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How to choose the right grout for a tile?

When the tiles in the bathroom already laid, the case remains for small - to wipe the seams between the tiles. For, to do it, you need to choose the right grout. Today there is a wide variety of means for rubbing seams. They differ in composition, destinations, manufacturer and color. Grout should not only create a beautiful appearance, but also to protect the seams of moisture and formation of fungus.

What is the grout?

Grout between tiles is a special powder or a ready-pasty mass of a certain color, made of polymer and cement. Some options for grouting tiles only produce white, a dye is added to the paste immediately before use. If the grout is chosen correctly, it will harmoniously emphasize the integrity of the tiles, or vice versa, select an existing picture from the tiles on the wall. Concerning, choice of color depends on the grout, of what should be the final result.

The main object of the grouts is to prevent the ingress of moisture into the seams and for the self tiling. If there is no grouts, under the tile can get junk, dust, various insects, because this would violate the microflora. If you do not wipe the work on the tile, then soon the tile will not last long on the wall or the floor, and will have to re-spend the money for repairs.

Choosing a trowel mix, first of all need to pay attention to its quality. Even if the grout has beautiful decorative features, does not mean, that it can prevent the appearance of mold and mildew under tiles, from which it is very difficult to get rid of time.

Hands applying sealant to side of bath
Hands applying sealant to side of bath

Variety for tile grouts, their pros and cons

At present, among the grouts are the following types:

  • zatirka-dlya-plitki2cement. This type of trowel mix is ​​the most popular among both professionals, and house masters. Such trowels are powders, which are based on cement. Apart from the main component, to add grout materials, impart elasticity and moisture mixture. The downside of the cement grout is long drying, sparse palette. Such grout can fill seams width to 0,5 cm.
  • Cement-sand. It differs from the cement mixture just, that in its present composition of the sand. This makes it possible to use a grout for joints wider. But if the tile was chosen for the finishing, covered with icing, the manufacturers do not recommend the use of cement-sand mixtures, by virtue of, they can damage the glossy surface of the tile.
  • furan. This grouting black, It is most commonly used on an industrial scale. The base resin mixture includes, which gives a color. Such trowels are highly durable and resistant to chemical elements. The disadvantages of such a grouting is the high cost and complexity of application.
  • zatirka-dlya-plitki1epoxy. The composition comprises a cement base grout and epoxy resin. With this connection,, mixture is a durable trowel, supple, and also has a wide range of colors. Such two-component grouting joints protect against moisture and mildew.
  • Silicon. Such mixtures are also called rubbing sealants. This option is well suited for embedding large joints, however, many masters do not advise to use this tool for grouting. The silicone sealant produced in small tubes with a special tip. A variety of colors and shades, It allows you to select the desired option, but its properties, sealants are not suitable for this purpose. This useful material more suitable for sealing joints between the bath and the wall, between the sink and the wall, however, due to the fact, that over time, the sealant can change the color and subjected to mold, it is not suitable for grouting tiles.
  • Lateksnaya. The most modern type of grout for today. Such a mixture is popular with consumers because of its high resistance to moisture, as well as a wide color palette. Price latex grout above, than that of the cement, but, and the result will please more than.

Besides, Grout some different additives may be applied, eg, liquid glass, which provides additional water resistance and reliability.

How to choose the color of grout?

To determine the color and shade of the future grouting, you need to immediately solve, a design course going to apply. Trowel the mixture may be adjusted under the color of ceramic tile, colorless, contrasting color primary, Shielding tile or the color of the walls, which is adjacent to the underlying wall decoration.

Pay attention to the following tips when choosing a color scheme for the bathroom:

  1. zatirka-dlya-plitki4It is not always possible to pick up the desired hue grouting. Each cement grout comprises a coloring pigment, but it would be better to purchase additional colorant, is at work to mix with the white mixture.
  2. Epoxy grout diverse their hues. The transparent aggregate is possible to add any dye. Also, such grouting may be gold, silver and bronze, it extends much colors for the finishing bath.
  3. To maintain the general style of design in the bathroom should be selected grout, which is in harmony with the color of the tiles. If the tiles dark, grout should be chosen on a darker tone, if tile light, fill the joints with a mixture of, in the shade lighter.
  4. zatirka-dlya-plitki5If the walls in a room lined with tiles of different colors, tone grouting choose a dominant color.
  5. The most successful color to putty the walls will be white, a floor of dark colors and gray shades.
  6. If the bathroom is lined with colorful mosaics, better to give preference colorless grouting, not to oversaturate basic composition.
  7. Light grout will visually unite all the tiles in one piece, dark - on the contrary, allocate each tile.
  8. If the room is small - use light shades, if the bathroom has a large size - you can apply grout dark.
  9. If the look is not important facing, and grout should play the role of protection against mold and mildew, it is better to take colorless grouting.

When visiting a store, experts advise to take a sample tiles, to find the right tone grouts.



Overview grouting tile manufacturers

In the market of finishing materials today presented a variety of high-quality grout tile. cement, latex or epoxy grout, powder or ready-mix, white or have color - just have to choose the best product. Among the grout manufacturers, offered in stores, are the following brands:

  • zatirka-dlya-plitki3Ceresit. This manufacturer is a leader among grouts. The company has long won success among consumers, thanks to the finishing materials, cement mixture, shpaklevke. This manufacturer offers several types of grouts, each of which is designed for certain conditions. Ceresit grout used to fill the joints of 4 to 20 mm. Some embodiments trowel mixture produced specifically for use with mosaic tiles. company also produces a grout sealant for sealing joints between the surfaces. Ceresit company are of high quality and moderate price policy.
  • Grouting Polish firm Atlas. This manufacturer is firmly entrenched in the market of our country, and produces a good product. Grouts are Atlas 3 species: cement, with the addition of gloss and epoxy grout. In addition to these products, brand launches restorers - special mixtures for the restoration of previously filled joints between the tiles. Now the grout produced in Russia, chaired by the Polish firm.
  • Trowelling mixture Mapei manufacturer. This company - the Italian brand, and has been manufacturing high-quality grout is not just for the bathroom, but also for the industrial scale: bathrooms, pools. Production also has been established in Russia, and offers consumers the cement and epoxy mixture for grouting. Mapei company also manufactures sealants, fillers, which have the property of self-regulation. The color palette is wide enough. The range of the brand is also present paint to refresh the color of old joints, Polymer additives for kneading the mixture, that give it moisture barrier properties, and plastic cords, used to align the seams before, their fill.
  • Manufacturer Kiilto. differs, that trowel mixture dries long, and wipe the seams can independently even a novice, correcting their shortcomings. The Finnish company also produces Kiilto for grouting stone tiles, which can be used outdoors. In addition, the firm makes money for the protection and cleaning of facing.
  • Epoxy grout Litokol. This company distinguishes the production of special grout for artistic finishing works. This grouting epoxy for mosaics, glass, and grout with glow effect. Fluorescent rubbing mixture will glow when the lights in the room.


Cost grouts today varies from 300 rubles and above, depending on the brand, composition and type of grouting. Give your choices only trusted manufacturers, which for a long time of existence proved themselves to be a good side. qualitative, water-resistant grout will last for many years and will please the eye with their appearance.



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