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Tips for Choosing shutters, Types and Features

Escape from annoying sunlight and other weather conditions can help the good curtains or blinds. But to protect against the ingress of, breaking glass will help shutters on windows. Shutters - the protective structure, which, moreover, is one of the favorite varieties of all blinds. In this way, they protect the house not only on the light and noise, but also from trying to break into your private property.

How to choose the shutters

How to choose the shutters on the windows, What you should pay attention to, acquiring this kind of blinds? Buying Window Blinds, first of all, you need to pay attention to what, the material from which they are made. If you want to stay on the outside of the structure to protect against hacking windows, then the choice will be the one, and if the inside, with the aim of aesthetic interior decorations, something completely drugoyv.

The second important principle of choosing shutters - a way to control. Below we will explain, any design control methods currently exist, and you can choose the best option for you. Depending on the control mechanism is different and installation of roller shutters. Well, finally, you should definitely decide on closures, if you choose a protective structure.

Window shutters

The design of roller shutters

shutters, and otherwise talk, security shutters, It consists of several basic elements, which provide high-quality work mechanism. Here is what parts design:

  1. gill, which are connected to the web. All slats are movable and are attached to each other.
  2. The guide roller shutters help the movement of the slats.
  3. Shaft - design, which is wound around the web (gill).
  4. protection box. It was there placed lamella.

This is the basic structural elements. Shutters themselves by various parameters are divided into several types. On which groups are divided protective shutters on windows, and on what basis it happens?

Shutters on windows

Types of manufactured shutters

Shutters are divided into a plurality of groups on various grounds. We will list the most basic, for which criteria, usually, choose this type of blinds. One of the most important features of the shutters - the type of control they. Management type of shutters are divided only into two types:

  1. Manual mode control. There are several types of mechanisms, providing a manual mode movement of roller shutters. Most often, the window shutters are moving with tape, gear or crank operators.
  2. automated way. Automatic roller shutter controlled by an electric actuator.

automatic shutters

Another important question, encountered during the installation of roller shutters - a way to mount blinds in the window opening. Sometimes horizontal and vertical installation method. The most commonly used is a vertical installation type, which the, in turn, divided into three groups.

  • built-in. When the internal installation of roller shutters, protective box mechanism is installed inside the house. It is this method can provide near absolute protection against the penetration of the room.
  • When the outer mounting box attached to the outer side of the building above the window opening. This is the easiest way to installation of roller shutters.
  • Combined. Protective box is located in the opening. This method is rarely used, since the protective box dramatically reduces the window space.

Classification of shutters is quite extensive, main parameters of the choice of curtains, we have listed. Now it is necessary to talk about, what materials are made shutters for windows.

Security shutters on windows

materials, of construction for roller shutters

In order to understand, of a material can be manufactured shutters, you must decide on their appointment. If you choose a security shutters (Blinds on windows), which will hang on the outside and protect the house from intruders, such materials are used more often.

  1. Aluminum. Constructions of aluminum, undoubtedly, will please any buyer. This material has many remarkable characteristics, among them durability, strength, durability. Material easily resists external influences. Less aluminum only, it has poor sound insulation must be installed and thick slats, so that the sound does not penetrate into the room.
  2. Steel. Protective shutters on the windows of steel have the ability to protect the premises from intrusion. Less steel is, that it does not interact with moisture, however slats must be reserved zinc coating. The protective fabric of steel, as well as a sheet of aluminum, inside can be filled with special foam, which contributes to noise reduction and heat insulation.

If you choose Window Blinds, who perform only an aesthetic function, there is no reason to make them out of such heavy and durable material.

Shutters on the windows to the inside of the house is made of the following materials.

  • the cloth. Rolls of fabrics have numerous advantages. You can choose any coloring, which fit into the interior. However, caring for them is much more difficult, than products from other materials, in addition, they are not recommended to be placed in kitchens, where fire may occur.
  • Tree. Blinds made of wood looks very fit and are extremely practical option. Material perfectly hides the house from prying eyes, protects against dust and light. Easy to clean and durable.
  • Plastic. The material has the same advantages, and that the tree and often chosen as an alternative to curtains in offices and residential buildings, especially in the kitchen. Plus plastic in the fact, that it can be painted in any color.

Now you have a picture of the main varieties and shutters can make the right choice when buying.

Choosing blinds shutters on windows, be careful, refer only to trusted producers. The quality of the design has a direct impact on its service life and protection against external influences.



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