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Leveling the floor with cement mortar

Each surface must be flat, especially in the case, when it comes to the floor and the flooring floor covering. In this case, it is important to choose ties, correctly perform installation and wait until dry. When observed screed technology, floor leveling is obtained by the maximum level of reliability. floor screed at the same time it allows you to hide all the irregularities in the substrate, as well as engineering services. subsequently,, after aligning the sex you can perform finishing any type or lay floor covering.

types ties

You should be aware of when making repairs on, how to align the floor properly and in compliance with all technologies. There are many classifications of screeds for leveling the base. Each of them contributes to the implementation of certain functions and has a different purpose. Depending on, how is the compound solution with a base plate, it is divisible by:

  1. related. Pouring the solution is carried out directly on the basis of. Bonding occurs due to the presence of adhesion. Not satisfied with the warmth and waterproofing. It is suitable in the case, when there is no way to raise the level of the floor (the door can not be opened, significantly reduce the distance to the ceiling). In addition, related coupler is arranged to create light "pie", base itself almost perfectly smooth, and very flat area, where the wire mounting, It has a large area. With regard to specific premises, the associated screed, ideal for the ones, where there is a large amount of furniture, including massive, there are partitions, warehouses. Screed becomes quite massive - up 150 kilograms per square meter. There are some nuances for this type of floor leveling, on lighthouses. They should be hung above the base (Screw-on or laid portions solution).

    Leveling the floor
  2. floating. The name she received because of the cushion, comprising many layers: sound, heat, waterproofing. It is to them and strainer. Excellent for floor coverings such as linoleum, laminate, floorboard. But you should pay attention, that screed flooring is not an option. Such an embodiment is indispensable for alignment with the warm floors Improvement, high probability of cracking, for a quick solution casting. It can even be considered, as a cheap way to level the floor.Leveling the floor
  3. On the spacer layer. As the separation layer is arranged in the alignment layer and the heat sealing. She still has no contact with the walls. Various materials can be used for such layers. Waterproofing in this case is designed to protect against moisture. Suitable for bathrooms, basements, Lofts, Floor first floor.Leveling the floor

Anyway, Selecting screed for leveling the base quality, you must purchase the necessary materials and tools. The quality of mixing of the solution will affect later on the reliability of the whole "pie".

Purpose ties

Besides the main base alignment function, floor screed is able to give it smoothness, height, a certain slope. The slope may be zero, but under certain circumstances it is simply irreplaceable (the device drain in the bathroom, dressing room and other rooms). In addition, the screed and has insulating properties for the room, in which it is arranged. In each of the cases will not be difficult to align the floor with their hands. The main technology to comply precisely and consistently perform all.

Each option has its ties purpose and suitable for the specific conditions of leveling base.

Advantages and disadvantages of cement screed

Most often, when using floor leveling cement screed, as a more optimal way to arrange the floor for further finishing. After it can easily be laid floor covering any kind (carpeting, tile, laminate, linoleum, etc.). In addition, if desired, may be to arrange heating floor. With all of this will not change the distance from the floor to the ceiling due to the thin layer of screed. After hardening, the surface becomes firm and solid. It is able to withstand any external mechanical influences, large and massive objects.

Despite, that the cement is a cheap way to align the floor, they have some minor flaws:

  • Conducting precise measurements.
  • Long-term solution hardening, reaching the 30 day.
  • During operation, a large amount of dirt is released, dust.

Substrate preparation

But so far, how to line the floor with their hands, should perform all steps for surface preparation for pouring the solution. Leveling surface communicated to the ideal, to get the maximum quality.

In the presence of old ties or other coating, it should be removed. An exception is the surface, which is firmly attached to the base. available paint, Oil stains can be removed, zashlifovyvayut. In order to avoid subsequent leakage of the prepared solution, all the cracks and potholes carefully closed up. Leveling the floorThis may even be used a special tool and a set of specific knowledge.

Builders can save money for punching holes for installation of electrical wiring. It is very strongly affected the concrete slab or another reason. In addition, all the noise from the downstream flats comes to this from him, as well as the inconvenience. Independently such holes are sealed repair pastes.

After carrying out the above works should clean the surface of debris, dust and dirt. The help will come the construction vacuum cleaner, capable even a trifle away. Subsequently, this may contribute to poor-quality congealed solution, and the manifestation of defects such as delamination, cracks, etc..

markup rules

When the preparation is completed and the surface thoroughly cleaned of debris, you can begin to make the layout of the entire room, to align the floor level of quality. Most often used in the construction gidrouroven. There are more modern means - laser level, but its cost is high and does not pay off during repair work in the same room.

