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Laying laminate floor on the warm water system




Not always in a shelter you can feel the warmth and comfort, especially in the winter season. For this reason, people are increasingly trying to create a floor. If you touch the country building, the more popular variant is water heating. As for the flooring, then you can choose absolutely any option, which will for the soul. But special attention should be paid namely to the laminate, due to its large number of positive qualities.

combination of features

During device water underfloor heating laminated floor, should pay attention to certain subtleties, that will make the installation of high quality and efficient. Especially it concerns combinations of floor covering in the form of a laminate and water underfloor heating systems.

Because laminate It has low thermal conductivity, many experts do not recommend its use as a floor covering on floor heating system. We'll have to think about, whether you can put laminate floor heating. If you comply fully with water floor mount technology laminated floor, the quality and efficiency are at the highest level. Besides reduced to a minimum and the drawback mentioned above.

Laying the laminate on a water floor

You can not choose a very thick laminate board. But at the same time it should be necessary for the heating level of strength, which starts from the 900 kg per square meter of floor space, which makes installation. Besides when choosing should pay attention to the relevant marking, that will indicate, that the laminate is specially designed for floor heating systems ("Hot water"). These additional labeling will allow to pick up that option flooring, which will meet all the requirements of efficiency of use for a long time.

When it comes to the combination of laminate and water underfloor heating, it should be remembered that, that will have to exert a lot of effort, to produce the entire installation process from beginning to its logical conclusion. But in the course of the operation of these elements in an apartment, you can count on a large number of positive qualities, and which is necessary to talk more.


The operational period supplied by the heating pipes temperature does not exceed 50 degrees. This in turn suggests that, that reduces energy costs paid. Besides, the use of water underfloor heating with laminate indicates the full environmental safety in the room. Laying the laminate on a water floorNeedless flooring over 90 percent is based on a timber.

You can forget about the origin of the electromagnetic field, as is the case with electric underfloor heating. Even though it does not bear any harm to human health when using the heating system. If you take all hygiene requirements, then they will respond fully warm floor water type.

It is worth noting also that, that the whole cake is obtained a reliable structure, which is ready to serve for a long time. If you observe the technology and fulfill all quality, it is possible to forget about the problems and repairs for several decades.

Rough alignment base

Under floor heating should always be qualitatively prepared basis. With this purpose and performed rough strainer. All surfaces should be free from any defects and errors. In the presence of peeling the old flooring screeds old or poor, all must be removed down to the slab. When it is produced, fills the prepared solution.Laying the laminate on a water floor

The solution can be prepared by yourself or buy in the store ready-made options. In the first case, it should be clearly guided proportions preparation all components and uniform addition of water. In the second case will be sufficient only to add a certain amount of water. That will have a solution, which is distributed uniformly over the surface of the floor by means of rules and other available tools.

It is worth remembering, that prior to the casting solution for perimeter walls in the room must be secured damper tape a certain height. Here you can not be afraid to take it more and more, as in all the subsequent protruding elements can be easily cut with a special knife.

Hydro and thermal insulation

After that, how stagger strainer, and she has had time to dry within the prescribed period, performed additional layers and heat sealing.Laying the laminate on a water floor

As the waterproofing layer can be used not only thick film of polyethylene, but also special solutions, are in the range presented in DIY stores. The main thing to choose the production version, which would be necessary for the device in the subsequent heating pipes.

The importance of playing and thermal insulation. It is necessary not only to keep warm indoors, but also confrontation downstream heating floors. The greatest efficiency have special plates of foamed polyethylene. Their thickness will depend on certain parameters and the state of the floor covering. A thicker layer would be required in the case, if by location, where produced water underfloor heating installation under laminate will house not heated premises, such as cellar. This is all you need for a better warm-up room, wherein organischuetsya laminate flooring on warm water under floor screed.

pipe laying

To lay the pipes in a well, followed by laying laminate a warm water floor, reinforcement layer should be arranged in the form of metal mesh. These pipes will be fixed with special clamps, spaced 100 cm apart.Laying the laminate on a water floor

distribution pipes It has several different options, each of which has its own characteristics and efficiency. We are talking about a helical arrangement and in a "snail". To subsequently laminate warmed up better over the entire surface, it is better to take the latest scheme. Here, the heater is uniformly distribution, with alternating series of hot and cold flow.

The most optimal option pipeline distribution - a combination of different circuits in the same room. It should be borne in mind the need to allocate different paths for each variant within the same room.

The distance from the heating pipes to the walls in the room should be minimally 10 cm. It is also necessary to be defined with a view, what kind of pitch pipe laying choose, to warm-up the effectiveness of the subfloor with the laminate has been at the highest level. All will depend on the diameter of the pipeline and the thickness of the resulting cake.Laying the laminate on a water floor

Connecting all components carried in the collecting cabinet, which is installed on one of the walls in the room. In some cases, it will even put it inside the wall, making the appropriate opening.

At the end of the installation of water warm floor under the laminate will only produce screed, which must be brought up to the maximum horizontal position. That this is the basic requirement of the floor covering.

laminate flooring

when produced installation of water floor heating, should bide time until it is completely dry. Otherwise it will be too big impact of moisture on the floor (laminate), causing its deformation and destruction.Laying the laminate on a water floor

Finished on top and hardened screed is laid PE film, serving as an additional waterproofing layer. She will not allow moisture to the laminate during operation, thereby protecting it from adverse external manifestations. film thickness should be selected within 170-220 micron.

When these actions are performed, We should think about laying a laminate acoustic system "pillows". This material is usually taken in the thickness within 3 mm. It will be enough, to show all the qualities. Moreover, here and heat transmitted from the water floor heating pipes will not be lost, and sent to the base floor. All the subtleties and nuances must be observed, when done laying laminate a warm water heating of a floor.

Further laying process It will depend on the chosen method, as well as from the floor covering embodiment. Laying the laminate on a water floorIt should be recalled that, that laying the laminate on the warm floor water type with parallel or perpendicular to the distribution of the floor covering elements (with respect to the walls in the room and the front door), the beginning of work should be designed on the left side wall. If the selected diagonal laying, then the center of the room, and that all segments of the covering boards placed near the walls of the room.

Particular attention is given to the tool joint, represented by two types of. Here, fastening may be performed separately or each element or creating a number and its subsequent attachment to the previous, Located on the grounds.

There is also an option laying laminate not to a screed, and directly with the water heating pipe underfloor. Then you need to purchase a special straps and clips. At first glance, the installation process will not take much time, but the effectiveness of such a system is somewhat lower heating classical variant. It is better to spend some more time on screed in room, heating elements under the laminate, than subsequent somewhat restrain himself and have minimal amount of heat from a larger power consumption.Laying the laminate on a water floor

Recommendations prior to installation

It is important to think in the operation of the ventilation floor covering (laminate). For this purpose, the gap must be left at stacking slats along the walls in the room in 10-15 mm. No need to be afraid of anything, that it will spoil the look of the entire room. Later this space perfectly covered with the different options baseboards.Laying the laminate on a water floor

To laying laminate it will wear in the room for about 2-3 day, so he can get used to the temperature and the humidity indicators. At the same time in the premises of a microclimate should be created, which will be available in the operation of the water floor heating arranged under the laminate.

When using the laminate together with water underfloor heating It really helps to be thermostats, which is certainly worth a buy. They are meant not only to, to reduce the number of energy costs during the heating room, but will not allow overheating floor covering, will allow him to perform his functions for a long period. Article written for


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