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LED bulbs: tough choices galore models

LED lamp increasingly gaining popularity among consumers thanks to their advantages over incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamp. It consumes less power, than a conventional light bulb in 8-10 time. -Not safe Hg, It does not break if dropped, slightly warm during use. With proper use, you can expect to work long term - up 100000 hours, but it is only the correct choice of lamps. In high-quality LED lamps flicker is not noticeable when working, and this is the main thing to look for when buying.


Lack of LED lamps in one, but significant - the price is still relatively high compared with other lamps, and the reliability of the cheapest models is very small.

that choose the right LED lamp, and it has served its entire "industrial age", aspects, influencing the choice.

design lamps

The main elements of LED-lamp, affecting the quality of work are: LEDs, cooling radiator and the driver (integrated power supply).

For long life radiator should be qualitative.The radiator is disposed between the bulb and the socket and serves to cool the driver. Correct radiator consists of a ribbed structure of aluminum with longitudinal slits, providing free convection of air inside the lamp. In some cases the producers may be cheap unfortunate position of edges and sipes. This does not provide a good heat sink, and the lamp quickly goes down. Also often reduce the price of production and the heat sink is made of plastic. This product can be used only for short-term work, tk. plastic does not provide sufficient cooling of the lamp, unlike aluminum, having a high thermal conductivity. While already implementing good koppozitnye materials.

Since the radiator at least visually it is not possible to assess the quality of the device, so when choosing a LED-lamp should be guided by cost. The higher cost, the more likely, that stands right radiator in it.

Driver (transformer, Power Supply) almost the main component of the lamp. Its function -transformirovat input voltage of 220V to the desired 12V lamps. Cheap is not always good driver copes with it. for example, some Chinese versions of output given the unstable performance.

Also, low-quality power supply is unlikely to survive surges, It often happens in homes.

When you buy should pay attention to the frequency of lamp flicker, this can be checked by pointing the phone's camera to turn on the lamp. The less visible the better band.

Therefore it is necessary to rely on the manufacturer's name and choose the brands, proven good side.

Shaped LED lamp

The range of LED lamps produced diverse. There are two types of lamps - "corn" (open LED) and closed. "Corn" is practically removed from production due to the lack of fire safety.

LED lamp "corn"
LED lamp "corn"


Forms a closed bulb same shape as usual, all the familiar light bulb "Ilyich". This "pear", classic ball and candle, "Candle in the Wind" with a curved tip, Mirrored flask etc.. There are transparent and opaque. Frosted bulbs better scatter light and aesthetically appealing look, tk. LEDs are not visible. Their best bet in outdoor lighting. Clear glass bulbs placed in a closed fixtures. "Candle" and "Candle in the Wind" look beautiful in hanging open luminaires and lamps. Mirror LED lamps are used instead of halogen and incandescent counterparts in point Downlights.


Often use LED lamp with the following types of caps:

  • E14 - a thin cap "mignon", used bra, pendant luminaires; power from 3,5 watts 9 W;
  • E27 - the "classic" cap, used everywhere, They come in different capacities, from 3,5 W to the maximum capacity to date in 20 W;
  • GU10 - used in luminaires spotlight on 220 AT;
  • GU5,3 - it used in the lamps on 12 AT.
Name plinths

Power and luminous flux (svetootdacha)

Power LED-lamp manufacturer indicates on the packaging. "People's" method of comparing the power of an incandescent lamp and an LED is very simple - to multiply the power of the LED lamp and get a rough power incandescent lamp. This is a very simplified diagram. For a more precise understanding of better use of such a thing as luminous flux. It is measured in lumens (Lumen). Compliance with this power to power conventional incandescent lamps is shown in Table:

The table corresponds to the power LED lamps and incandescent lamps

LED lamp power consumption, W Power consumption of an incandescent lamp, W Light flow, Lm
2-3 20 250
4-5 40 400
8-10 60 700
10-12 75 900
13-15 100 1200
18-20 130 1500

It should be understood, that lamps with frosted bulb light output will be lower. Also the, that the lamps of different color temperature will be different luminous flux. In cold light bulb, he is always higher.


Colour temperature

Definition - color temperature gives the concept of buyer, the color of the light will be in his house. It is measured in degrees Kelvin. Now available LED lamp with a color temperature of 2700 K to 7000K.

