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Why is the water pressure reducer in the apartment

By the selection and installation of plumbing to fit very closely. During installation should comply with all the requirements, that placing equipment manufacturers. This will ensure reliable operation throughout the life of the. But, Unfortunately, sometimes there are factors, be harmful to the integrity and sanitary equipment. Frequent jumps are a cause water flow. To reduce the risk of its occurrence, experts recommend to install in the flat water pressure regulator in the water system.

Structure and operation of the apparatus

Regardless of the instrument design, it comes in two types:

  1. Gearbox with water pressure adjustment in the pipeline section to the sanitary appliance. Between a plumbing call it regulator "prior".
  2. Device for stabilizing the pressure in the pipes, which are connected to the center tap plumbing. In simple, it is called the control "of himself".

It was in the apartment of water pressure regulator allows lower or stabilize water pressure of utilities in high-rise building.

the first type of apparatus allows to automatically maintain the pressure in the conduit. This is achieved by changing the magnitude of the valve. It is open until, until the pressure in the pipe reaches a preset level. Such a device is called a proportional reduction gear. This is due to the fact, that unit throughput is directly proportional to the deviations set parameters. Often the devices are installed in heating systems and pumping stations.

In domestic communication systems it is customary to use a second type of gearboxes. Its working principle is somewhat similar to the previous model. It regulates the pressure by varying the cross-section of the valve. If the water pressure is substantially increased, the capacity of the valve is partially or completely closed, it helps to stabilize blood pressure and prevent complications, related. If the pressure of the other way around - fell, the valve opens.

water regulator f
The principle of operation and control scheme of water

Reducer water pressure in the water supply system of the apartment type "by itself" has a fairly simple structure, which explains its high reliability in operation. In the process, will not be involved in any drives. The valve is driven by fluid flow energy. So, by line acts on a piston water pressure, which seeks to block it. On the other hand there is a spring, which provides a shutter unit in the equilibrium position.

When the pressure rises, the working fluid begins to act on the membrane. As a result, the spring is gradually compressed, which leads to a reduction in the distance between the valve seat and. Subsequently, this reduced section passage hole, basically, as the line pressure. When intake manifold pressure decrease, it will lead to the opening of the valve and increasing the fluid pressure.

water pressure regulator with adjustment is reliable in operation and undemanding. Through simple configuration can ensure maintenance of the set parameters, without the use of energy sources and carrying out any maintenance.

What problems are solved device

Water pressure regulator housing solves a number of challenges. So, it allows:

  1. Protect the pipeline and, connected to it, sanitary ware from a sharp increase of water pressure in line. In the operation of utilities water pressure it can exceed the normal value and even reach the maximum allowable level. Most often suffer from this problem the residents of apartment buildings. In such buildings, to raise the water to the upper floors, It has to significantly increase the liquid head. As a result, the integrity of the line and some of the expensive plumbing fixtures can be broken.
  2. Protect the plumbing and piping from the hydraulic shocks, which can also cause significant damage to utilities.
  3. Decrease inlet pressure to the set value. If the inlet pressure is slightly above the desired value, the sanitary devices may not function properly, or at all - fail. So, eg, instantaneous water heater has a built-in protection, which blocks the operation of the device in case of improper input values ​​pressure. Problems may arise with the storage heater. As a result of a malfunction of the safety valve hot water will be discharged in vain. This will lead to cost overruns, both the water, and electricity.
  4. Reduce water consumption. Pressure influences, how much fluid will flow from the tap for some time. If you reduce this figure, you can save a lot of water. For country houses, this problem is more acute. After all, fluid consumption reduction, reduce the amount of wastewater. Therefore, the service will be less need scavengers.
  5. Reduce the risk of flooding as a result of problems in the highway. So, if there is a leak, the water will flow at a low rate, which will reduce the consequences of such problems.
  6. Reduce the noise in the water intake devices. If the water flow is great pressure, this results in noise in mixers and cranes. Pressure stabilization to reduce noise or completely eliminate it.

Install pressure regulator in the pipeline allows us to solve many problems. This applies particularly to eliminate the increase of fluid pressure, which can lead to destruction and malfunction of plumbing fixtures, as taps in the apartment are designed for pressures up to 5 ATM.

If the pressure exceeds these values, then it is necessary to install a water pressure regulator in the apartment!

How to choose a valve gear to reduce the pressure

Next, consider the, how much water pressure reducer, and the production of some manufacturers to choose the best - in price and quality.

