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Process leveling floor screed old

People often encounter when making repairs to very poor subfloor. It can be a concrete screed, which for years of operation badly battered: potholes, chipped, numerous cracks. Such a surface will never allow to make laying a floor covering in a flat plane. For this reason, leveling floor screed, using a self-leveling mix. They possess excellent characteristics, which includes instant drying. It is no longer necessary to wait for almost a month, to separate the screed dry land, to proceed to the subsequent work. Furthermore, such mixtures can be used as a self-leveling floor finish layer, which can be decorated as desired.

Pluses leveling mixtures

As used in mixtures in order, so that the floor surface has become perfectly flat, They have a lot of positive qualities, among which are the main:

  • the drying process takes a few days maximum. After a few hours it is possible to start laying a floor covering individual species.
  • No expert is able to cope with the process of self-assembly, examining only the minimum requirements for cooking mixtures and pouring.
  • Shrinkage of the finished solution occurs, insofar as the devices Technology self-leveling floor. Moreover the surface becomes very solid and solid, able to serve for several decades.
  • If there are low ceilings, that such mixtures are simply irreplaceable. Around reason - the possibility to arrange very thin layers within 3-5 mm. All will depend on the flatness of the base, which occurs on pouring the mixture.

    The alignment of the old ties

In total, there are many advantages, and all of them are aimed at obtaining the desired result in the end. It is very important, to the surface under the fill has been carefully prepared. What is not superfluous to spend some more time.

Types of compositions for alignment

To start the alignment subfloor, we must decide and make a choice for a particular mixture. In their structure, there are fillers with a very small fraction. This allows for a smoother surface, than conventional cement screed. With minimal problems perfectly suited especially liquid formulations, true, their cost is slightly higher, than conventional blends. All formulations, used, to align the concrete self-leveling floor is divided into types:

  1. Compositions with improved strength. Applicable for serious local problems. They can be filled with the presence of deep cracks, potholes or absence of old-style concrete screed.
  2. rough compositions. Used at the base of the huge shortcomings, having numerous defects. This variant is called "blister" floor. The layer of the floor will be very large and can reach 50-70 mm.
  3. finishing mixture. They are able to align the surface of the ideal and at the same time independently distributed. Will only produce a fill and if necessary to apply the rule or spatula. The layer thickness can be made within 2-8 mm.The alignment of the old ties

Besides, everything mixture divided into cement and gypsum. Advantages in the Second, that they can hold up to a thickness of 10 cm. But there is a caveat - gypsum mixtures are applicable only in rooms with low humidity level. They are not suitable for the bathroom or kitchen. In this case, no harm will organize an excellent waterproofing.

If there is no time to wait until the screed is dry, and it will be possible to arrange the floor covering, the choice falls on the quick mix, which abound in DIY stores from different vendors. A few hours after casting can begin to lay tile or laminate.

Should pay attention, that quick-mix a little expensive to use for global repair. They are better able to hide small defects of the old concrete screed with a slight difference of floor level.


To work full useful equipment list and tools, which will have to cope. The list will depend on the performance of a particular type of work and can vary, depending on the situation.

Very important capacity, since they mixture was stirred with water. The amount of the prepared solution must be such, that it was enough for a maximum of minutes 40 work. Otherwise, it will start to stiffen and lose their properties and quality. For kneading process suitable electric drill and mixer. Drill should work at low speeds, not to create a large number of bubbles, which are likely to impact on the quality of the self-leveling floor.The alignment of the old ties

Not all master trust such as a ready solution, as the ability to independently distributed over the surface. It is with the aim of leveling trowel applied. In any case, after the completion of works on the surface of the solution of concrete screed bubbles appear, from which should get rid. To do this, apply the needle roller. needle length should be approximately 1-2 mm longer, than tie layer. Moving drenched mixture made kraskostupah, allowing to avoid damaging the surface.

A specific list of tools may vary. Everything will depend on the level of repair in the room, on the presence of potholes, cracks, Places exfoliate old concrete screed, that must align.

