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floor washing up after repairs

You can not do in a residential area without repair. This is due not only to glue wallpaper, but also change the flooring, exactly where the laminate is chosen most often. But it is worth noting, that after the repair and correct approach to its implementation remain dirty door, walls, flooring and other home furnishings in the room. With this is possible and necessary to cope. Each type has its own characteristics of pollution, what you should pay special attention.

Avoiding problems

There are several options, which will avoid any difficulties during repairs. Especially because debris will clog in any minor cracks, in the floor elements, furniture, etc.. She will continue to have a negative impact on human health, causing coughing, sore throat, light.laundering of the laminate after repair

To continue to spend less time and effort for cleaning, should carefully prepare for repairs. It delivers all the furniture, which will not only hinder, but also accumulate in the dust itself. Available clothes are packed in plastic bags or boxes, close tightly. No dust shall not penetrate in them. When you reinstall the furniture in the other room is not superfluous to wrap it with plastic wrap.

In the case of whitewashing the ceiling and the availability of new flooring in the form of a laminate, floors need to be protected. For this purpose, the entire surface is covered with a special film, which is fixed on the perimeter of the room. This will help the masking tape, so as a regular in the future will leave traces. If you do not spend time on the film fixation, but simply expanded in area, any result it will not bring.

Low reliability from old newspapers, which also decompose top laminate. In the case of wet, they lose all their qualities. To avoid this newspaper to go to 2-3 and more layers. Strongly recommended application tissue, since in any case it will be able to miss the dust, which falls on the laminate in the room. Each of the easier pollutants profilaktirovat, what then wash and spend a lot of time.

Means and methods of application

Many wonder about, than wash the floor after renovation. when cleaning laminate You can use a large amount of money, each of which has its own quirks in the application. We present below a list of possible:

  1. Kerosene. The vegetable oil can be used as an alternative. Any construction dust is easily removed from the floor surface. Enough to add just a few drops in a basin of water and get to work. After the first floor washing oil used instead of vinegar, and then the usual clean water for the final cleaning after repair. laundering of the laminate after repairAs for kerosene, then it will be enough to half a cup a bucket of clean water. Will only rub the surface of detergents.
  2. Household chemicals. Besides the standard of special funds for gender fit and liquid for washing windows. For diluting agents used manual. the main thing, do not overdo it on the surface, which is considered very sensitive. At the same time it draws attention to the, that means there was contraindicated for cleaning laminate renovated.
  3. manganese, salt. To begin the floor with dirt, wash with detergent, and only then in cold water add table salt (half a cup). laundering of the laminate after repairWhen the resulting solution washed with a base in the room, should be wiped clean all the water. In an alternative embodiment applies permanganic acid or potassium permanganate. "Working" liquid should turn bright pink. But the latter option is not suitable in the case, if a laminate It has light shades, since all will appear on the negative side. In this way, you can get rid of the divorce appeared after harvesting whitewash.

subtleties cleaning

To work on the floor laundering and doors in the room should prepare a set of tools. It is worth paying attention to the very floor covering, his particular type of, since it has particular when using specific means.laundering of the laminate after repair

In the presence of linoleum when cleaning should avoid soda and soda solutions. Coating appearance has changed markedly for the worse. parquet, and a laminate of such coatings is strictly prohibited abrasives, perishable protective layer. After contact with the floor paint, analogous liquids, their best to scour immediately, rather than waiting for time to complete drying.

If the coating is covered with a varnish layer, can not be used when cleaning the floor renovated potassium permanganate. This will lead to the appearance of stubborn streaks. The frequency of water changes on net during harvesting will affect the speed of removal of stains and other contaminants. This is particularly evident in addressing whitewash, as it leaves a large number of divorces, especially, if you forget to change the water in time.

In order not to trample on the surface, which is washed off, the beginning of work carried out by the far wall in the room.

Preparatory stage

Everyone should know about, how to wash the floor and the doors after repair efficiently and with less time. All work on cleaning the subfloor in the apartment should start with a preparatory phase. Floor is swept and cleaned the rest of the construction waste, dust. laundering of the laminate after repairIn the presence of cement stains, paints, plaster, should as much as possible of their scrapes. For this perfect little size trowel. Next is the wetting of the litter and debris after repair. This will help a soft sponge.

Moistened with a broom prometaetsya floor surface with the laminate, from distant corners of the room to the central part. By the process of cleaning must be treated with great care, especially if it is low in quality laminate. If the work is not carefully, floor swells, changes its appearance. Wet cleaning will lead to the need to shift to a new laminate.