  • 2700K - a warm yellow light, similar to solar;
  • 2800K - 3200 K - warm white light with a shade;
  • 4000K - 5000 K - white light with a cool tint, the so-called day;
  • above 5000K - cold light with a bluish tinge.


for comparison, conventional lamp radiates light with a temperature of 2700-2800K. therefore, if you used to such light, better select analog LED with a luminescence temperature not above 3200K.

color Rendering index

This figure is tightly connected to the color temperature. It is designated CRI (from English. colourrenderingindex) or Ra. It indicates compliance with illuminated lamp objects and surfaces real colors. In the cheap light bulbs, the figure is 65-70Ra. In high-quality and expensive - 85-100Ra. Light from the lamp with better color reproduction index. also known, that the color rendering index is dependent on the color temperature:

  • 2600-3700K - index is 85 Out;
  • 3700-5000K - index - 75 Out;
  • more 5000K - index is 70 Out.

LED-lamps known manufacturers have a fair color rendering indices, while the unscrupulous manufacturers often overestimate their.

In this way, choose lamp is a measure of not less than 80Ra.


angle of dispersion

This option is also worth considering when choosing a lamp. He shows, the angle at which the light will be scattered. In lamps with a narrow angle of the light spot is very small, It will cover just under a, not illuminating nearby objects. Lamps with a narrow angle of illumination used for accented. For general room lighting is better to choose a lamp with an angle of dispersion from 90 degrees.



This function is, if you want to adjust the brightness of the lighting in the room. Standard LED lamps are not regulated, unlike incandescent lamps. Therefore, when you buy should pay attention to this point. Dimming adds to the cost of the lamp. Also worth knowing, that the dimmable bulbs can flash with the lights off. This is due to the fact, that conventional circuit breakers are designed for incandescent lamps, that with such a small current value are off.


Packaging of goods

On the package of quality products always indicated complete information about the product. LED-lamp is no exception. In addition to the brand, The country of manufacture must be given the power, light flow, Colour temperature, Index svetootdachi, angle of dispersion.

Durability and warranty

Different manufacturers claimed lamp life by 30 to 100 thousands of hours. Check, Does it really work out all the time can only be experienced by. Manufacturers offer a guarantee from the 1 to 3 years old. When you purchase should choose a lamp with a long-term guarantee.


In the Russian market today presented a huge number of manufacturers of LED lamps. It is recommended to choose manufacturer, which have a unit for the production of electronic components and light. Such European manufacturers of LED products are:

  1. Osram;
  2. Philips;
  3. GeneralElectric;
  4. BLV;
  5. Sylvania.

Quality, as well as at the height of the price. In addition to quality, you can be sure to use only eco-friendly materials. for example, lamp with an E27 base 13W LEDBulb 18-130W E27 6500K 230V from Philips will cost about 500 rubles. A lamp TOLEDO GLS 10W 806LM 827 E27 SL Sylvania for about 1500 rubles.

Manufacturers of LED components

Among the Russian manufacturers of LED lamps is quite decent quality are the following:

  1. Gauss;
  2. Glavmosstroy;
  3. Space;
  4. Housekeeper;
  5. Lisma;
  6. Onlight.

For example, lamp 12W 230V Gauss will cost about 250 rubles.

Chinese manufacturers, make good products:

  1. Navigator;
  2. Feron;
  3. Camelion;
  4. Jazzway;
  5. Gauss;
  6. Era.

example: the price of the lamp E27 15W -230V Jazzway will be about 200 rubles.

Cheaper you can buy LED-lamps in the Chinese online shops. But as practice shows, a good product in this category there is almost impossible to find. All of the above disadvantages of these products are completely.

In the current situation, when the dollar is constantly jumping up and down, the price of LED bulbs also varies depending on the time of delivery to the store. Therefore, when buying lamps recommended to study the assortment and order of the prices in the shops and stores federal networks, selling electrical equipment. Sometimes you can find the same model lamp at very different prices.



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  1. LED lamps are more and more embedded in the life of each person. they are comfortable, durable and more energy efficient. LEDs are used in suspended ceilings in any room, installation and replacement of such lamps have no difficulty. The data shown in the tables in this article helped me with the self-purchase of lamps in the store, tk. I had not realized, that represent all these designations on the packaging.

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