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Self-preparation for laminate flooring

When selected as the laminate flooring should recall that, it requires serious intervention on the preparation of the floor. Requirements imposed matter, what basis there. the main thing, to be met. This will allow the laminate to serve for a longer period.


Preparation of the floor under the laminateEasy being prepared floor under the laminate their own hands, despite, that the floor belongs to the fastidious species. It all begins with a base, where laying will be done. Any manifest gap, cracks, irregularities in the operation will lead to the emergence of negative qualities in the form of scratches, as well as damage to the laminate.

When stepping on the floor sections with irregularities in the first to suffer interlocks. They are a serious burden falls, with which they will cope with the passage of time will not be able. Besides portions of flooring will exhibit surface cracks, and swell, rising. Floor under a laminate with their hands to make possible.

Preparation of the floor under the laminatefrom the inside, as well as the outside of the laminate impact and moisture. It may fall to the floor covering from the tie-drenched or poor quality of its preparation. The water emerges through the cracks, slit, getting to the laminate. Similarly, will adversely affect and rotten boards, if time does not get rid of them during the preparation of the floor under the laminate.

When the received information about the most common causes laminate damage, should take immediate measures to detect and recover. This will significantly increase the operational lifetime of the laminate.

tool selection

When the decision to undertake the preparation of the floor under the laminate flooring, should think about buying the necessary material to work. This will allow in the future not to spend time on shopping and distractions from the base of the alignment process.

If the work is used plywood, for its cutting perfect jigsaw, especially if it's electric. Preparation of the floor under the laminateRun markup, and to clarify the presence of drops on the floor, you can use the building level. In some cases, it is acquired and laser level, able to provide more accurate measurement results.

When mixing the solution with a drill is used with a special nozzle-mixer. Performing the hands without tools to increase the run-up to the laminate floor, not always create a high-quality solution. Emerging lumps negatively will affect the state of the floor. Subsequently, for the distribution of the solution over the entire area in the room will suit a rule. Its length will depend not only on the width of the room, but also the possibility of establishing lighthouses. A miniature version of the rules - spatula. It will be a great help in certain areas of the room, such as, in the corners and around the decorative elements.

In the case of self-leveling potting mixes can not do without a special roller with needles. It is intended to address have appeared on the surface of air bubbles. Additionally, the list of turns on and a tool, the number and quality of which will fully depend on the circumstances of repair subfloor.

Selection of training options

Difficulties can always arise, especially if the work is performed for the first time. This is not only a qualitative evaluation floor condition, prepared under the laminate flooring. The effect would be to render the distance from floor to ceiling, possible to establish an appropriate thickness screed.

Preparation of the floor under the laminateGreat importance to play and budget, allocated for repairs, as well as the time frame, in which it will have to meet. From this to some extent, will depend on the selected on preparation technology floor under the laminate.

In case of significant damage concrete floor, will have to produce a fill not only the most ties in the new version, but an additional layer of self-leveling mixtures. The drying process in this case is not less than 4 weeks.

An alternative to this option - dry screed or sex of Lagash. But here it is taken into account the height of the ceiling in the room, which will be produced laminate flooring. Instead lag plywood suitable for leveling, which can perform much faster and it will not influence the height of the room. If it is difficult to independently determine the work option, better to seek professional help. They certainly prompt the appropriate option.

Getting rid of the old coating

Preparation of the floor under the laminateAlmost always worth thinking about, to remove the old paint on the floor. This applies not only to outdoor options, but also concrete screed, wooden base. Even in the case of smooth floor and the lack of visual errors, no one knows about, what's inside. This is especially important for a tree, when it may appear mold or fungus.

It is important not to damage the paved communication possible under the floor, as well as the wiring. Old screed eliminated by punch. the main thing, that there are no voids in the base and significant elevation.

As for the wooden base, here easier perestelit it completely to the new. not fact, the old surface can serve even for a long time. After all, laminate flooring is usually laid on the next few years. Quality of the work on the assessment of the sub-floor in the room will allow in the future to think about laminate repair.

Creating a smooth concrete floor

It is important to understand and know, how to prepare a laminate floor, If the base is made of concrete. There may be cases, when the concrete screed on the floor does not create any threat to the subsequent laying laminate. In this case, the surface is cleaned of debris, primed and prepare the deck flooring. But it is not always so smooth.