Gidrouroven represented as a pair of flasks with water, which are interconnected by a hose of a certain length. The vertical fluid containers will be located at the same level in all circumstances. Consequently, placing the flask above or below, put up the necessary level of future ties.Leveling the floor

Work is carried out by two people. After installing the first flask in the corner of the room, It makes the first mark. She will ask the next level. The second flask is moved by another person at said wall at a certain distance, to place it. After exhibiting the same level of the liquid in the flask, It makes a similar mark. These markers subsequently joined together. It is worth noting, the more data points on the perimeter of the room, the more the likelihood of accurate calculations.

Durability future floor base will depend on quality tie. Thus it should not be less in thickness 3 cm. Otherwise, significant loads, screed begins to crack, exhibit defects.

When first made the mark, they will serve as a reference for determining the zero level, which also includes floor screed for leveling the thickness of the base.


Leveling the floor with their hands can not do without a primer. The entire surface, where carried out the installation of the screed must be missed with a roller. This will increase the level of adhesion of the solution to the floor surface. At the same time, this procedure performs a waterproofing function.

You can not skip a procedure for priming the base grout, because with the passage of time begins to crack screed. This is especially will manifest, when filled solution will have a slight layer thickness.

Particular attention is paid to the bathroom or kitchen facilities. Leveling the floorIt uses the special composition of the soil, which are both moisture-proof and waterproof. During the operation they can skip moisture to the screed, and, conversely, of ties. This is manifested in case of accidental flooding, when the water will remain inside the room, and will not go to the bottom of the neighbors.

When shopping to buy a primer, should pay attention to those, which are marked with "concrete". There is another name for them - "primer-Grunt".

exhibiting lighthouses

To get a quality leveling floor, and it took less effort when pouring, should arrange a system of lighthouses. Various materials can be used for their. The most popular special metal profiles. If you pay attention to their cross-section, it will resemble the letter "T".

Attachment to the base is parallel to each other at a predetermined distance. The upper part of them should match the marks on the wall, which were exhibited during scribing, marking. You should choose a few points, in which the profile will be attached to the base. It helps in this solution or plaster base. Between points usually selected distance meter and a half.Leveling the floor

As for the lighthouses, they should be placed, depending on whether, what kind of tool is used for leveling. It is about the length. When she was one and a half meters, the distance between the profiles is usually chosen in the area 1.2-1.3 m. That is entirely to be captured by the distance to the uniform distribution during the casting solution. the main thing, it was convenient to use the same rule when installing the screed for floor leveling.

Specialists can work independently without the use of exposed lighthouses. But then a matter of experience. They can realize fill. If there is no confidence in the forces, it is better not to take risks and to experiment. Otherwise it is necessary to deal with the defects and errors in the work. Sometimes it causes significant financial costs.

The use of dry mixes

When all of the above types of work to be completed, possible to start kneading solution. In this case, it is best to use ready-made dry mix, where there are all the ingredients for a full fill. Furthermore they generally use non-shrink type of cement. It suffices to add a necessary amount of water and knead until smooth solution.Leveling the floor

Who does not know, how to correctly align the floor using quality solution, then you should not try to collect into one cement, sand and necessary additives. All of this is already in finished form. In addition, they have a certain set of benefits, among them a short time to dry completely. Furthermore, the surface of a solid is obtained, on it after a few days, you can easily move around and perform the finishing work in the room.

Blends, there are many, and they can be designed to perform a specific task. The choice will depend on the artist works on leveling base. It is not superfluous to consult on the matter with the professionals, who will advise the best option.


The final stage of leveling the floor with their hands is Fill the finished solution of floor space. The mixture is poured usually at the far corner of the room opposite the entrance. Thereafter the solution for leveling the exposed beacons. No special knowledge in this field is not necessary.Leveling the floor

Typically screed is poured on the side portions of the walls, and then plot with lighthouses at the entrance. After completion of the work should be given time to grasp the screed. At the same time we must not forget to follow her, uniform drying to occur over the entire area. You can easily choose the cheapest way to leveling floor. With minimal financial cost and the cost of labor can obtain perfect.

Once completed, you can consider buying flooring, suitable for interior the entire premises. Important in the installation process follow the sequence of work, that includes the technology.





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