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How to get rid of condensation under the roof

Question, how to deal with condensation on the roof, It is a highly relevant, because excess moisture can seriously harm the building. From it will rot board, may appear fungus, which eventually gets in the room, besides moisture creates unnecessary dampness. Get rid of it is quite possible, if properly protect the roof.

What harm does condensate?

Condensation on the roof of a variety of serious harms of heaters, eg, mineral wool. Moisture it not only turns into lumps, but loses its properties. Wet wool does not serve for more than two years, although it does not have to be changed in dry conditions and after 20 years old.

Roof repair is quite expensive. Because moisture may suffer bearing structures, eg, joists and roof prosyadut, begin to leak or destroyed. That is why you need to deal with condensate immediately after its discovery, without delay a solution for later.

condensation on the roof

If a bit of moisture, it can cause fungus, which eats into the board, with the result that they can rot for several years. If the condensate is not going anywhere, it can form large pools, which can flow through the ceiling. The moisture is able to penetrate the insulation and damage it. The house will be wet, could become much colder, especially a problem inherent in the premises, roof where the metal.

Causes problems

Before you begin an uphill battle with the phenomenon, We need to understand, why condensation under the roof. The main reasons are the following factors act:

  • ceiling cover poorly insulated, leaking roof, It has a large gap.
  • It was not undeveloped isolation or it was taken wrong.
  • Roof space or attic does not have adequate ventilation, and nowhere to evaporate moisture.
  • Thermal insulation materials has been installed incorrectly or non-existent.
  • substandard materials have been used or severely compromised when installing roof technology.

Enough of one of the listed reasons for, appeared to condensation under the roof. Therefore, it is important to calculate the cause and eliminate it, otherwise solve the problem will not work.

roof ventilation options
Roof ventilation apparatus

The roof is not well insulated

Quite often, the formation of condensation in the roof due to its poor thermal insulation. Usually the problem is caused by, that the insulation is too thin, and the moisture penetrates the overlapping area. However, the layer may have sufficient thickness, but its quality leaves much to be desired. In this case, the warm air will leave sub-zero temperatures outside the room. In place of the collision of warm and cold water flow will be deposited drops, which first hit the attic, can then penetrate into the house, ruining the ceiling or wall.

To solve the problem, We need to understand, how the heat leaves the room. If the insulation layer quality, but too thin, it needs to be strengthened. Optional re-insulate the entire structure, enough to wait and observe winter, public Metachem material or a metal roof base becomes wet.

If snow falls in your area, carefully inspect. In the place, which takes the heat, it will be soft, begins to melt. A more complex way, which does not depend on the time of year, It is to use a thermal imager. This is a special device, which will help to establish the exact place, but specialist services or purchase the technology itself are quite expensive.

Poor vapor barrier

If condensation in the attic, what to do in the first place? worth checking out, how well were paroizolirovany overlap. Quite possible, that somewhere in the gap formed. Some construction companies do not make such isolation does. If the house is old, vapor barrier ,probably, not, because at that time about it and did not know.

vapor barrier membrane into
vapor barrier membrane into

Understand, that there is no insulation, simply: condensate will begin to appear in the living room. On the roof it will fall, without experiencing barriers, through the ceiling. The warm air will collide with cold roofing material, with the result that the moisture in the attic will. It is worth noting, that in the house of couples are not uncommon, and is produced in large quantities. Therefore, in the absence of a vapor barrier attic pretty quickly becomes very moist and wet.

Easy to solve the problem: We need to qualitatively insulate the attic space. Most often this is done using a special web material, it is affordable and relatively easy to install on their own.

If not ventilated attic

Why on the roof is going to condensation, sometimes not immediately clear. The room can be pretty well insulated, All materials used are high quality and sufficient thickness. The reason may lurk in the absence of air movement in the roof space.

If the attic is done qualitatively ventilation, the problems with condensation will not occur. This is important not only for the heated premises, but for those, which are not used in the winter and no heating. Excess moisture can appear not only in the inflow, but when the outflow air, so it is important, that in the attic there were special holes for ventilation. A draft in the room in any way will not affect the room, but will provide dry under the roof.veptilyutsiya under the roof

Lack of ventilation of roofing materials

Condensation on the roof can occur, and when improperly installing roof. The roofing material can be placed on waterproof, that is a common mistake of inexperienced builders. In this case, condensation will be formed quickly and in large quantities due to the fact, moisture that have nowhere to go: it remains on the roof. Another error may be abutting waterproofing material for insulation. In this case, quickly deteriorate the insulation. This is particularly true of mineral wool, for which even 5% moisture severely reduces the performance properties.ventilyutsiya roof

Identify the cause of the moisture in this case it will be much harder. We'll have to disassemble the roof for, To view, What mistakes were made. Doing this will have, otherwise moisture will continue to accumulate and will damage the insulation, whose replacement cost much more, than fix the problem immediately. Especially condensation is dangerous for wooden constructions.

violation of technology, substandard materials

The use of cheap materials for waterproofing or violation of technology can seriously affect the design condition. As a result of violations of the principle of the installation or use of materials, which quality does not meet the claimed, It may appear condensate.

Way to deal with this problem is fairly obvious: We have to replace low-quality products to other materials. If the roof was assembled incorrectly, it will have to perestilat.

Layers of waterproofing and vapor barrier
Layers of waterproofing and vapor barrier
roofing layers in practice
Apparatus roof strata in practice

How to deal with condensate?

Malopriâtno, when condensation drips from the roof, so any building owner is trying as quickly as possible to get rid of this problem. Get rid of the condensation initially allows the use of high-quality building materials, competent installation of roofing and insulation according to the instructions. Otherwise, there may occur various problems described above, a struggle which can be time-consuming, effort and money.

Pairs - such an interesting substance, that seeps almost everywhere. Therefore, the steam should be qualitatively special tape glued in places individual sheets and joints in the junction to building constructions.

If the moisture is not a problem of education is acute, you do not need to cover the roof. Enough to find one or more reasons, on which condensation can occur, get rid of them, and you'll forget all about this unpleasant problem. It may take?

  • Using the high quality material for steam- and thermal insulation, competent installation materials. It is not necessary to save on a heater: quality product is always quite expensive, but it ensures the heat in the house and the absence of moisture and under a roof. Condensate will not form, as the warm and cold air will not collide. Good heat insulation layer must be at least 20 cm.
  • Check out, Do waterproofing membrane intact. Many builders are mounted in waterproof stretch, causing it to crack. Material must lie freely. Film tapers with decreasing temperature, so can tear, if it is too tight. If the insulation is torn, change it entirely is not required. It will take a small patch of the same material, through which hole must be closed overlapping. Attach material can be by means of the construction adhesive tape.
  • It is important to pay attention to, how all the elements of the roof were collected. That is why you need to follow the installation process, even if this involved professional workers. Ate you're doing your own roof, adhere to a strict technology.

Conclusion: If condensation forms on the roof, What can be solved, assuming, what reason he was summoned. Eliminate it is possible and necessary in any case,. Should not be delayed, as the repair of the roof at a constant condensate find in the attic may be required very soon, and it will cost much more expensive, than a simple repair, as a result of which the condensate leaves you.

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