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Plastic clip-fastening to plaster beacons

Plastic clips for beacons plaster elements are relatively new technology in the coating of the plaster mixture. Through such guiding fasteners securely mounted, however, their position can be easily adjusted using the screwing and unscrewing the screws in the pre-installed anchors. This feature enables high precision installation guide, even when serious deviations from the vertical wall. Using the clip for lighthouses, you can almost do without the "wet" work - a solution for installation guides and waiting times at their drying. Although the use of such fasteners is recommended, basically, when the comparatively small amounts of plaster works.

There are the following options to set the guide to the wall:

The design and specifications of the products

Plastering plastic clip brand KDM-2 is designed for the installation of beacons on the wall and simplify casting flooring. The product consists of two components - base and clamp. With a special design, such mounts beacons plaster can set various embodiments beacons - both T-, and A-frame. A reason for such fasteners are usually screws type SHSGD (plasterboard black).

The main characteristics of the plastic attachment to the wall are beacons:

  • the material of manufacture - ecologically safe polypropylene;
  • layer thickness, created by means of clips. With proper installation guide it is 12 mm. Of them 6 mm occupied by metal rails;
  • maximum flow mixture - about 24 kg per sq. m. even in the case of finishing with its help the most rough walling.

    Plastic plastering klipsydlya lighthouses KDM-2
    Plastic clips for plaster beacons KDM-2

The advantages of using

Applying the plaster for fastening beacon type KDM-2, you can not only save the plaster, but also to establish their own guides. In this way, saves time, and means to use the services of professional artists. Besides, plastic mount beacons eliminates the need for the more expensive self-leveling compounds.

Among other advantages, the technology is worth noting:

  • possibility of fixing the guides not only with high precision, but without special training;
  • increasing the speed of installation of beacons almost 4 fold;
  • the opportunity to start plastering work immediately after it was corrected by the guides.

When using conventional methods, how to mount beacons for plaster, the thickness of the material layer is generally overestimated 10-20 mm. Moreover, any adjustment to the guide position is virtually impossible. Whereas plastic fasteners results in a fairly significant reduction in the plaster mixture flow. So, in average "dvushke" total area of ​​about 50 quarter. m. the use of clips for fastening beacons can save 2-3 cubic meters of plaster mix. This reduces the cost of repairs to 4000-6000 rubles.Mount plastic lighthouses

It is worth noting, that professional plasterers, Use this method, how to reinforce the beacons on the wall is unlikely to significantly increase the speed of execution of works. Serious advantage will only performers, do not have much experience. Special, in those cases, When plastering work is done alone.

Installation guides on the plastic attachment

Performed on the correct installation beacons Earclip follows:

  1. At an equal distance from each other over the entire width of the ceiling mounted dowels 5-6, in which screws are screwed;
  2. Cap fasteners are exposed on the same plane with levels;
  3. On the cap screws are put on plastic clips for the installation of beacons;
  4. guides are set (the lower part must rest on the bumpers bases clips), and then fixed. Base their anchorages pressed with a plug, which is inserted in specially designed for this slot;
  5. Once put plaster beacons failed, you can begin to carry out the bulk of the finishing works.

In the process, be sure to use personal protective equipment. These include gloves and goggles, especially important when drilling the upper part of the wall.

Special features

After the installation of beacons plaster walls will be held, they, usually, hold firmly enough. But, If the guides are made of very thin sheet metal, during plastering structure can sag. Avoid this easy - just use a spatula to knock out a beacon solution, and only after that the plaster mixture sketch, aligning its rule. In this case, there is no deformation of even the weakest and most fragile guides.

For a perfectly smooth wall, very rare, but also require plastering, at the installation site of each mount beacons for plaster should perform small holes. In this case the guides touch enclosing structure along the entire length, and the thickness of the plaster layer obtained minimum. If the wall is uneven, should find the most protruding place, and to set the clip in its adjacent trough. In this case, quickly adjusting the position of the guide easier to achieve. See other options to put beacons on metal wall.

Prices for clips

Home savings in the use of fasteners to install beacons is to reduce the consumption of plaster. Average, savings on 1 quarter. m can be up to 10 kg of dry substance. plastic fasteners cost beacons for plaster has little effect on the overall cost - on the wall size 3 x 6 m will need about 30 clip.

Prices for fixing KDM-2 is currently following:

  • a set of 25 pieces can be purchased for 75-90 rubles.;
  • set of 100 pieces will cost 250-300 rubles.

Product Reviews

users, applying fasteners for lighthouses under plaster, left on their use of these reviews. Most of all - positive, evidence of the benefits of technology, which starts to get more and more popular for repairs. Among the reviews you can find the following phrases:

Alexey, 34 of the year: Used plastic clips for guiding thickness 10 mm. I place them at a distance of about 60 mm - the height of the wall 2,7 m took only 4 pieces. The advantages of fasteners can include reduction in the deflections of the lighthouse and the reduction lyuftovogo stroke. I would recommend to install clips more often, the thinner guide.

Nikolai, 42 of the year: I remained impressed in such a way, how to mount beacons for plaster walls. I used it for the first time in the repair of their apartments. I am going to use in the future, since almost one third compared plaster mixture is saved with conventional fastening rails.

Alexander, 39 years old: I worked with fasteners for mounting plaster beacons. I can say, that a good master can easily do without them. Much plant proved advantageous guides on gypsum mixture, align their level and using the experience of the implementation of previous works.



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