Even minor differences floor height will lead to the need for quality training to laying laminate. Sometimes you can just get self-leveling compounds, Fill in thickness 2-3 mm. Otherwise smooth out all the bumps will allow concrete solution.

Preparing the solution It can be carried out independently. To do this, all components are taken in strict accordance with the proportions. A simpler option - the purchase of ready-mix, which is enough to add the required amount of water. But even in such a situation, the proportion of ongoing play a role on the quality of the fill.

To fill screed It should also prepare the base. Cracks and potholes, slit, sealed with prepared solution. After drying produced the primers of. Ties fill rules are no different from the classic performance. It is only necessary to distribute the solution over the whole area with a spatula.Preparation of the floor under the laminate

When the concrete screed dries up, the surface is still not ready for laminate flooring. Indeed, such a solution is difficult to create a truly equal basis. To achieve such a result, leveling compounds have to be used, represented in the range in DIY stores. She poured on the highest area of ​​the room, then distributed evenly with a spatula. Special effort is required, and you can do without beacons device. As such, after full drying can begin work on laying laminate.

wooden base

As for how to prepare a laminate floor, if the surface is made of wood?

If there are minor differences from the floor level of the tree in the room, can choose a substrate for laminate and make laying of floor covering. But it is important to assess the state of.Preparation of the floor under the laminate

When there are rotten boards, as well as damaged, they should be replaced with new ones. We can not allow scratches and perturbations of individual elements. It's all in the future will play a role in the quality and durability of laminate.

Sticking boards clog or curled tight with screws. Fixed all areas, to creak completely absent. No harm will then process the wood with special protective structures. They will preserve her their quality for a long period.

further carried out plywood mount over the entire area in the room. Plywood is purchased in the required quantities and pre-cut into desired pieces. They are evenly distributed before laying with exposed a gap of a few millimeters.

All possible manifested cracks on the wooden floor before laying the laminate are sealed with a special compound. Additionally be grinding. In such an embodiment a laminate floor preparation will contribute to the quality paving embodiment on the substrate.

Application DSP boards

As an independent alignment subfloor embodiment can be used with the cement chipboards (CSP). Originally produced stacking building boards. There will be an excellent assistant level, on which all the work. In addition, the entire structure is placed under the plywood sheet over the entire area of ​​the room.

Fixing the "pie" is carried out by means of screws. They better show all the qualities of reliability during operation. On top of this structure, DSP allocation is performed, which are pre-cut to the required size. When fastening screws sheets DSP is not superfluous to check the level of the plane and, where necessary, to make adjustments.

Working with underfloor heating

Preparation of the floor under the laminateIn recent times there is a desire from contractors for laying flooring, perform pre-assembly underfloor heating. It is very important, to competently performed calculations when the device. Allocated and specific when you prepare the floor for laying laminate, its qualitative alignment.

Technology execution warm floor under the laminate depends on the embodiment - water or electric. At the same time acquired materials should be designed specifically for the heating system. For this there must be a corresponding mark on the package from the floor covering. Klassnost laminate in the subsequent impact on the exploitation period. The higher the class, the more time it will be able to serve, even with the heat the room from the floor base.

Tips for beginners

When working on the floor under the equalization laminate flooring should follow some of the recommendations from the experts:

  1. Concrete floor you can do a little warmer. For this produced top tie fastening plywood sheets using dowel-nails.
  2. Under the laminate may be arranged along a wiring pipe. Originally produced mark plots on the floor, and after and plywood sheets, if they are stacked. This will avoid damaging them when mounting the floor elements. This is especially important if you choose heating underfloor heating system.
  3. In the allocation of sheets of plywood on the floor under laminate flooring, gap left between each of the elements in the 3-5 mm. This will avoid damage during expansion due to moisture inside the room.
  4. When a mixture of leveling the laying flooring laminate under, until it fills the ground surface in several layers. Such events will not allow itself to flow to the downstream mixture floors.

Strict adherence to the lining of technology, depending on the selected option will allow her to get a really high-quality surface after the laminate flooring. Compliance with all items in preparation - the key to increasing the operational period, not only the floor covering, but the whole "pie" floor. Any details and tips will provide answers, how to prepare the floor for laying laminate flooring in the shortest possible time and with less financial cost.

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