Cleaning of construction dust

For consideration are a few ways, which can be used for getting rid of dust after repairs.

  1. Oil solution. Copes vegetable oil, a few drops of which is added to pure water. The proportions are usually taken 1 to 100. laundering of the laminate after repairNext, the floor is wiped with water and vinegar. It is worth noting, that the alternative option of vinegar - any means, containing a chloro. Will only clear water rinse.
  2. Kitchen salt will get rid of whitewash.
  3. A bucket of water is added 100 gram of kerosene, solution is to wipe the dust, and all construction dust is removed.
  4. Whitewashing can have some time to be on laminate surface. In this case, use of the universal cleaning agent for sex in the ratio 1 to 100. This also applies to special detergents, such as Mr. Proper. In addition, a last resort, you can not even wash off with clean water, and leave on the laminate. The main thing with this exact proportioning.
  5. There is a company Amway L.O.C., having excellent universal concentrates, ability to cope with virtually all types of contaminants. proportion is 1 to 20. This solution was washed floor. Further cleaning with pure water is not required.Laminate Cleaning after repair
  6. There are means for removing plaster dust, and whitewash. Virtually any hardware store can offer the option to purchase and laminate cleaning renovated. After applying its solution will wash clean water.

How to clean up the plaster

Quick curing process is typical for plaster, longer for the cement. It is worth paying attention to if they enter it into a laminate in the process repairs. In order to qualitatively carry out mopping various chemicals may come after the repair of the plaster, such as "Plitonit Smyvka". There is another option to get rid of plaster.

On sites with plaster laid a wet cloth to soften. When the process comes to fruition, gypsum is removed and the surface washed with a solution of the oil and vinegar, and pure water.

For cement plaster all will be somewhat different. Acetic acid about 10 min is applied to contaminated sites. Thereafter, by dissolving plaster, it is removed with a dry cloth. Depending on the surface and the selected flooring options you can choose and special cleaners, Concrete solvents from manufacturers. The main requirement is to re-read the instructions, to make sure there are no contraindications. Should worry about flooring, than later to change it to a new.

Removal of foam, glue, paints

After contact with the floor covering of foam, him to cope, help Dimexidum solution. It can be easily purchased at any pharmacy. laundering of the laminate after repairCost is not high, but is not very pleasant smell. By the end of the harvest will have to thoroughly ventilate the room, to get rid of it. The process of cleaning renovated foam as follows: is applied to cotton pad means Dimexidum, then applied to contamination. It will be enough 10 minutes, to wash this stain. Dimexide helps to cope with many other complex pollution.

On the laminate adhesive often falls, after papering the walls of wallpaper. The main thing in this case, when cleaning do not spread it all over the room. To dissolve adhesive suitable conventional warm water with a temperature of about 40 degrees. Cleaned with a damp cloth and spray the spot with a floor covering, after which the laminate produced by means of suitable cleaning.

With paint problems will be much more, since only she can adversely affect the protective layer of the laminate. When cleaning solvents commonly used or acetone. laminate laundering after repairIn this case, it should be carefully apply it to the stain itself, and not on the floor. Withstand these funds is not necessary, and if possible immediately remove ink stains, to leave a protective layer of a pristine state laminate. So is working on removing dried stains. In case of fresh colorful spots, cope with them vegetable oil. Similarly cope with lacquer spots.

When the absence of a solvent, or if he can not cope with paint, as an alternative means of pollution control is suitable diesel fuel, gasoline, as well as alcohol. You can never use sharp objects, which scrape along the surface.


When cleaning laminate after repairs in the room, you should use some tips, allowing to perform all the better and faster.

First we need to change the water more frequently during harvesting. It is especially important to be at the disposal of whitewash, which leaves a large number of spots. As a result, we get the answer to the question of, than to wash the floors after repair without divorce.

For greater attention to the paint and get rid of it better, as soon as the spot fell to the floor covering. When the paint dries, deal with it without any negative impact on laminate It will be much harder.

Most of the funds has a sharp and unpleasant smell. All the works in this case is best handled in the premises, which is well ventilated. Open windows and doors, to continually fed into the clean air. It is not superfluous to use in this special gloves to protect, as well as special clothing. Sex after repair requires time and attention, to bring it into the original appearance.

Each method has features, for floor covering, and for specific use. In any case, you should pay great attention to reading the instructions, if it is new and unexplored. This would leave the laminate in perfect condition, even after being hit on him paint or varnish.

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