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Application of the plaster Rotband to simulate brickwork

Recently relief plaster has become widely used in the decoration of apartments and private homes. Its very popular view is an imitation of brickwork from the plaster on the wall. It is practiced in the hallway, and in any room, and not necessarily on all the walls, You can be performed on any of the selected wall. For this purpose, suitable low-cost materials and simple construction tools. The technology imitation decorative brickwork is not difficult and can easily be done with his own hands.

Materials and tools

To perform the work required inexpensive materials to simulate brickwork and simple tools available, namely:

  • spatula width 200 mm 80 mm;
  • brush-fleyts 5 and 3, 5 cm wide;
  • paint roller;
  • bath paint;
  • level building length 2 m;
  • long metal ruler;
  • measuring tape and a pencil;
  • cardboard brick pattern;
  • primer;
  • masking tape width 1 or 1,5 cm;
  • dry blend Rotbant;
  • paint tex;
  • color tex: russet, red, Orange, the black;
  • Acrylic Matte Varnish;
  • electric drill with a whisk;
  • kitchen cloth;
  • Sandpaper and №180 240;
  • bucket for mixing solution;
  • container for mixing paint.

In addition to this tool for the simulation of masonry with their hands, depending on the complexity of the work and the surface quality of the wall may need additional tools and materials. Acquired spatulas must be prepared to work: hone the sharp corners using emery and perform sharpening. Sharpening spatulas can be used emery cloth №180.

Devices Technology simulate brickwork

Technology application of decorative plaster under a brick with his own hands can be divided into several stages:

  • surface preparation wall;
  • marking and scribing, wall-sized bricks and the joints between them, as well as the sizing of masking tape;
  • plastering Rotband, individual zahvatki 1-2 m2 until hardening material;
  • coloring surface under the brick and the seams between them;
  • coating the dried painted surface protective varnish.

The technology of works by simulating masonry does not require special skills to accomplish it with his own hands. It uses inexpensive materials - the approximate cost of a square meter of finished plaster under a brick 120-150 p.

surface preparation

Let us consider in more detail, how to do an imitation of masonry with their hands. Before performing the simulation of masonry plaster wall surface must be cleaned of wallpaper, old paint and, possibly, to align as much as possible. For this purpose, suitable sandpaper. All the big bumps better pre proshpaklevat. As a result, should get a smooth, clean and dry the surface of the wall, You can start by rascherchivat brickwork ordinary pencil.


Before the markup necessary to determine the size of bricks and joints. Typically size bricks 65h250 mm and a width between the seams 10-15 mm. For quick markup is better to prepare a template from cardboard lined with brick contours and seams. The layout must perform quality. First, draw a horizontal line, then vertical. The width of the joints is determined by the acquired masking tape. Optimally, it should be 10-15 mm.Wall layout size

After performing the marking surface of the wall must be apply primer Knauf or any other deep penetration. For this purpose, you can use a paint roller. The primer does not hurt markup, pencil still be seen. After drying of the soil can proceed to sealing all seams masking tape. In this first glued all horizontal seams, then vertical. Horizontal stripes are glued so, that the tips went to the neighboring wall. A vertical glued over strips of horizontal scotch. After gluing the whole area you can begin to spray plaster Rotband.

marking a brick
Pasted on a marking tape

important Notice. On top of the junction of the wall and the ceiling must be a horizontal strip of adhesive tape, and it is marked by the whole brickwork.

Application layer Rotband

To check the entire color scheme matching technology, better to the work performed on a small sample of chipboard or plasterboard. So it is better to choose the desired color for the bricks and test work with Rotband. If imitation masonry is necessary to consider from Rotband, what the mixture hardens after Rotband 25 minutes and need to knead it a number of, to develop it during that time - about 1-2 quarter. m. gypsum solution Rotband kneaded in a small bucket with a spatula and applied to the prepared surface of the wall layer 3-5 mm. It is better to start from the top left corner and plastering certain bay in the form of a rectangle. At the same smooth surface or not does not really matter.

Remove the tape from the wall
Carefully remove the tape from the wall

After developing solution but nepoznee 20 minutes Rotband plaster, you must remove the tape to the point, until it finally froze. After two or three batches it will make it much easier. While not completely hardened plaster, on its surface with a spatula can be applied to various irregularities, cracks, fovea, which will create an imitation brick apartment. After plastering the entire surface of the wall and removing the adhesive tape is necessary to dry the plaster overnight. After that, you can begin to color.

Coating of the surface under the brick

While the plaster dries, you can prepare the required amount of paint to color the plaster under a brick. The dosage of red-brown color scheme, red, orange and black, you can easily choose the color when a small sample, and then move in the correct proportions for the entire amount of paint for the entire area of ​​the wall. Before you start painting you must perform primer relief surface of the walls with imitation brickwork primer . You can use a roller or wide brush. After surface drying should begin to color the bricks prepared paint adding necessary caramel.

You can get colors, completely match the color of ceramic bricks. Coloring in this case it is better to carry out brush, although it can be a roller. After prokraski entire surface will wait, until it dries, and perform color seams.

under brick wall of plaster
Appearance of the finished wall made of plaster

For this purpose, use a good finish with Vetonit LR. It is adjusted to the desired consistency and add a touch of black color scheme Tex. This dense filler is applied by brush fleytsem narrow-width 3,5 See all the joints between the bricks. The effect will turn a very original, no different from natural brickwork. Remains to wait drying out and apply a protective varnish. You can keep it simple and to paint over all the seams with white paint tex. they, who do not like the red color brick, can simply paint the entire surface of the white acrylic paint.

Protective lacquer coating

After that, as a surface with imitation masonry finally dried, you must make a protective varnish. This will allow in the future to carry out wet cleaning, without damaging the painted surface. Lac for this purpose is better to choose a matte acrylic for parquet works. After coating and drying varnish may assume, that the work performed.

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