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Choosing the right paint for concrete floors

Concrete floors are universal design, are normally used in buildings and commercial economic and, much less, in apartment buildings. The coating has high strength, but for the most efficient operation it requires additional processing, one type of which is the painting. In this case, the main criteria, which is chosen paint for concrete floors, are its ornamental characteristics and durability.

the need for painting

Preparation for painting concrete floor and do painting work can improve coating performance:

  • protect it from damage and wear, reducing the impact of various external factors - from physical to chemical;
  • smooth concrete layer, eliminating all its defects - cracks, spalling, potholes and delamination;
  • prevent dust covering the floor, which it is very difficult to remove from the concrete and simply - with the painted surface;
  • increase the moisture resistance of the porous structure, increasing its operational life.

colored concrete floor

properly selecting, than to paint a concrete floor, you can make it resistant to aggressive environments, prevent it from static discharges and even glide over its surface. Besides, stained concrete floors look more attractive, than untreated, that may be an important factor for commercial applications.

Preparation for painting concrete floor

To coloring concrete floors has been performed uniformly, their surface requires careful preparation. A nice way to clean coating of concrete and make it perfectly smooth is a sandblasted. However, the high cost of such treatment leads to the need to use other, more profitable options. The most popular way is to prepare the following work:

  1. wet cleaning;
  2. removing old paint layer (if fitted);
  3. Stain removal from lubricants or paints with special detergents;
  4. Sealing of cracks and other defects using a special solution.

After treatment, the concrete floor it should allow to dry - preferably, to lay his film, is fixed on the edges of masking tape. Through 24 hours the surface membrane material is tested for moisture. If it does not, you can start painting works.

Choosing paint

Because of the wide range of paints on the market today to choose, than to paint a concrete floor, quite difficult. In this case, you should know, what:

  • oil or alkyd paint will have to be applied in several layers, therefore this variant abandoned in favor of more favorable materials;
  • most durable and, thereby, popular for the treatment of concrete, are coatings based on polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic resins;
  • recently often used a glossy paint for concrete floors as Teksipol.

A feature of coating materials for the floor is made of concrete high strength, obtained by means of a large number of binders. The price of the processed correctly coverage increases. However, no need for too frequent repainting allows over time to recoup these costs.

Acrylic paints

One of the most popular materials is acrylic paint for concrete floors, It represents a structure based on synthetic resins and other polymers. It can be brushed, glossy or semi-matt. Creating a protective film, This material makes it possible to get the most durable and resistant to various influences coverage, which you can use within 48 hours after staining.

Another advantage of acrylic paint - the possibility of applying a variety of ways. This may be used and brush, and sprayer, and roll. A major application for such material - coated concrete floors balconies, garages and basements.


epoxy paints

Materials based on epoxy resins consist of two components, mixed just before application to the surface. The disadvantage of this paint is too little choice of colors. And the advantages include the ability to use within two days - the material is applied in 2 layer, each of which dries to 24 hours. Besides, acrylic paint for concrete floors durable and practically is not exposed to corrosive environments, including acids and alkalis, and yet provides a high degree of waterproofing.

As well as acrylic materials, Epoxy is applied by brushes, roller or spray gun. Ink easily adhere to the surface and retain their color for several years. Use them more often in industrial premises, shops and parking lots, as well as in open areas.


Materials based on polyurethane

As part polyurethane paint for concrete floor also are two components, which is required to be mixed thoroughly before use. Although the painting process is markedly different from the application of other materials. So, drying time of the first, very thin, layer does not exceed days. However, the second, clean, gets maximum strength in a week, and resistance to aggressive environments - via 14 days.

The main purpose of polyurethane paints and varnishes - coating of concrete floor surfaces in industrial shops and car repair, stadiums and parking lots. The minimum application temperature should not be below -5 degrees. But after drying the paint can withstand temperature fluctuations between -40 - +150 °C.

Teksipol on concrete floors

choosing, than to paint a concrete floor, not to pylil, pay attention to the materials such as urethane alkyd paint. Differing abrasion resistance, They have also a good range of colors. However, the resulting coating their use can only be glossier.

Teksipol concrete Kraaska
Paint for cement floor Teksitol

One of the most popular of modern materials for the protection of concrete is Teksipol, paint for concrete floors, resistant to any kind of influences. It is used when necessary to protect the surface from abrasion, as well as the effect of diesel fuel, mineral oils, alkalis and acids. Therefore, the main purpose of teksipola - flooring in areas with high traffic of people or a large number of passing vehicles. = hMA4etsuRuI

Stages of work

Usually, paint for concrete floor wear-resistant high-quality sold already ready for use. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to dilute, and staining can begin immediately after the completion of the preparatory work. It is recommended to first apply a layer of a primer for concrete surfaces, with which you can significantly increase the service life of the base material.

Staining is performed in ventilated areas with PPE (respirator, goggles and gloves) and, it's desirable, special clothes. the substrate temperature must correspond to the selected type of paint. Minimum its value, usually, is -10 degrees, a maximum of about 30-35 degrees. Humidity in the room should not exceed 80 percent.

The most effective and profitable way by the time floor paint sprayer is considered. AND, if the selected color is compatible with the tool, it is desirable to use them. Regardless of the number of layers (most of them two), each following drying is applied only after the previous.

Particular attention should be paid to paint, among components which have epoxy resin. Time of use after mixing should not exceed 3-4 hours. Therefore, such a material should be applied immediately after preparation. Approximately the same feature and polyurethane materials have. But both of these variants have a smaller flow rate per unit area as compared with acrylic, which can be used within a few days after the previous coloring, tightly closed jar.

Walk on the concrete surface can be colored by 24 o'clock. However, for the passage of cars it will be ready no sooner than in 3-7 days. A maximum resistance to any external influences material reaches within 7-14 days.

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