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Plastering painting

Paint shukaturnye work are an integral part of any renovation or construction. Do not underestimate the importance of their quality - any error is clearly a negative impact on the appearance of the repair of an apartment, office, cottage. Carelessly executed repairs, with bumps on the walls and ceilings, curved corners just can not look beautiful.

Irregularities of the walls, not only protrude through the paint and wallpaper, but also significantly complicate the conduct of tile work in carrying out repairs in the bathroom, or kitchen remodeling. Robust and smooth laying tile or mosaic is possible only on the well-trained and aligned walls.

Objectives painting and plastering

Stucco material is a finishing layer, applied to the surface.

Firstly, work aimed at the alignment surfaces for the subsequent application of decorative coating and finishing flat.

irregularities of the walls, ceilings and floors are found not only in the shabby "Khrushchev" life. When repairing the apartment in a modern pre-fabricated house is also not uncommon, but rather that, which is to be expected in rough, and maybe fine finish from the builder.

For subsequent qualitative ceiling trim, wall, floor unit, necessary to achieve a perfect flatness of all surfaces, and the corners of the room to bring under 90 degrees.

plaster walls

Do not underestimate the importance of these works. The curvature of the surfaces and corners, wavy wall - all this will adversely affect not only when wallpapering, laying laminate flooring and other. When furniture arrangement its smooth corners and edges, perfectly accentuate all repair defects.

However, the plaster surface not only for leveling - plastering can increase the heat and sound insulation premises.

So with the help of plaster embody the design ideas, eg, create curly or rough texture of the walls and ceilings.

It is quite clear, that during the redevelopment areas, ie demolition, or the construction of interior partitions as well do without alignment.

Types of Paint plastering

Depending on the state, material of rendered surfaces, as well as on, a coating is applied to them in the future, works are divided into two types.

The first type - a rough plaster. It is used to create a uniform coating layer without cracks. Cement plaster necessarily apply to the room with high humidity. That is, when making repairs in the bathroom, either repair the balcony, This work is carried out on a mandatory basis to improve wall waterproofing.

The second type - dry plaster or gipsokarnon. He quickly mounted, but further surface finishing can be carried out the next day. The same rates for the plastering painting above. However, drywall GCR is not suitable for all rooms, as well as inferior to the minimum thickness of the coating.

By carefully executed, and accordingly the cost of plastering painting works, they also are divided into three types:

  1. simple. Its solution is applied in two layers and applying, usually, in the repair of warehouse, inexpensive, budget office renovation, or other production facilities.
  2. Improved. It consists of three layers and is used in the repair of premises.
  3. High-quality. It consists of four layers, least. It is used in the repair of houses, Renovation of apartments, as well as in the construction of private houses on individual projects - that is, the same cottages.

There mechanized plaster wall that dramatically increases the speed of work.

  • All work is done with the help of German plastering machines;
  • We carry on 100 to 1000 sq m 48 hours;
  • faster in 4 fold, than by hand.

The advantages of this is a significant saving of material consumption:

  • High-quality special. mixture, cheaper "Rotband" on 100 rub;
  • No need to pay the masters of the filler, before pokleykoy oboev;
  • Cheaper handmade 35%;
  • Delivery of materials at our expense;
  • Saving on the cost of materials and labor to 300 rubles per square meter.

For high-quality plaster walls good materials and tools should be applied. But even the use of expensive materials and high-quality repair and construction equipment is not enough - in order to achieve a good result, you must have sufficient skills and experience.

Stages of painting and plastering

Before applying any surface thoroughly prepare plasters - remove the old layer, applied special composition, called primer, which serves to create a good adhesion surfaces and strengthen them.

For highly absorbent substrates use special primers, create a film which, protecting the plaster layer from cracking. For smooth bases using primer "betonokontakt".

Just be sure to install beacons. Lighthouses - a galvanized profile, which set the vertical and horizontal level, using a laser ploskostroitel, for exhibiting a clear geometry of space.

They needed, to create the right angles, straight walls, window slopes.

After drying the plaster layer deleting beacons produce, tk. subsequently they can give rust. The remaining mixture and fill the grooves align with the general plane of the wall using a special spatula.

As you know, do this "by eye" is impossible. Just for this purpose the so-called "laser level", who constantly demonstrates, should look like the surface.

If the walls have big swings, as well as under very old plastering surfaces of bricks, pre-mounted metal mesh. It allows you to create a strong bond.

Consideration should be given electrical installation work. For the aesthetic appearance of the premises wiring must be arranged in a hidden manner - that is hidden under a layer of plaster.

After alignment walls, floors and ceilings, when the troughs and bulges are eliminated, and the angles are derived by 90 degrees, cause finishing putty. It serves to create a smooth, non-porous surface, which is particularly important during the subsequent staining, or if the design project, a fully paper wallpaper, or paper with a thin layer of vinyl. If the walls are porous, comprise sand plaster base - these finishes accentuate such flaws.

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