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How to quickly fix the plaster beacons using fasteners fixing "Ushastik"

Carry out plastering work much easier and faster, if you use this for "beacons" - special aluminum, plastic and steel profiles. They play the role of guide for the rules and make it easy to obtain a smooth surface of the wall in the process of plastering. Thus there is a saving not only time,, but also the material. And one of the best options to quickly install beacons plaster is the use of special fixtures. for example, such as fasteners "Ushastik" - small metal plates, mounted on the screws.

attachment structure

Structurally mount beacons plaster "Ushastik" is a small device with curved ends ("Ears") and recessed. First designed for comfortable grip rail. Burying required for installing the screw cap in the same plane as the mounting base ("flush"). "Ears" to easily bend, covering lighthouse, and quickly folded, when the guide is removed for reuse. Needless to mount at the same time, naturally, odnorazovoe, and remains in place.

Ushastik mounting fixtures to the wall

The reasons for the popularity of the product

Due to its simplicity and ease of use at the same time, fasteners "Ushastik" for beacons is used more often than other options. And it is suitable for plastering, on the ceiling, and on the floor or walls. If we consider the advantages of the product in more detail, It should be noted such features:

  • guides installed quickly - at each installation requires no more 3 minutes (at the height 2,5 m, and the presence of six or seven fixtures for lighthouses "Ushastik");
  • fixture is firmly holding profile - during plastering does not occur lag, any construction offset;
  • plaster can be applied immediately after the mounting rails, without waiting for drying, as the installation profiles solution;
  • beacons mounted on the mounting in any environment - and in the process of finishing the facade, and the inner workings;
  • after plastering guides are removed more quickly, than mounted.

All these advantages attaching "Ushastik 'lead to, that plastering walling speed increased by almost a third, regardless of, it is performed outdoors or indoors. Even greater performance can be achieved, if you do the work of the mechanized way - with the help of plaster stations. And when the manual method of finishing plaster surface will not even very experienced master.

There are the following options to set the guide to the wall:

Steps for installing rails at the fastener

Process mounting "Ushastik" guide on mounting for beacons plaster consists of two main stages. The first type of work, required, It is to install the main profiles, should be targeted during plastering. Second, wherein the need is determined by large undulations and a large constructions too long, It represents additional mounting rails. Third, optional, but the desired view - removal of metal from the lighthouse is not frozen solution.

Installation of the main lighthouses

Traditional rules of installation of beacons provide for the following actions:Ushastik fixing to the wall

  1. Check the vertical wall with the help of water and laser levels, leveled and plummet. The smoother will cladding, the less need and plaster, and guides - and, so, and fixtures;
  2. The installation of the first dowel for fastening to plaster beacons "Ushastik" at a distance 100 mm below and 200 mm to the left of the upper right corner of a wall;
  3. Holding the first vertical line;
  4. The layout of the rest surface. Installation site of attachment for the beacons "Ushastik" should be separated by about 500 mm vertically and horizontally 1000-1500 mm;
  5. Installation of anchors and fasteners.

The last step before the plastering is to install the beacon profiles (usually, metal) on the mount "Ushastik". Slides tightly pressed against the base surface of the holder and secured by bent by "ears". To do this, use the special pliers, allowing not break bendable metal and bend it with maximum precision. You can now continue plastering, on which with the help of the installation of beacons plaster walls spent much less time.

Ushastik mounting
Advantage Ushastik anchorages

intermediate guides

If there is too serious deviations wall surface or its great length (6 m or more) basic beacons can be sufficient to obtain a flat surface with a minimum of plaster. BUT, so, will additionally installed intermediate guides. A method for the installation of these lighthouses have to choose the same, as for the basic profiles. AND, if all the guides were installed on Mount "Ushastik", intermediate also mounted on them.

they should all be in the same plane, and that the main beacons - to comply with these requirements, levels and level also apply. Can be used for leveling and other devices - for example,, rail or thread. Last suitable for those cases, When on the walls there are obstacles - for example,, pipe - the length or turned too big. To tension the yarn in the upper and lower walls are driven dowels, through which it will pass. All guides, mounted on the mount "Ushastik", We must touch the resulting structure to align.Ushastik fixing plaster to the wall

Walls with more communications require not only a special beacon attachment system, but their special mounting schemes. for example, Fitting guide fragments. AND, if equal part of the kitchen wall, part sections can be a length of 2.5-2.7 m, and the rest - half-meter or meter. In this case, the attachment can be installed more often - through 500-1000 mm horizontally and 400 mm vertically.

Removing the auxiliary members

After plastering work completed, the guide can be removed. And fasteners for beacons plaster "Ushastik" helps to do it relatively quickly. A guide after doing work can last for some time and re-used. If they do not pull out, metal (namely metal beacons are most often used) may rust and ruin the finish of the walls. To extract requires special shaped guides trowel and conventional pliers, which are folded "ears" mounting beacons for plaster.

cost of goods

The cost of one fixture for lighthouses "Ushastik" is within 2,5 rub. to hush. (about 60 rub. for the packaging of 25 PC.). pack, which is placed 700 products, will cost 1750 rub. Given the fact, that the wall height 2,7 m goes on 7 such products for each guide, and the distance between them reaches horizontally 1-1.5 m, the rock 5 x 2,7 meters will need about 28-35 fasteners or 100 rub.



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