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Types under floor bases Flooring laminate

After the purchase of flooring in the form of laminate should think also about, the condition of the subfloor. That laminate is very demanding to all parameters of flatness. From the original surface will depend not only on the process of laying flooring, but its longevity, operational phase. Preparatory work should pay particular attention, to the effectiveness of the work carried out was a big. Training will not only depend on the chosen method of work, but also on the type of base, that will require specific recommendations. So it should be defined in advance in order, a floor under the laminate is available in the room.

The importance of equal floor

If a rough foundation the room will not meet all the requirements, which makes laminate, first, that fails - interlocks. Types of substrates for laminatelocks are not on differential floor heights to be a clear horizontal position, and when walking on the flooring they will be constantly exposed, become bent from side to side. With the passage of the individual elements have a short time come out of the castle and will be visible, will start to appear extraneous sounds, and change for the worse appearance.

Negative impact on the laid laminate and poorly prepared foundation. Available boards to rot, and emerging microorganisms will pass floor covering once the moisture level. The same applies to the concrete surface, if it will be even minor cracks or potholes, projections, holes or other defects. Should get rid of them, the laminate could surely last for a long period of time.Types of substrates for laminate

himself the alignment process It will depend on, what kind of base will be under the laminate and how to prepare the surface produced for laying floor covering. It is necessary to find out the most basic question - what is best for laminate floor used to store all the qualities and characteristics of the flooring.

The concrete surface

Quality concrete may differ. Sometimes it will be visible only slight floor level differences, and sometimes appear noticeable cracks, potholes, bundles. In each of these cases will be different and used method works. But even here, must be aware of, how fast Line floor laminated floor.

When the floor surface is not more drops 5 mm per square meter indoors, the commonly used self leveling mixture. Prior to her casting should completely remove all dust and debris from the base, even using building cleaner.

Types of substrates for laminateWe can not forget to treat the surface of deep penetrating primer, which will enhance adhesion of subsequent filling with a base. Before filling level is determined using the highest point in the room. That it will be a starting point solution casting, to rest on the surface of the mixture distributed uniformly independently.

The solution should be created from ready mix, which can be found in any hardware store brand. It is on the package, and there is an instruction, by which the produced kneading the floor fills in the apartment under the laminate. No lumps should not be in the final solution, since all this has a negative impact on the final quality.

types of bases under laminateAfter fill use spatula, by which the final distribution occurs on the surface of self-leveling mix. Will only take special spiked roller, to get rid of air bubbles appeared. If you do not, on the surface will be the so-called "crater" for a short time, speaking about the poorly drawn floor fill in the apartment under the laminate.

Within one day the mixture begins to harden. but about laying laminate should forget for a few days, to the solution of the time to get away excess moisture.

Use of a cement-sand mortar

Not always the foundation under the laminate as qualitative, it is sufficient to apply self-leveling mixture. Often, if you do not have to dismantle the old concrete screed, then bring it into proper condition.types of bases under laminate

Then the work will have to spend much more. Initially get rid of excess waste, We produce significant churning projections, deleted sites damaged and peeling place tie. The old paint must be completely removed. The same applies to oil stains. In some cases, not to spend a lot of time, easier to produce complete dismantling until the slab.

types of bases under laminateWhen all these steps have been completed, the surfaces should be covered with a primer layer to improve adhesion level. Independently novice builder is very difficult to produce a casting solution without beacons. For this reason, performed their distribution over the entire surface of the floor in the room. Usually made ordinary mortar beacons, which subsequently can not even clean up, as they bring no harm will not be able.

After setting the beacons is preparing a mixture of, according to the proportions of all the components, and carried with it a uniform distribution over the surface with a spatula. Concerning fill layer thickness for leveling base for the installation of laminate, then the optimal height is in 30-50 mm. But here, it plays essential surface quality.

Produce laying laminate on a cake can only be, when the alignment layer will be completely withered. Usually this time is 28-30 days. Previously not recommended that you start any expert, since the coupler has a large amount of moisture, which may adversely affect the itself flooring. Besides it takes another layer of self-leveling mix, to finally give the floor horizontality.

wooden base

Subfloor of wood has its own characteristics in its preparation for the subsequent laying laminate. First of all it is necessary to assess its condition. There may be cases, that it will be enough just to make sanding the surface and get to work on flooring planks. In this case, it will be very cheap to level the floor under the laminate. But often have to be replaced to the new board, since they are already out of order. But this work does not require much effort, cope with it, even a novice builder can.Types of substrates for laminate

Focuses on communication, laid under the floor. It is best to check their condition and replace pipes if necessary and the wiring to the new, to later do not refer to elements after laying laminate.

That there was no damage to any subsequent layers of a laminate, and create Smooth surface, cap screws or nails should be drowned completely. Any projections should not be. After that, the Shpatlevanie and additional grinding subfloor in the room.

The premises must not leave the heat, in no circumstances. For this purpose, a floor covering laid layer heater. Its variants, there are many. A particular embodiment will depend on the location of the room with respect to other floors, and heated or unheated rooms.

If it does not make sense to align the wooden base because of his age and strong corruption, it is best to remove it completely to the floor slab and create a new surface, smooth, specially designed for stacking laminate.

ways to leveling floor under the laminate There is a huge amount of. The most important thing at the same time to choose exactly, that will meet not only the quality of the base, but also the requirements. It is not always possible to carry out additional pouring concrete screed or laying of veneer sheets for horizontal, as this all will shorten the distance from floor to ceiling. types of bases under laminateThe negative manifestation of such action - tightness and a feeling of "falling ceiling", since it will be much closer to the human body. The best option in low basis - to dismantle up to the floor slab and start from scratch. In this case, you can even win a few centimeters and create a completely different design from, that was previously. Especially here you can select the appropriate laminate views with coloring, any color and shade.

Everyone should decide on the, it is best to perform, not only to save money, but also to obtain high-quality base as a result of. To do this, you can make a concrete filler for laminate, until the removal of the old boards, or leave a wooden base as a "foundation". In each case, a list of works carried out will be different. As for the laminate, for the beginning it is best to spend quality work on preparation, create original microclimate at the proper level for flooring, both from the premises, and subfloors.

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