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How to install water meters and you need to know

Installation for water meters is an important issue. according to the legislation, Every home should be a flow meter. Perform such work in two ways: hire firm, which specializes in this, or do-it-yourselfers. The first version of the very few people arranges, as the professional services are not cheap. As to the second embodiment, not every host knows, how to properly install water meters.

Which to choose the flowmeter

Installing a water meter with his hands begins with the selection of the instrument. On the market a vast range of such products. The best option considered turbine mechanical devices. They are inexpensive and have good reliability. As for modern electronic flow meters, they look cool though, but they often fail. As a result, it will have to perform the replacement of the water meter, which would entail a monetary and time costs.

Cold and hot water have some structural differences. This is evident in their belts. So, "Hot" water meter has a red belt, and "cold" - blue. Flowmeter with a red belt suitable for both hot, and cold water. The problem is that, it costs an order of magnitude more expensive than its "brother". If the same meter with a blue belt put in hot water, the inspector will not be able to take it into operation.

It is better to buy the regular flow meters for apartments. They have respective certificates. Therefore reception problems in the operation will not. When you purchase is worth checking out, whether there is a complete all elements, used for mounting. Unscrupulous sellers on the market open package and sell the parts separately from the main product. Therefore it is better to carry out the purchase in specialty stores. A complete set consists of:

  • filter;
  • attacher with nipples - 2 PC.;
  • union nuts;
  • check valve;
  • gaskets.

When you purchase a water meter is worth checking out, whether there is a complete passport. He printed typographic way and factory sealed stamp. Serial number and passport number must be identical. If instead of a passport will otkserennaya paper, then the verification will need to pay extra.

Shut-off valves: why and what better

Counters hot cold water often mans special stopcocks. The crane has a special opening, which is used in the sealing of. If the apartment or house is designed plastic pipe with welded joints, the water meter is installed without fillings. Of course, the last word rests with the inspector of municipal water treatment plant.

When you purchase should also check the type of crane. If he silumin, then in the future may have problems. The fact, that such products are subject to sudden failure from corrosion. It is dangerous, that the destruction of this element will lead to leakage, and will not block the water than. Therefore it is better to buy a water meter with plastic stopcock, which is able to last for a long period.

mounting Features

During the installation of a water meter with their own hands, We must take into account some of the nuances:

  • If the apartment, where the flowmeter will be, has a fireman drainage, then take another valve. It is mounted on the bypass pipe and oplombirovyvayut. By all standards of this work must comply with firefighters. Therefore it is necessary in advance to warn them about the installation of a water meter. Of course, if necessary, work can be done on their own.
  • There are also problems with hot water, which are formed by two pipe system. Such systems are extremely rare. There is further need to mount the bypass valve to the circulation pipe. Otherwise, cold water counters will continually work, and total cubic meters of water, which in reality are not used.
  • Important is the temperature in the room, wherein the counter is set. The temperature should not be below 5 degrees of heat. This is especially true of private homes, When appliances are placed on the street or in a basement. At low temperatures, the hot water flow meter may fail.

Scheme water meter installation in a building
Scheme water meter installation in high-rise building with a pressure reducer.

These nuances must be considered before, you set up. Otherwise, problems may occur, that will lead to device failure or error in the measurement of water consumed.

pressure reducer.
The pressure reducing valve is used to reduce the pressure to the rated in 5 atmospheres.

Checking and plombirovanie

Self-installation of water meters begins with checking them. No need for that, to require the seller device with all zeros and carrying out checks. Initial readings are recorded at the reception counter for use. With regard to health, everything here is pretty simple. If the audit will, that the counter defective, the owner is issued expertise conclusion. In the presence of such a document he can easily change the device. The exception is, when the product was purchased from the hands without issuing any documents.

When buying a water meter is very important to have a passport to the counter. It is necessary to look at the date of manufacture of water meter since this date can be specified as a test. For cold water meters checking through 6 years old. For hot through 4 of the year.

Checking the meter is in the service of instrumentation. You can find it in ZhEKe or water utilities. You can also use the services of specialized firms. Regardless of this,, checks carried out free of charge, that comply with the legislation. All necessary information to provide housing department engineer.

Counters pass to check with the plant passport, that came with the device. At the end in the passport check is stamped by the relevant service. In the service you are required to take the test any device, even if there is no relevant documents to it. This is indicated in the legislative acts.

Interesting: If the device is the "left", you will need to pay for hosting test, as a result of which the relevant documents will be issued.

The service control instruments should specify the time, when filling of the device will be made. If the seal is damaged as a result of the transport unit, the engineer may refuse from the reception counter in operation. When the check will be carried out, you can begin to address the issue, how to install water meters.

Where to install the counter

Before you get to work, You must select the installation location of the water meter. Better to do it, as close as possible to the commissioning of the pipeline in an enclosed space. The fact, that if the flowmeter has the ability to connect to the pipeline, the inspector may waive sealing. This is due to the fact, that there is a great risk, that water will be consumed without consideration. It is better to solve the issue with a specialized organization. The problem lies already on their shoulders. But, if the connection of water meters is conducted independently, you will have to think carefully, where better to do it.

As practice shows, there are many schemes cold water meter installation. So, Inspector may take it into operation, if it is installed close to half a meter of the consumer or behind him. If you can not, the water meter is installed in the wrong place. Before taking any decision, you need to consult with experts, how to place a water meter.

Interesting: In some cases, water can be properly laid, that as a result will not install the device in the right place. Such nuances to better align with the housing office engineer, which caters to home.

