. Depending on the tasks of the tracking system is governed by the direction of the luminous flux of lamps.

Council: When installing the fixtures necessary to take into account the existence of different types of adapters. A number of modifications allows only the left power supply connection, others - just right.

Lighting LED-type will improve the illumination and at the same time improve the interior design. AND, although their costs are higher compared to conventional systems, installation, and other advantages of ease of use make it possible to stop their attention on such a variant.



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