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A new way to install beacons by strings

Plastering of the walls can be considered one of the main types of work for any repairs. AND, as the practice, is much easier to carry out their, using special beacons, which aligned surface of the plaster layer. This saves material and, and time. And one of the most profitable and easiest options are the guiding beacons strings, through which more significantly reduce the cost of time and money.

Apparatus string guide

One of the easiest ways, how to make a string beacon, It is screwed into the walling of conventional screws and wrapping them around wire. When this fixture is kept at the dowels, and its cap are in the same plane, but at a small distance from the wall surface. Usually enough to secure the wire 2-3 mm.

After stretching the rail beneath it remains a small space. it is required to fill the solution to increase structural grade. Usually, the same, which will be used for plastering.

Homemade option to put a string plaster walls

There are the following options to set the guide to the wall:

Advantages and features string of lighthouses

among the advantages, which are due to the use of stringed plaster beacons, the main thing is their value and the minimum number of tools for editing. The second advantage is that, that the finish of the walls can begin immediately after the installation of the wire and its additional fixing plaster mixture. A plant guiding themselves can be carried out even performer, do not have much experience of such work.

The disadvantages of this method include:

  • the need for extremely precise fielding screws. incorrect position of their caps may affect the deflection and guide, respectively, whole plane plaster layer;
  • possibility of accidentally bend the wire when it is tightened around the screw cap;
  • increased demands on accuracy when removing excess solution from the strings after its consolidation. Careless actions may cause bending string beacon for plaster.

An opportunity to get a rough wall as a result of even a small error makes this method is not so attractive, especially to the untrained repairman. It is worth noting, that inadvertently bent rails need to be removed and replaced by new ones. it, in turn, increases the time period needed, but it reduces the likelihood of poor outcome.

Features mounting string of lighthouses

The installation process Strings beacon includes a base markup, flatness by walls and fixing the guides themselves. This will require the presence of a small amount of tools (hammer, otvёrtki, pliers, key and plummet) and two "strings". As a string guide the use of a thin wire is allowed, fishing line or these strings for musical instruments. Besides, need plaster and 4 dowels with screws.

The process of consolidation

principle of the method, like fasten strings beacons on the wall, stringing guide is parallel to the floor. The distance between them should be less than, than the width of the rules. Therefore, the string must be located at about 1000-1500 mm apart.

The installation process begins with the following actions:

  1. Drilling two holes for dowels at a distance of 200 mm from the edge of one and the second wall at a selected height;
  2. Install anchors and screwing the screw into it. Distance, which is left for the winding wire, It depends on the thickness of the plaster layer. And she, in turn, It is determined by the roughness of the walls;
  3. Winding wire to the right screw;
  4. Fixing string beacon by twisting counterclockwise.

The next stage of Strings beacon is stringing wire and wrapping it with the help of the left bolt - but in a clockwise direction. By twisting and untwisting guide screws "reaches" in such a way, to make it as flat. Next, the same procedure is required to execute the second string, putting it in the same plane with the first using the level and plumb.

After that, how is it to put beacons on the wall, under them must distribute a small amount of plaster to the level of the string. After each spraying guide clean and give a little dry plaster. The most reliable one, not allowing the lighthouse sag, three layers is a device solution. Established and enshrined string checked by the level and the rules. In this case, the latter should move easily along the guide rails.

Installation technology of lighthouses in steps

After the plaster started to set strings can be removed - and, together with self-tapping screws, which can rust and ruin the finish. BUT, when the solution, which fixes the guide, completely dry, begin the process of plaster on the strings. All traces of the beacons are embedded carefully plaster mixture.

Prices and reviews

Thanks to, that the installation guide applies only screws and dowels, fixing the price for a string beacon minimal. Inexpensive and will cost the purchase of wire or string. five-kilogram skein, which is usually enough for the whole apartment, costing 200-250 rubles.

The use of wire and string guides - enough popular method when performing plastering work, what can be learned, reading reviews singers. From the point of view of users, the distance between the strings beacons on the wall should be as low as possible, that in the process of plastering it easier to use the rule. BUT, according to others, this technique is not suitable for everyone - fulfilling the plaster walls of the string, inexperienced performer get a little more, than expected, consumption of material, which does not remain on the rule, and falls to the floor.

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Video: a method for manufacturing a string of lighthouses with their hands out of scrap materials


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