Connection of water meter with his hands in private homes is controlled more seriously. So, the instrument should be no longer 20 cm from the wall, where the outlet pipe. If it's a private house, then there are some of the features. So, the water well, located on the territory of, It must be a permanent structure with a metal cap, which fits snugly. It also put the seal, to prevent the infeed conduit and in the water intake to bypass the meter. If you need access to the well, you will need to perform the unsealing. So detail, How to install water meters can be found watching the video below ?

installation procedure

Proper installation of water meters is performed in a certain pattern. Prior to shut-off valve should not be any water-supply devices. If the pipe is made of metal pipes, the first and the last joints are insulated waterproofing. On the other, conventional seals. Installation is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Stopcock ball type. If necessary, it allows to block the supply of water to consumers, placed in the room. When it comes to weld plastic water pipe, the flowmeter can move somewhat back.
  • screen filter. With his help, we collect a fine suspension. This is to protect the water meter on the occurrence of clogging. According to the specifications, this element is installed in the water, like city apartments, and country houses.
  • Counter. The name speaks for itself. The main thing to install a water meter.
  • check valve. Provided specifications and prevents reverse unwinding hydrometer.
Water filter coarse
Water filter coarse

Particular attention is paid to the installation of the filter. If the flowmeter is mounted on a horizontal pipe, the filter tube is at the bottom. In a vertical water pipe he had stuck sideways. This enables to prevent the occurrence of clogging of the filter clean with water meter. To perform the installation work will need an adjustable wrench and a tow, for sealing threaded connections. Now, probably, all clear, how to install a water meter to.

Scheme water meter installation in an apartment with low water pressure.

It is important to know that the non-return valve should be placed carefully to avoid the pressure difference in the water and overflow water from cold to hot or vice versa.

There are models of meters that have already provided a check valve included. But he's so tiny that it is better to establish a full return valve.

Acceptance into operation

After the flowmeter is installed, check the pipe for leaks. If they are not, then you need to immediately contact the water canal and learn, when the inspector comes to sealing device. Until the moment until it is standing seal, There are water under the old rates. Scheme oplombirovki water meter looks very simple.

Inspector on all sealing is given three working days. For the procedure need to act on the water meter, and technical passport check. No need to provide any documents about, that the installation of the appropriate specialists conducted. So do not worry, if the work has been done on their own.

Important: The inspector has the right to demand from the consumer, to the installation of water meters was performed by specialists.

When filling the inspector is an act of entering into operation of the flowmeter, which indicates the initial readings. At the end of the procedure Water Utility employee provides a service contract. It needs to be carefully considered, since there are cases of fraud. So it monthly fee for the service can be subscribed, as well as information about, that the consumer is obliged to provide periodically to check the water meter at their own expense.

some nuances

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages, You decide on the installation of water meters in the apartment or in your organization. What you need to know?

Do not trust this important event random people, counters do not buy "with hands" on the street, market or just with friends, do not install it yourself. This will lead to a number of problems, ranging from low-quality instrument, and most importantly, the absence of guarantees for the water meter. Once deciding on the, to save on the installation of the water meter, you will inevitably pass this process again from the beginning to the end, when you have to perform meter verification, since the installation, service itself counter to take into account the water consumption of the organization and is sent to you by, you must submit a license, certificates for the installation of water meters and the passport on the device itself. Only in the presence of the whole package of documents, reading your meter will be recognized as correct, and installation of the water meter will not give you trouble in the future.

By installing water meters, you'll have to read the meter reading on a monthly basis, own testimony sent to EIRTS ( Unified information and payment center). Readings from the display device, compared with the previously removed, calculated difference, and this difference is considered to be indicators of consumption of water by you in the past month. Display devices are of two types: Roller and arrow. According to your figures, you will be credited the payment in accordance with the established tariff for this service, and sent in the form of receipts.

An application for the installation of meters for hot and cold water, you can apply online as the company's website, who has access to this kind of work, and calling the phone company. Installers will come at any time convenient for you. No need to sit and wait all day, the main thing, pre-arrange a time to the performance of work.

It is worth noting, that the use of metering devices in residential homes can save up to three thousand for the entire period of consumption during the year, but at the enterprises in the economy will make many times more for the same time period. Legal entities particularly advantageous to establish industrial metering devices, having a larger size and greater bandwidth. organizations, performing all kinds of work on the installation, calibration and maintenance of water meters, working with individuals, and with legal entities. You can pay both in cash, or by wire transfer. Instruments are anti-magnetic protection, dimensions, established for these types of devices, and included in the list of all the individual metering of consumption volumes of resources used.

The cost of installation, maintenance and calibration of meters of cold and hot entries, you can see the campaign website or learn, by calling the above number. highly qualified specialists, masters of their craft competently and thoroughly explained to you all, as for work performed, recommend you, you need to take before, than master will come, and will consider all the costs of installation of meters.

To protect yourself from further problems, it is worth considering some of the problems, that may arise during the operation of the water meter:

  • If there is a need for filter cleaning, then this should be reported experts. They are obliged to produce free of all relevant work. In any case it is impossible to tear seal.
  • If the seal is nevertheless was frustrated, then you need to apply to the water utility. For re-sealing will have to pay. But, this is better, than to pay the fine.
  • If necessary, the user can conduct an unscheduled inspection products. This is done in cases, when there is a suspicion, that counting is carried out improperly. Checking is free of charge.

Given these features, and observing some rules, you can protect yourself against all kinds of problems. As for the process water meter installation, it can perform on their own without any help. The main thing to choose the right product and prepare tools. Details about the device water supply.




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