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What method is best to align floors

The overhaul of seldom without such works, as floor leveling. The quality of the preparation of this horizontal surface affects the service life of materials stacked on top - Carpet, tile or laminate. And in order to align the flooring correctly should use appropriate technology. All of them are simple enough to perform the work with his own hands.

Preparations for alignment

Before, how to align the floor complete the preparation work, consisting in measurements premises, selecting the appropriate techniques and materials. In preparation identifies the main problems with the quality of the floor covering, and set its level. To determine the size and layout of the floor construction used (liquid) or laser levels.

Maximum efficiency is achieved by using the alignment material, respective surface roughnesses. For almost exactly the sexes should be used self-leveling mixture. Large differences require stacking sheet materials, and sometimes even use of screed cement-sand mixtures.

floor material

The difference in height on the floor, mm

The material for the alignment

Concrete < 30 Self-leveling
> 30 traditional tie
Tree < 20 rovniteli, self-leveling mixture
20 – 60 plywood, OSB, gypsum fiber board
> 60 strainer


Leveling floors of concrete

For leveling concrete coating with small differences effective to use self-leveling mix, the main component of which is cement. The advantages of these materials are:

  • opportunity to level the floor with their hands - for the performance of work is enough to fill with water, dry material and gradually put it on concrete. The solution fills irregularities, ensuring a perfectly smooth surface;
  • high speed of drying. After 3-4 hours on the surface, you can move, and the next day - to lay tile;
  • no shrinkage ;
  • comparatively small minimum thickness, starting with 5 mm, which is especially useful when leveling floors in rooms with low ceilings.

self-leveling floor leveling
The filling method of floor leveling

The disadvantages of self-leveling compounds include the need for careful preparation of the base. On the concrete should not be any dust, any defects. Besides, the cost of such self-leveling floor higher than the other embodiments. A fluidity of the material requires the use of special tools.

Execution of works at high differential concrete base

Cement is the cheapest way to leveling floor and required the presence of large drops. In order to further simplify the process of guiding the design used - beacons. They are fixed on the floor at a distance of 500-800 mm, aligning in a single plane using level.

The next step consists in the preparation of pumpable solution, adding thereto the plasticizer, and inserting the resulting material on concrete. After the screed grabbed, the guide you want to retrieve, filling the remaining solution sulcus. Through 4 Time erased the surface of the screed and hardened by processing it with primer. A faster way to align a large area, this semi-dry screed technology.

The main methods of alignment wooden covering

If the base floor is made of wood, leveling the floor with their hands may be performed using sheet materials. One of them is plywood, stacked on special joists. In this case, the floor height increases by more than 100 mm, and the room is below. Therefore, this embodiment is applied, basically, in the presence of serious irregularities and differences.

The cause a significant increase in the level of the floor is its design:

  1. The first layer of the floor covering is made of wooden planks;
  2. On the subfloor is fixed lags;
  3. frame mounted on top of the plywood.

This provides a high degree of protection against noise and heat insulation. But often this technique is used to install over plywood laminate sheets. After this material has increased demands on quality grounds.

should know: To compensate for the shrinkage of the wooden house with the performance of the same wood floor joists allow self-leveling. They are installed with the help of special structures for lowering and lifting the wooden bars.

Suffice flat floor is obtained when using oriented strand boards OSB, mounting technology which is virtually identical to alignment coating using plywood. The difference lies in the need to align the partial wooden support before laying the sheet material.

Osby sheets to the floor
Leveling with sheets OSBI

Large swings using OSB close will not work - the maximum distance should not exceed 6 cm. If there are significant differences in the levels of sex apply cement screed.

Another way to quickly and relatively safely align the floor level - use plaster-fiber sheets Knauf. To make the material more durable dry bedding and allows stacking in two layers. The sheets are stacked in a perpendicular direction. Method cleaner compared with ties and providing alignment for practically any value of Delta. However, the cost of laying such sheets considerably higher. A bedding may eventually shrink, worsening performance floor.

bulk floor
floor leveling technology using sheets GOLS

Additional methods of treating the base of the tree

A small drop of the surface of the wooden floor, in the range of 0.5-2 cm, It permits the use of such techniques as the tsiklovka. Works are carried out manually or mechanically, depending on the area of ​​premises. The process requires the artist the care and accuracy - protruding nail heads and other defects, could lead to damage to the machine tsiklovochnoy, necessarily required to eliminate. Therefore it is necessary to entrust the execution of tsiklovki professionals. The more that they can be available tool, Missing an inexperienced specialist - high tsiklovochnye and parquet grinders or hand tools, irreplaceable for treatment of floors in the corner of the room.

If the difference in the levels of different parts of the floor is less than 20 mm surface aligned self leveling mixture. The principle of placing the material practically does not differ from the work of leveling the concrete base, although some nuances should be considered:

  • before proceeding must ensure replacement of worn-out and broken boards, and putty slits and defects;
  • before pouring the floor further primed solution and arrange waterproofing;
  • further improve the performance of the treated surface of the polyethylene assists reinforcing mesh, stacked on a layer of cement mixture starts to set.

One of the cheapest ways to align the floor - the use of PVA glue and putty made from sawdust. It is a laying guide and applying the floor dense mixture of the adhesive and core material. When such dry mixture, on top of it is fixed plywood sheets.

Video compilation of leveling technology





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