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What to use effective means of cleaning baths

contrary to, that the world has moved forward and began to invent new types of baths, Faithful iron does not disappear. Modern manufacturers have been actively releasing new versions of the cast-iron baths, and most people prefer it to them. This article is dedicated to, how to effectively clean a cast-iron bath, so as not to damage the coating and thus to remove stubborn dirt popular.

Natural and chemicals for cleaning cast iron tubs

good cleaning Means for bathroom may be one of two kinds:

  • chemical;
  • natural.

Natural cleaning products are available for every housewife in the kitchen, their use is considered to be a national cleaning methods, familiar current grandmothers. These include: soda, salt, vinegar, storm, Skipidar, lemon juice, dry mustard, ammonia, starch and, of course, laundry soap. All of them are characterized by environmental friendliness and 100% harmless to the human body. Using the means described above can be obtained an excellent result, and like creams or powders chemical bath of clear yellow, lime, rust, soap traces.

The use of chemical methods similar yields good results, but can harm health (especially allergies) or by the bath. Therefore it is very important to follow a few rules when purchasing:

  1. It should read the information about the vehicle, what species it is suitable, carefully examine the recommendations of the manufacturer.
  2. Purchased gel / powder / cream / paste must not be corrosive or have high levels of chemicals. The purpose of the means - gentle cleansing, disinfection.
  3. A means has to be safe for human health. In this case, you still need to work in rubber gloves, because even small amounts of chemicals can harm an open contact.
  4. It is important to pay attention to the smell, it should not be too pungent and sharp, that did not have an hour to ventilate the bathroom.
  5. Consider the price. If funds are limited, but it is worth a one-time buy expensive chemicals, better to initially focus on a more suitable option.

Starting from the personal beliefs and Finance, every woman with time determines the best means for cleaning bathtubs.

How to clean a cast-iron bath

What can not be used for cleaning

Cast iron bath is strong enough, What can be said about its coverage. Old bath manufacturing is always covered with porous enamel, and modern coatings have a glossy surface and a dense structure. Here the question arises, how to clean a bath, not to harm any of its variety of coatings? To do this, you can not use the following tools and instruments:

  • abrasives;
  • cleaners and solutions, containing concentrated hydrochloric acid (eg, "Silit" or "Sanitary 2");
  • brushes with metal teeth;
  • fiberglass sponge;
  • blade, knife and sharp objects like improvised use.

Not respecting these rules, coating the surface will be destroyed, loses its luster, It will be rough to the touch.

Cleaning Tips:

  • leave undesirably wet bath, better allocate time a minute and wipe it with a dry soft cloth;
  • give preference loyal liquid creamy gels or solutions;
  • if you want to rub heavily soiled place, you can use a washcloth to wash dishes or old toothbrush.

It is advisable to wash the bath soon after its use, if dirt does not have time to soak in, and it can be removed in the usual soap solution;

The bath clean rust

Traditional methods of cleaning

How to clean a cast-iron bath from all kinds of contamination know our grandmothers, which for many decades in a row using proven traditional methods.

Rust remover

The bath clean rust, described in the following prescriptions:

  1. With soda. To clean the soda bath should immediately slightly wet surface, then apply a substance on rusty space, gently rub with a soft damp sponge. Above all, Soda perfectly disinfects and deodorizes.
  2. With borax and vinegar. You need to connect them with each other in equal amounts, moisten the cloth resulting solution, rub rusty bath areas.
  3. With salt and turpentine. Prepare a thick gruel, put on dirty place. Not only it helps to get rid of the rust, but also to prevent its re-occurrence.

To return to the original white

How to clean a bath of yellowness and return the original purity coating will help the following means:

  1. Vinegar. To clean the bath of vinegar in it is necessary to moisten a paper towel or cloth, then cover their entire bath area, leave for half an hour. Vinegar well oxidizes and disinfects.
  2. powdery white. Dilute the white water until a thick porridge, then apply it to the entire surface. Hold for at least half an hour, then rinse well. This method is suitable even to, to clean the old bath disrepair.
  3. Toothpaste. Applied locally on problem areas or around the perimeter.

