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Leveling concrete floor without lag under floor heating

Every day, more and more technologies are emerging in the world, allowing to make the alignment of the concrete floor. One of these methods can be called without the use of a lag plywood. It allows you to create a flat surface, and gives himself room aesthetic appearance. In the future, you can make any other improvements in the room. It can even be used after installation of "warm floor" system.

classification of plywood

Prior to installation should determine the choice of a specific embodiment of plywood, which on the market represented a huge range. Depending on, arranged as a fiber, plywood can be longitudinal or transverse. In the first case the fibers are directed along the long side, and in the second - on the short.

When installing the plywood for floor leveling should be positioned so it, that the fibers are directed transversely to the main movement. Even if used logs, they are normally mounted across the movement.

Depending on the purpose of plywood is:

  1. packing.
  2. Furniture.
  3. industrial.
  4. Construction.
  5. structural.

Classification identifies the plywood on the level of resistance to moisture:

  • The best option for living spaces - plywood ABF. Despite the ecological purity, such veneer has a low moisture resistance.
  • If there is no direct contact with water, the normal level of moisture resistance allocate plywood FC.
  • Increased resistance to humidity observed in plywood PSF, and in harsh environments can be used FB, which had previously been impregnated with bakelite varnish. But there is a caveat - it can not be used in the living rooms, especially if there are arranged underfloor heating.
  • BS-plywood selected for yachts, which also can not be applied in rooms, where people live.

    Leveling concrete floor without lag

Additionally plywood can be completely grinded on both sides, polished on one side or not grinded. There are five degrees of elitism plywood depending on the number of knots per square meter of the outside:

  1. E - is among the elite. Characterized by high cost and the complete absence of knots.
  2. I. Knots have a maximum length 20 mm.
  3. II. Existing cracks can not reach 200 mm. In this case, you can find the used glue seepage, but not more 2% of the total leaf area.
  4. III. The presence of knots with a length of less than 6 mm. On each square are no more than 10 pcs. Disadvantages inherent in this type of plywood, but there should be no more than 9.
  5. IV. The worst quality plywood, where can fall out knots.Leveling concrete floor without lag

Advantages and disadvantages

The use of plywood for laying on the floor with no lag for leveling base has its advantages and disadvantages. The former include factors independent of work. The works are carried out at the same time as soon as possible. After mounting surface becomes smooth and durable, allows you to perform the finish topcoat of any kind.

Each existing disadvantage can be minimized. The emergence of a squeak in operation plywood, as well as its sagging says, that the quality of the material was poor. The whole reason - the wrong choice of plywood at the time of purchase. Not superfluous even to ask for professional help. The same applies to the "drum" floor, when it issued by the hum of any movement.


Buying plywood also has its own quirks. All will depend on the base. If the new logs are used, the thickness of the plywood layer is generally 12-20 mm. When upgrading the floor, selected two veneer layer, which have a lesser thickness, about 8-10 mm.Leveling concrete floor without lag

Finish influences the choice of material grade. If this layer subfloor, the tolerance of edge defects, knots in area, and wormholes. Under PVC or linoleum tiles front side of the plywood should be not lower than second grade. When you purchase an entire room Gaugeable, where the installation will be made of plywood. Even standard sheets of material are different each other in terms of area.

acquisition tools

any instrument, used in the plywood for packing alignment concrete floor with no lag, must meet reliability requirements, comfort and strength. The main recovered:

  • screwdriver (drill, hammer). All will depend on the base used. For concrete surfaces the best option - screwdriver.
  • jigsaws, allowing to cut the plywood to the desired elements.
  • Roulette for measuring.
  • Level.

In any case, carefully preparing the surface prior to installation, It creates a smooth surface. Do not be amiss to cover each sheet of plywood with antiseptic. Subsequently, you can forget about the appearance of mold and mildew.

Alignment without lag

On their own can be done laying the plywood to the concrete base. This will increase dramatically the thermal properties of the sexes. All available sites, not great, It can easily be leveled. Further, it will be possible to produce any type of laying a floor covering.

To start the installation work, should follow the sequence of work:

  1. All the significant bumps of the concrete base should be to bring down. Available pits and fissures are sealed with a mixture of sawdust and resin. Of the surface as possible given the horizontal level.
  2. As used in the plywood sheets are coated with a special paint or varnish. Such an embodiment will protect the material from the mold or mildew. The paint is applied to the floor base after, as the works on alignment.
  3. The sheets are drilled holes for the dowels, whereupon attaching them with screws to the bottom. Fasteners must be completely recessed in the plywood, so that no further floor was damaged.
  4. In the presence of large horizontal takeoff concrete subfloor, it is best to use two layers of plywood, each of which is aligned individually. plywood of sufficient thickness and will in that case 12 mm.Leveling concrete floor without lag

This is not to join the sheets together Cross. Used generally T-shaped joint.

All available anchors rarely clogged, and between each of the sheets of material to leave a gap, which subsequently is sealed sanitary tape. A similar gap is left between the wall and. It will be enough and 1 cm. In addition to concrete floors, plywood can perfectly align and old wOOD.

Under floor heating system

Before, how to perform the installation underfloor heating, we must think about the qualitative leveling base. In this case, the concrete surface can also be applied without installing the plywood lag. But it is worth noting, that there must be a sealing layer on the base surface. In this case, sealing edges of the film to be withdrawn under the plinth. This will prevent evaporation concentration in one place, that leads to destruction, and delamination of plywood. You can then mount the cable warm floor, observing technology.Leveling concrete floor without lag

Types of pipe laying

On the next floor temperature will be influenced by the correct choice of floor heating cables or pipes laid. This may be a "snake" or "snail". On each option should talk more.

"Snake" for those premises, that are less temperature losing. At the same time it draws attention to the, to a hot water stream was directed to those areas, which will be cooler. As an example - the exterior walls.Leveling concrete floor without lag

There is also a double snake. In this case, more evenly distributed throughout the room temperature. The material used for the pipe or cable floor heating will affect the shape of loops on bends. At the "snake" the temperature difference at the outlet and inlet water flow will be only 5 degrees. This scheme laying flooring has a major advantage - easy installation and configuration. In this step of laying the floor heating cable is usually 30 cm. If you need a smaller step, It is used such a scheme laying underfloor heating, as "snail". Bending of the pipe or cable is 90 degrees. With this method Guaranteed uniformity of heating elements, but, Consequently, and temperature on the entire surface. Allowed temperature drop in the return pipe and feed to 10 degrees.Leveling concrete floor without lag

You can put the cable warm floor in the screed. In this case, be sure to observe the technology and all the recommendations from the experts. Scheme laying of floor heating can differ from the selected method placing it under the subfloor. Rational use of plywood to align, that does not cause waste of time, and he is able to perform the installation process one person.

floor leveling quality in the future affect the strength of the flooring planks, as well as the installation of floor heating, whichever, what kind of scheme chosen. If you are not sure, what happens to perform the installation work, it is best to immediately seek professional help.






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