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How to cut tile correctly

Как разрезать кафельную плитку фотоThis is perhaps the, the most popular material, which is used for finishing work in the bathroom and kitchen. Now the choice is so large tiles, that anyone can pick up a lining material according to your taste and financial possibilities. While taking into account, that master tiler services not everyone can afford, Many laid tile their own hands. And of course, in the process of facing works raises questions, o tom, how to perform a particular procedure. AND, perhaps, most questions - for cutting tiles and how to make a hole in it. Here are a few recommendations, which will help solve this problem.

Right cut tile with their hands

First of all, before, you start to cut tiles, it must be soaked in water. Soaking procedure enough and 40 minutes. After that is necessary to make the layout of the enamel, it uses a soft pencil or marker. we must also remember, that the cut line should be no closer 1-0.8 cm from the edge of the most tiles.

A very important point - an incision is made only once, the pressure on the glass cutter should be distributed evenly, to prevent the emergence of unnecessary burrs and scratches. After that comes the procedure for breaking tiles. Breaking tiles in several ways. The first method: you need to combine a cut on the tile with the edge of the table, then click on the part of the tile, which stands for the edge of the table, tiles will be broken on the exact cut line. The second way is, to cut a (groove) on the tile, Manufactured glass cutter, put a small stud or a match and is easy to put pressure on the tiles on either side of the score line.

How to cut tile Tile

If you need to cut the floor tile, it applies Tile, as in the photo above - a special cutter for slicing tile. Tile Unlike steloreza is, his wheel much more, than the glass cutter and it allows you to make a deep cut. Tile also has a special mechanism, by which to crush tiles apart immediately after the incision produced. It should be noted, that if the cut floor tiles, this mechanism must be made of metal. Wall tile is fine plastic analogue of the Tile.

Of course, there are other methods and tools for cutting tiles, but in this article we have been considered the most affordable ways, which can be used at home. If you have that - it does not go - ask questions in the comments and we will help you to understand.



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