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Priming the floor in front of laminate flooring

Regardless of, what quality laminate purchased, We should pay great attention to the preparatory activities. This applies not only screed or replacing an old wooden floor, but the floor primer. Otherwise, a long period of service of the floor covering can be forgotten. Features of priming the floor in front of laminate flooring depend on the surface, to be processed.

Requirements to the surface

When selected as the laminate flooring base will require high quality preparation. The very basis of the requirement will be to Rovnosti surface. a height difference may be two meters in length premises 2 mm. If this figure is greater, You have to tinker with the alignment.

Primer for laminate floor

If bias is present in the room, it should be uniform and qualitative execution. Two meters flat slope allowed in 4 mm. Before applying the primer on the floor in front laying laminate should be given time to complete drying of the base, whether it be concrete or wood. Otherwise, neither of which will not have a say. And the coating itself over a short time begins to swell.

Another requirement - cleanliness. If you remain even fine sand, mud, dust under the laminate, while walking on it will occur creaking and jarring. Consequently, We have to exert maximum effort, to carry out cleaning.

All this shows, laminate that requires a very high-quality base, to which is attached a maximum of efforts to prepare, as well as the primer. Only in this case the life of the flooring will be increased.

priming function

The primer is generally applied to improve adhesion - coupling one material to another. But this is only the basic function, since there is a sufficient number of other, which exhibits using primer based laminate before laying as floor coverings:Primer for laminate floor

  • For the gluing material often becomes an obstacle appeared dust. All these particles are bound to each other very well with the help of applied primer. so, she will cope with this problem very easily.
  • When processing a floor primer virtually eliminated the probability of occurrence of such adverse effects, as mold and fungus. This all may harm himself laminate, as well as to human health.
  • Subfloor for a floor covering will have such quality, as the humidity.
  • The powerful thrust of all the materials in conjunction. Even existing small voids under the laminate will be filled with the primer composition, pre-prepared. In addition, there are deep penetration primer, able to cope with this task quickly and accurately.

Laminate on a concrete base

by pouring concrete as base is usually used for laminate prepared solution. It includes a small fraction of rubble. This all creates a barrier to the flooring floor covering due to minor projections. Primer for laminate floorAnd it turns out concrete solutions to achieve a very rare indeed smooth base.

To cope with the height difference on the area in the room, generally used self leveling mixture, are in the range presented in the hardware store. Stages of the works are as follows:

  1. Small cracks on the surface treated by means of tile adhesive.
  2. Primer used for deep penetration of coating the surface Concrete floor.
  3. Looking to an instruction from the construction of the finished mixture, carried her breeding till desired consistency. Proportion here must comply with mandatory. As a result, the solution should turn, reminiscent of the rarity of the cream. Additional mechanical impurities in self leveling mixture should not be, as well as lumps. Primer for laminate floorAll this in the future will impact negatively on the floor covering.
  4. solution distribution is performed with a spatula. The beginning of works is carried out from the highest point, as defined previously. This will allow the mixture to spread on their own over the entire surface.
  5. This weight will be a large amount of air bubbles. To get rid of them using a special roller with spikes of a certain length. They rolled mixture to remove errors.

This is the whole process, how to perform self-leveling floor before the laminate, after which it is possible to start laying a floor covering on the surface of the concrete floor. It should be remembered that, that the work on deck cover can be initiated only in the event, when the leveling mass is dry. Usually all it takes several days.

In the presence of significant dents in the base, should implement pouring concrete mortar. As in the above case, surface prior to application of the solution must necessarily pass priming step. Only then executed screed before laying laminate. Then the mixture during operation will not crumble and spoil flooring, creating extraneous sounds while walking.

The choice of a primer for concrete

The concrete surface under the laminate can not take care of all kinds of primers, represented in the store. To this should be taken carefully, to exhibit all the positive qualities. Best mixture of acrylic and epoxy, which can prime the floor before laying laminate.Primer for laminate floor

Acrylic mixture as primer It considered a panacea. It can be used not only for concrete, but for drywall, wooden base, even materials made of synthetics.

Epoxy solution created directly for application to a concrete base. In operation, it can resist various chemicals, thus protecting the surface from moisture and destruction layers.

If necessary, the primer composition of the mixture may be introduced antiseptics. This will eliminate the likelihood of developing fungi and similar microflora.

It is worth noting, that the primer before laying laminate applied in several layers. The first layer must dry for 6-8 hours, after which a second layer is applied. Installation of the laminate does not begin immediately on a layer of primer. Previously performed an additional layer of a substrate, which may be cork or foamed polyethylene. The substrate carries a heat-insulated and moisture proof function. In addition, significantly reduced noise levels, entering from downstream floors.

laminate flooring on the wooden surface

Many people think that, Paul Lee primed to laying laminate on wooden base. Over time, the floor of the timber may start to rot and lose their original appearance. Primer for laminate floorIt should be thoroughly checked before, how to perform a priming surface before decking flooring in a laminate. If you will be attending the damaged boards, it is best to replace them with new, and not to experiment, thinking, you need to prime the floor before laying laminate or not.

In the presence of minor floor level drops, You can use this method, how Scratching. Large errors floor allow only correctly folded to hide OSB-plate. There are alternative materials, which will differ in quality and cost. The choice is the performer. In any case, you need to prime the floor in front of the laminate.

Eliminate as mandatory following sites, where the wooden floor sags. By laying laminate it is not permissible, as it quickly breaks down. Available creak when walked on planks of wood will appear and when walking on the laminate. To avoid this, you should follow the events correctly. When all initial actions, you should think about choosing a particular variant of the primer composition.

Selection of primers for wood

Not even worth thinking about, Do I need to be primed before laying laminate. the main thing, select a suitable material variant. The most optimal in a wooden support as the priming composition - the universal alkyd mixture. But this solution is typically used for the other surfaces before the laminate flooring. Primer for laminate floorWood can be purchased and a polystyrene primer. true, In this case, you should take all measures to ventilate the room quality, where the works. This is due to the fact, that a large number of toxic substances contained in the composition of the primer mixture, able to render a negative impact on human health.

Especial is shellac mixture for priming before sex laying laminate. Feature is, that it is used for softwood and freshly laid wood.

Laminate itself is not stacked on wooden base covered with primer, and an additional layer pads. It is worth noting, that the floor covering must lay perpendicular previously laid boards.

Features of the application

When you select a particular version of a primer, should consider, how to put it right. Pre entire surface is cleaned to the maximum, as in every kind of work. Primer for laminate floorEven all the grease is best to remove, the solvent used for.

The primer can be applied only on a flat surface. All wet areas should be completely dried up, to work with them. One primer layer will not be enough. It is necessary to allow time for it to start drying out and further application layer. The duration of the drying time is different number. Everything is written in the instructions from the manufacturer, and what you should pay attention. It is worth paying attention to, that larger time frame between the coats will lead to the appearance of dust on the surface.

Standard execution applied primer - two layers. Do I need to prime the floor before laying laminate further? In the presence of the base is too porous and will have to use more layers, to achieve the desired result.

Processing the floor in front laminate flooring a primer will increase the service life of the floor covering, It eliminates the likelihood of mold and mildew, protects against ingress of moisture. The main thing to choose the specific composition to be applied to concrete or wooden base, which should be carefully prepared. Increase not only cover the operational period, but also will be able to get rid of the negative manifestations of the subfloor in the room.

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