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What is laminate and its quality

Let's see, What is laminate, which consists of and where applicable? The simple answer to the question, a modern laminate flooring finish, with high wear resistance and a variety of shapes and colors.

Chipboard, pressure molded into a high temperature, impregnated with melamine resin, It called laminate.
The amount of resin and process parameters determined strength of the coating material and the operation of the whole.

Imagine, in our time, repair without laminate floor - just not realistic! In this small narrative each, vzyavshyysya for repairs, He learned a lot about laminate. There is a lot of laminate manufacturer

Little acquainted with the history of the origin of the laminate

Ancestor, so popular cover, He appeared in Sweden, in the late seventies - the last century. Developed his famous firm * Pergo *, part then Pestorp group. Of course, different from the first laminated structure and quality of contemporary.

Those years were a variety of experiments to improve the finishing floor. Successful coating was, consisting of fine resinous layer, obtained by molding. But his production has been highly costly and not cost-effective. Consequently, coating was not destined to take root. It does not come then its time.

the history of the origin of the laminate

After ten years, certain company "Horniteks" launches a new process for the production of laminate parquet.
In the middle of the sized wood boards placed film of phenolic resins. The next step, applied decorative print, also impregnated with resin. Top sealed film, mineral substances. Bottom cover paper entitled - Kraft, saturated phenol.

It was almost a modern laminate, which is represented on the market today.

The composition of the laminated board

Melamine film - it is the very surface of the plate, which was called laminated. Her goal is to protect the entire surface of the board from cracking, water splashing, sunlight and dirt. Under the film is printed with a different veneer. Figure often mimics the sections tree, Stone is also possible to print any.

The next layer, foundation of the entire panel - chipboard. Its goal is to provide physical strength of the whole structure.

Between the substrate and patterned technologists are added various chemicals and materials. From them will depend on the quality of, resistance and price category laminate. These additives are different from the resin paper impregnations.

The lower part of the board is impregnated with a water-repellent resin solution. It serves as a stabilizer, gives design stiffness. Having such a large number of layers, laminated panel thickness of only six millimeters. The thickest - twelve millimeters.

Classes laminate coating

Today on the market there are four main EN13329 - class laminate coating:

• 21 – 23 - household (do not let, outdated);
• 31 (archiving)1 - household;
• 32 (AS4) - for domestic use with heavy load, in a production environment with low load;
• 33 (AS5 and AS6) - Commercial reinforced;
• 34 - special. destination (in industry, sport) - is not officially registered.

Classes laminate - are relative concepts.
The Germans, Belgians, Austrians wear resistance index - AS. But it shows only the quality of the topcoat. classes with 31 by 34 show plate strength and ability to withstand load. Therefore, there are low cost options such laminate, as: AC-32 class.

What is laminate classes

It says only that, that the plate is designed for domestic use, but it has an increased load on the top layer. This successfully used by Chinese manufacturers. Because of this distinction marks in different countries, they write with success - 33 class, on the lower-quality coatings.

variety of connections

There are different types of locks for the connection of boards of laminate in a single coat. The main attraction of the coating quality,
considered to ease of work.
It connects two ways:

  • Click snap locks (they prevent breakage during assembly boards);
  • whipped filling - Lock (mounted harder);
  • Castle - UniClick.

the compounds types of laminate

A huge advantage when choosing laminate It is its convenience and relative efficiency. But when buying important not to forget, that cheap coverage is not always good. Therefore it is necessary to dwell on the well-known manufacturers, which guarantee products to 20 years old.

certainly, life of the product will depend not only on behalf of the manufacturer, but also on the operating conditions, compliance during laying technology. However, the leading manufacturers of laminated flooring can be identified:

  • Al.
  • Place.
  • Pergo.
  • Tarkett.

Now the drawbacks

Each product has both advantages, and weaknesses. We cover - also have. Highlight worth following:
Poor retains laminate
Laminate - special classes to cope with water up to several hours, but it causes significant damage to glulam. Still exists the concept of moisture. It should not be confused with the water resistance. When moisture resistance coating can only be operated at a relative humidity in the room. It is recommended to do just an easy wet cleaning, no more.

Another minus:
echo - hum.
It turns out, that the chipboard panel remarkable resonator. Any incident on its surface subject will respond with a loud roar. By this you can get used, but it is better to lay a laminate special noise insulation substrate.
One of the drawbacks you can still highlight:
not a natural tree.
Really, cover is not made of natural solid wood. But, it is very high quality. It is an environmentally friendly product, harmless to health, suitable even for children.

What is the substrate

It is a necessary element in laminate flooring technology. main substrate properties absorb sound, compensate for linear expansion taking most of the load, It reduces the friction between the floor and the laminating coating. It retains moisture, It does not allow it to destroy the board. Conceals the initial bumps in the subfloor. Reduces heat loss, reaching from the floor, especially on the first floor and in private homes.




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