Preparation and priming

Surface, solution which is carried on the pouring, It must be perfectly clean and free from defects: holes, cracks, potholes. They can get a mixture of. Existing defects are eliminated, sealed with putty. If the old base begins to flake off, you should remove it completely to the whole land. If you do not, the alignment layer will "walk", there will be cracks and shrinkage. Even smooth surface is trimmed, then trash, dust and other unwanted items should be brought to the jobsite. The best assistant in this situation will be building cleaner. every detail, that is not clean, will influence the quality of the cast solution. Coupling reduced, flooring deteriorate.The alignment of the old ties

If possible under the base should fill as much as possible to align. Self-leveling mixture better applied at a layer thickness in 20-30 mm. No serious injuries in this should not be. Otherwise, no harm will perform a layer of screed, wait for complete drying. But not everyone has as much time, to wait for the cooking solution. For this reason, many people question the fact, how to align the floor screed. Enough to take the appropriate mixture for, recommended in certain conditions.

Aligning the self-leveling floor screed can not do without base primer. This item refers to the number of mandatory. He is away in any case should not remain. Where necessary,, if there is a strong absorption of the primer, the process must be repeated again. All this is done to increase the level of adhesion to the surface of the kneaded solution.

When the location of the house in places with a high humidity level or the presence of a large amount of precipitation, should arrange an additional waterproofing layer.

If there are concrete polymer flooring, The alignment of the old tiesthe preparation of the base takes much less time. true, will all depend on the presence of defects on the surface of the old. Not rare, when leveling floors device technology is not observed, and cracks, depression and other inaccuracies solution works. may have to make repairs, which requires a huge expenditure of time and effort.

The initial surface preparation plays an essential. That it is better to spend more time, to make the perfect base for the subsequent filling.

Preparation of the solution

It is sufficient to adhere to the requirements of, which are set out on the packaging by the manufacturer. Manual allows you to keep all the proportions and timeframes for filling. It is worth noting, that grout, of course, fine will spread along the surface of the concrete screed, but with all the quality and strength of the fortress will be lost.

The self-leveling floors of instructions is also an indication of, that initially poured into the vessel the required amount of water, The alignment of the old tiesOnly after this the mixture was poured acquired for leveling concrete screed. Otherwise, a large number of lumps appear, from which escape is practically impossible. kneading process is performed without toropleniya, neatly.

The solution after mixing has a turnover of over 30-40 minutes. Then he begins to freeze. Perform work will be difficult and will have to prepare a new batch of solution. If this is done correctly, it will not have issues with the, how to align the floor under screed.

The process of filling

alignment cement floor does not take much time. It should follow the sequence of works without deviation. After cooking, it is possible to simply pour the solution on the surface. The alignment of the old tiesIf necessary, it is leveled, using a spatula. Do not be amiss to read tips from the experts, which will send the right path.

At work it is best to take to help the helpers, that will stir, fill and flatten solution. That is how the process will take less time and it will be possible to perform all the time to loss of properties of the mixture.

After casting, should pay attention to the surface. It will also be a limited time. The formed bubbles are removed aeration roller with spikes. This may take the individual. Align the floor cement screed in this case will be the maximum quality. When the room is small in size, individual stages of work can be carried out by one person. If you want to align the self-leveling floor screed, Agility will play essential. Instantly allows a perfectly smooth surface without defects.The alignment of the old ties

At the time of drying the solution on the surface may appear cracks. This indicates, that the temperature when mixing and casting was not followed. They help remove tile adhesive, which mesh applied to putty facades. In each case has its subtleties and nuances, which is not superfluous to examine before the start of work.


Align floor after the tie can practically everyone. In this case, no harm will be ask the advice of a specialist, who tells, what to look for. After removal of the old coating can remain traces bitumastic. It should not be in the process of filling. For this reason, it is covered with expanded clay sand with coarse fraction.

When there was a cement floor leveling, should be established for the surface temperature conditions. No drafts in the room should not be. Do not be amiss to cover it with foil for even drying screeds.

If you observe technology, study it thoroughly, then no one will question the fact, how to align the old floor screed. It is very important to prepare the base and then fill succeed at the highest level. For those, who thinks, than can be leveled floor, should contact the sellers, who will advise the best option for the self-leveling floor space. Mixes there is a huge amount of, and they are all created for specific conditions of the installation of self-leveling floor. Finally, See also the video for correct alignment of the self-leveling floor and avoid common errors in preparing the solution and screed.





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