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Leveling the floor with no ties

In today's world there are so many options for floor leveling in the room for further plank flooring. Among them are popular floor without ties, which was also the name for a regulated. This is due to the absence of dirt and dust during work, and the lack of expectations drying screeds after casting. Timing alignment are reduced to the minimum figure, and the entire assembly process can be performed by one person.

Features floor on joists

Not always aware of the fact, how the alignment floor without casting ties and how things work. Installed lags can easily rotate around its axis in the desired direction. They can be raised or lowered. This contributes to the thread of the bolt, at which they "walk". The surface eventually becomes maximum horizontal, and the accuracy is reduced to 1 mm.

Arranged so that the floors in the operation will not squeak, create trouble and extraneous sounds, sag, "Move" under the feet during movement.

Leveling the floor with no tiesThe duration of life of such floors is about 50 years old. Per square meter in operation, you can create a load equal to 2.5 tons. Increase of the index by adding a permissible number of bolts. Furthermore regulated lag, you can also use a plate. But in this case it is necessary to know, how to align the floor without casting, using a minimal set of tools and materials.

Application area

few know, how to align floor without ties. Design features of each type of impact on the area of ​​application in everyday life.

  1. Server rooms and transformer stations.Leveling the floor with no ties
  2. Leveling floor screed allows no place inside (underfloor) engineering Communication, tubes, wiring, etc..
  3. Under further finishing alignment. Time takes a minimum of, and the result will be of interest to everyone.
  4. New home requires attention from the new tenants. In particular this applies to floors. They then are not always brought to the average. Consequently, have to straighten them, and most often without grout.
  5. The device tiered floors.
  6. Reconstruction of old buildings.
  7. Raising the floor level without additional load.

That is a very broad range of applications. In addition to houses and apartments are gaining popularity in schools, conference rooms, industrial premises etc..

Adjustable boards and joists

Before, how to align the floor without ties, should determine the materials for. It can be adjustable plate. More often than not suitable for areas with a lack of communications under the floor, when there is no need to put them back. But you should pay attention to what, that the floor leveling apparatus such materials, Reduce the distance to the ceiling at least 30 mm.

When used for plates, in the sheet to make holes. On the reverse side of the sheet, where there are openings, screwed sleeve, having a thread. They can be found in any hardware store. And in this construction takes place screwing screws for adjustable floor. It's all built on a foundation, then nailed dowel-nails. To align the floor need only rotate the bolt in the desired direction, To raise or lower plate. It's all very simple and easy is done in-house.

Leveling the floor with no ties
The principle of equality of controlled devices

Alternatively, special logs are used, with which there is a floor leveling. It is also able to replace the casting solution and the wet screed. To work perfectly fit any room, which should be brought to the ideal state. The minimum amount to raise the floor 50 mm. And that distance will facilitate the placement of any communications under the floor, pipe, wires, etc.. Besides it is possible to arrange a layer of thermal and sound insulation. Under lags can accommodate all communications from the entire house or apartment.

Installation does not take much time, if a material selected adjustable lag. Leveling the floor with no tiesIn each of them there are openings, in which subsequently will be screwed bolts rack. Fastened lag also on the subfloor by means of dowel-nails. The design turns out not only robust and reliable, but also able to serve for a long time.

Bolts-stand allows you to adjust up or down logs, depending on the needs. After that, as performed by the floor leveling, you can begin to work on the flooring floor covering of any kind.


Leveling the floor without ties It has its advantages, the main of which can be attributed:

  • The ease of the whole structure without creating pressure on the slab floor and any other floor base. This nuance is provided for old buildings, as well as multi-storey cottages.
  • They are called "dry" finish views. No dirt or debris then is not seen when performing installation.
  • This way you can get rid not only of the protrusions and depressions on the floor, but also hide differences in elevation along the perimeter of the room. In addition, the adjustable floor can hide changes from 3 to 20 cm.
  • rapid erection. During the day you can align yourself on the floor in the area 20 m3 effortlessly.
  • The ability to place any communications under the floor, under the boards or logs.
  • Excellent quality thermal and sound insulation.Leveling the floor with no ties

At the same time pay attention to the existence of certain disadvantages, you may encounter an incorrect installation and carrying out preparatory activities. The most basic and popular - creaking, occurring almost immediately after installation and start of operation. From it you can get rid, if you comply with the technology. This applies to the complete blockage dowel-nails till the end, remove dust and residue materials after drilling with a vacuum cleaner. If you own can not spend quality leveling floor, it is best to contact the experts, carefully examining their reputation.

The assembly process

Until that moment, how to line the floor of the apartment without ties, should study in detail the technology of the points, to get a really high quality results. The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. Screwing bolts, struts into the openings on the selected material for the adjustable floor.
  2. Unfolding at a certain distance or lag plates. The distance will depend on the need to obtain the flexural strength. Do not play and a small value of the selected floor. So, for parquet or laminate is usually taken to step 50 cm, a tile or linoleum - 30 cm. Centimeter distance should be left on the wall to the nearest joists. In any case, the free ventilation should be present.
  3. When plates or lugs are mounted on the subfloor, through the holes are drilled the same hole in the floor. This is necessary in order, to be able to secure the material by means of dowel-nails. Hole depth is usually done within 40 mm.
  4. Setting lag or slabs on level. This is facilitated by the bolts-rack, screwed into the structure. Suffice it to each of them to turn in the right direction, Using a special key.
  5. When all exhibited by the level and the deviation from the horizontal line is not more 1 mm, can clog the dowel-nails till the end. May remain upper part-resistant bolts. They should be removed with a chisel or other tool.Leveling the floor with no ties

It thus held without leveling floor screed. No special effort is required. Suffice it to have a basic knowledge of. Subsequently he performed without problems flooring decking. It is possible to carry out the alignment of the floor without lag, using special plates.

Tips from the experts

Prior to installation should be carefully prepared and purchase high-quality material. Particular attention is paid to lumber and plywood. They can affect the final result of the adjustable floor mounting. In this case, high accuracy during assembly will provide laser level. Its cost is high, but it is applicable for different types of work and in the subsequent.

base preparation is also given a lot of attention. No crumbling or bundles shall not be. The strength of the base should remain at a high level. coating ventilation should be provided during assembly.

floor leveling quality is immediately noticeable. If you make a certain oversights, the floor will start to creak. This can be avoided, but it should absolutely remove any dust from the material when mounting. In this assistant performs regular or special construction vacuum cleaner. In addition to the creaking affect not complete clogging of the dowel-nails.

Perhaps the "sound" of sex, especially when the structure has sufficient height above the ground. You may hear the sound of walking, beats heels and other things. To get rid of it, using insulating mats, arranging them at the time of assembly between the lags.






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