How to clean a bath of yellowness

To remove limescale

Than clean plaque from bath and forget about it forever, prompt the following methods:

  1. Using ammonia. Apply the solution to the problem areas, leave for a while, then if necessary, rub and rinse. Ammonia is very easy to use, it is convenient to process the entire surface.
  2. By using soda and dry mustard powder. Connect in proportions 1:3, clean bath. Will master not only the plaque, but rust. The ideal composition for a conventional purification weekly.
  3. Using a mixture of vinegar and salt. This method is particularly suitable for those housewives, who are formed in the bath raids or stains from hard water.
  4. Use lemon juice. This method will be a good addition to one of the methods of struggle with a touch, and he alone is weak. Lemon juice is indispensable to prevent the re-raid, Just occasionally wiping them places, which typically is formed plaque.

Clean soda bath

Normal cleaning

So as not to have to wrestle with, as a wash bath of rust and raids you need to constantly keep it clean. For the usual cleaning become indispensable following natural remedies:

  1. Soda in combination with soap. Effectively cleaned and disinfected.
  2. Starch in tandem with salt. They are well cleaned and disinfected with cast iron bathtub, contribute to their bleaching.

Now every housewife knows, than clean the bath at home doing without the purchase of household chemistry.

Popular funds from the category of household chemicals

How to clean plaque from bath

Range of household chemical goods is very impressive. After analyzing the responses housewives can make a rating cleaners for bathroom, who have the greatest popularity:

  1. Somet popular cleanser for bath, which can be purchased in the form of a gel or powder. Easily removes normal dirt, and for more serious contamination requires physical effort. It has an unpleasant odor, because of what it is not recommended allergies. In all forms produced it contains small abrasive particles because of what is good cast-iron baths.
  2. San Klin. It does not contain abrasives and phosphates, ideal for all varieties of baths, It has a pronounced odor. Sold in the form of a spray, useful when applied. Effectively cope with the usual soap spots, mud, as well as the more heavily contaminated (rust, plaque and so on.). San Wedge - is the perfect combination of price and quality.
  3. How to clean a bath at homeMr. Chister. The cleaning solution applies to professional tools for the entire bathroom, is applied using a spray. Suitable for all varieties of coatings. it smells good, disinfects, removes all kinds of dirt, It eliminates the mold.
  4. Frosch -good cleaner bath, adding grape acids. conveniently sprayed, easy to rinse, cleans, suitable for all surfaces. it smells good, safe for the environment, including people.
  5. Mr Muscle Bath. Easy to use thanks to an atomizer, it smells good, suitable for all kinds. Well suited for routine cleaning and stain removal, but not always osilivaet rust.
  6. This means for the bath is made of natural components. It has appreciated for its excellent quality and 100% product safety. His ability to spot any, It has a pleasant odor, It does not cause allergies.
  7. Dakotoron. It is used in the purification of all possible surfaces in the bathroom. Copes with stains of any complexity, destroying fungus, disinfects. Its structure does not include a surfactant, chloro and phosphates. Used for all types of coatings.
  8. arch effect. It has a liquid form, gently cleans all surfaces qualitatively, shine. Covers special coating layer, which repels water, preventing the occurrence of plaque and other impurities.

This is not the whole list of possible resources, which can be effectively clean cast-iron bath at home.

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2 Comments to the post "What to use effective means of cleaning baths

  1. After moving into an apartment, remaining after grandmother, faced with the problem of cleaning baths. The bath was not too dirty, but there were rust stains, the surface was more yellow, rather than at the new baths. I tried to clean ash, vinegar, citric acid. These tools help, but from the deep stubborn dirt can not save. Expensive means not acquired, and cheap and not taken out some spots of rust with a bath. The result of my efforts: clean bathroom, white and without microbes. It remains only a couple of small spots of rust, which takes nothing.

  2. On our rented apartment, an old cast-iron bathtub. When we moved here, it is not the, to sit, it was disgusting to stand. Bath was very far from the white, and sometimes even orange. Change the bath and the hostess refused to start, I look for means to clean it. None of the people's way, I did not use, I can tell right away, though here I want to try baking soda. I start the experiment with Domestos, For many years I use it and trust. But it has helped only a little. Next I bought her another one of the favorite tools- it Cif. He helps me with everything- toilet, bathroom, stove, sink. And this time, he helped me! Not immediately of course, and eventually I took my bath white. Where was the rust was a little lighter, but no detergent and popular way to delete it, it is only if the enamel bath. Thanks to Sifu I sometimes relax in the bath and safely bathe there a small child!

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