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How to make the threshold of the balcony itself - different versions

After installing the doors to the balcony, there is always a desire to carry out qualitative and practical threshold. And when it comes to performance criteria of qualitative threshold options, here should take into account a number of tips, that will fully answer the question of how to make the threshold of the balcony itself - different versions. After all, the importance of this structure will create the desired type of decor and choose the material for the implementation of the element.

Significant advantages balcony thresholds

This structural member has several advantages, allowing more fully exploit the balcony of the room. It is worth noting, that designs and well-chosen material will provide a number of advantages, namely:

  • The ability to limit penetration of moisture and damp.
  • With one open balcony. Indeed, during the precipitation of the water may remain on the surface of the balconies and penetrate into the room. A correctly configured threshold, provide barrier protection and the internal space premises.
  • Using a threshold allows to remove the cold bridges and limit freezing surface, when non-insulated balcony. Also, it is an additional support for the placement of the doors and a certain fixation process.
  • Practicality threshold arrangement, allows visually divide the space of the room and balcony, allowing more practical moves from each of the rooms.

An important process is the installation of window sill to the window the choice of fastening method depends on its reliability in operation.

Materials for the manufacture of thresholds

Properly selected material for the threshold to the balcony. It will eliminate its rapid wear and give a reason to carry out all the functions assigned to the data element. And here it is necessary to divide the attention to a selection of decorative solutions or creating substantial barriers, a doorway threshold of the balcony.

The basic materials will serve for the threshold:

  • Brickwork;
  • The cement-sand mortar;
  • Based on the laminated board;
  • made of PVC plastic.

Each of the options has its own design features. It is not for each of the premises fit one or another variant of the threshold, since then finish the whole room will be carried out and a more contemporary space transformation. So you should more carefully consider the choice of material, taking into account the specificity and functional premises, where the item will be placed.

The use of brick as a base

When, when there is a significant perepal heights in the room and the balcony space, It requires the addition of support for mounted door frame. And the choice in favor of the masonry will be very visible. After execution of this kind of design will place the door firmly and create the necessary development for further decoration of the doorway. Performing this type of construction works will require implementation of the following operations, taking into account which will be formed a strong and durable threshold based brickwork.


  • Recent performance threshold will be detailed measurements, that will further position the door frame and remove the correct significant difference in the two areas.
  • This is followed by practical and high-quality clear the existing area, under the arrangement of bricks, removing the dried spent solution or other dirt. Then applied and sprayed undercoat, Uniform adhesion to the cement-sand mortar and existing base.
  • When the masonry is necessary to use a cement-sand mortar, which will bring together all of the placed bricks and create a good adhesion to the existing concrete base.
  • It is worth noting, that perform masonry consists of bricks, which is not subject to excessive absorption of moisture and accumulate inside the air, and the existing holes will create a solution for heat exchange, in a subsequent process operation threshold.
  • Performing masonry bricks and uniformly distributing the solution, It should worry about and surface finish. And then you can resort to the use of tiles or decorative Kleve weight. Due to this threshold will become extremely attractive and practical shape.

It is also important to equip all the necessary tools and building materials, due to which it will be possible to start the construction work required.


  • mixer, mixing-adhesive or cement-sand mortar;
  • perforated angle, if necessary, the creation of an ideal threshold circuit;
  • adhesive solution, or cement-sand mixture;
  • Putty knife, for uniform distribution of the solution or adhesive;
  • Hammer, for uniform distribution of bricks;
  • gypsum or grout, the threshold for final finishing;
  • Level, creating a flat surface and the control performed by the threshold masonry;
  • Roulette, deducing sizes and threshold parameters required.

In this case it will be possible to perform quality threshold on the balcony, not worrying about the shortage of tools or inappropriate quality control solutions obtained. established threshold, able to perfectly fulfill their functions and change options for operating the balcony room.

It is worth noting, that the threshold of fulfilling balcony brick exterior, you need to take care of additional sealing. This will be necessary in the case of embodiments with open balconies and the possibility of moisture.

The preparatory phase arrangement

It is worth noting, it is important to prepare the foundation of the future that is experiencing a threshold load of decent and just blow out the mounting foam void is not the best option.

  1. In the case of the presence of the minimum level difference in two areas, the threshold can be performed before the balcony of cement-sand mortar. After performing appropriate measurement procedures and substrate preparation. And also require the creation of formwork and minimum reinforcement.
  2. Firstly, should detail the process and clean the surface of the solution accommodation, then drilled to the required amount of reinforcement perimeter and lay masonry grid. In this it will be stripped durable and reliable and the basic structure with a single threshold existing subfloor.
  3. After this, you need to collect a minimum of wood formwork, for the subsequent authorization of cement-sand mortar. And here it is necessary to understand, it is important to gather qualitative box, not providing inflow mixtures thereof. To do this, some parts of the abutment to the irregularities of the walls can be repaired sealants, formwork perimeter.
  4. Then kneaded cement-sand mixture, not very important to prepare the grout.
  5. The result is a durable surface, threshold for the perfect appearance. After drying it will be possible to perform finishing with tiles or laminate threshold.

Tiling threshold

Tile is perhaps best for this threshold and undemanding on bolkon arrangement or loggia.

The facing tile threshold process is important to use the ideal output level and the abutment surface of each of the elements to set the door. This will not only create a level surface, but also provide extremely realistic option decor. At the same time to fix the tile should use a special adhesive solution, which is uniformly applied to the surface of each of the elements.tiles threshold of the balcony

Threshold laminate of plastic and

If there is no height differences optimum decision threshold can be made from a laminate. The solution also will highlight the constructive doorway to the balcony and give a visual blend with the floor material.threshold from a laminate variant

of the threshold sill
The use of PVC window sill

Today there are a large number of ready-made solutions based on plastics and PVC window sills. Allows taking into account the width of the door opening to set this basic design on concrete.

This requires reliable fastening on tile adhesive solution provided it is smooth base safer than foam.

Manufacturing output option on a balcony without steps

Perhaps it is worth considering an option when you can do without the use of special steps. If you have glazed and insulated balcony and brick threshold, then it is possible to simply remove and level with the floor.

 exit to the balcony without a threshold
output option on a balcony without a step threshold

In addition, we recommend to watch the video installation balcony thresholds, that will help sort out the details, and choose the desired option.




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