Honeywell Regulator water

When choosing a Honeywell water control (HONEVELL), pay attention to the following parameters:

  • water pressure control device;
  • specifications;
  • device fabrication material.

    Honeywell water control
    Honeywell water pressure valve (HONEVELL) D04FM

The right combination of all these factors will allow to pick up the device, which will ensure the normal operation of utilities.

Features Honeywell (HONEVELL) D04FM
setting range (have) 1,5-6,0
Static pressure PN 16
Production Germany
Max. ambient temperature 70
pressure reducer Yes
Capacity m3 2.9
diameter connection (inch) 3/4

Water regulators Honeywell considered very reliable, but also the value, respectively, starting from 1500 rubles for a model D04FM.


Modern gearboxes are piston and diaphragm. The piston has a high resistance to wear. But, in spite of this, reducers of this type are of low reliability in operation. This is due to the nature of water treatment and the possibility of corrosion on the product elements. So, if in the liquid may be present small particles of dirt and sand, which will lead to jamming device. The only solution - a water pressure regulator filter.

Pressure regulator RD-15

Membrane water pressure regulator RD-15 has two working chambers, which are separated by a diaphragm. This makes the device require minimal maintenance and reliable operation. One chamber is completely sealed, that prevents the entry of water into it. It is here that the bulk of the structural elements. Such water pressure regulator circuit allows to protect the device against corrosion and jamming. The correct use of the gearbox and the integrity of the membrane provides a long service life. And the cost in the range of 300 to 500 rubles and has different versions. It is the most common in use and has a certificate of conformity.

Pressure regulator RD-15
water controller parameters of the RD-15
parameter name Value
Nominal diameter DN [mm] 15
Nominal pressure [MPa] (kgf / cm2) 1,0 (10)
adjusting the zone [%] 40
The upper limit setting [MPa] (kgf / cm2) 0,4 (4)
Conventional bandwidth [m3]/no 1,6
Weight control [kg] 0,35

Far water regulator

Choosing Far water regulator or another firm, should pay attention to its technical parameters. In particular this applies to the values ​​of the input and output pressure. To solve this problem is quite simple. You need to learn the requirements of, that apply to the device in a particular conduit, as well as study the instructions of water pressure regulator. It is there that manufacturers specify the nominal working pressure.

far the water regulator
Far water regulator
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 16 have.
  • adjustable pressure: from 1 to 6 have.
  • Maximum temperature: 75°C.
  • Set pressure: 3 have.

Important is the working temperature. So, Some models can operate in a temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees. Such devices are used only in the cold water supply. Hot pipe fit model, which operate in a range up 130 degrees.

But the cost of water far regulator has already begun to 2500 rub.


Pressure Regulator Valtec

Particularly popular are gaining Italian pressure reducing valves in the water Valtec, are reliable and are pleased with its price (from 800 rubles). Perhaps, this is the middle price segment of water pressure regulators for high-rise buildings.

Valtec pressure reducer VT.087



Such devices shall be made of durable material. When it comes to alloys, in their composition must be ligatures, which prevent the occurrence of corrosion process. Experts recommend to pay attention to the best water pressure reducers from manufacturers. Of course, such products will cost a lot, but long life provided. There are also a visit to the valves, lowering the pressure of the water.

Regulatory requirements for pressure regulators flats

erection work

Install water pressure regulator is a very difficult occupation. Therefore it is best to trust the job to professionals. Of course, if you want to perform the installation you can own hands. But there will also have to decide this question, how to adjust the water reducer. This will require:

  • reducer;
  • stopcocks ball type;
  • coarse filtering device;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • compactor.

Mounting gear similar to the installation of the meter. Best device mounted on a horizontal pipe. Work is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Shut water.
  2. Set inlet valve and connect it to the coarse filter.
  3. Set the cold water pressure regulator so, so you can see the pressure gauge.
  4. Connect ball valve.

All connections are sealed with oakum. This will prevent the occurrence of leaks and install the device in the desired position. It remains only to solve the problem, how to adjust the water pressure regulator. Here everything is quite simple. You need to close the outlet valve and supply water. Using a wrench or a screwdriver to adjust the device so, arrow appeared at around the nominal pressure value. Often it is 3 ATM. Automatic water pressure regulator in the water supply system is regulated directly during production. Therefore, the only hope for the quality of the product. Read here, how to regulate the water pressure reducer.





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