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Where to start repair the apartment and how much it costs

When talking about the repair of the apartment the flight of your thoughts is limited picture of the demolition of walls and window replacement? No problem. Today you can get a brief battle plan called "Stages of repair of apartments, purchased on the secondary market». After reading these tips, you definitely will not torment yourself with questions, to begin repairing the apartment with his hands or with the help of professionals. With the first option you will help our site, dedicated to independent repair of apartment. so, a look at the tips.

How to start the first stage of repair of an apartment - ceiling

Repair ceiling is the most urgent issue for many residents, who bought an apartment on the secondary market. After all, most of the newly minted owners have to face every day with a variety of "ceiling problems", starting with crumbling plaster and finishing with cracks on the ceiling.С чего начать ремонт квартиры

Where to start repair ceiling? He performed for the same uncomplicated scheme, and that the repair of the walls and the floor:

  1. dismantling.
  2. alignment.
  3. Painting.

Usually, for coloring ceiling coverings often use water-dispersion paint, in older homes still occurs and lime wash, at least - oil or alkyd enamel. Surely you tormented question: it is easy to wash away the old paint?

lime wash perhaps wash off with water. The work is very laborious, but it depends on the fulfillment of quality, how the new coating will fall well. If the previous owners have tried all the heart and caused several layers of whitewash, you will have to arm themselves with a steel spatula and a basin with water.

The next stage in the course of preparatory works - is the alignment of the ceiling. on, how carefully and accurately you have done this operation, It depends on the external appearance of the ceiling and its reliability in the future. If you want to date, beautiful ceiling, then check out the article "Plasterboard with their hands"- detailed installation instructions with photos and videos. Now let's continue to answer the question: where to start and how to finish repairs.Beautiful apartment

First of all it is necessary to determine the levels drop ceiling, to know, a layer thickness must be applied. If the deviations of less than 50 mm, is your reliable assistants are primer and putty. If the surface of the ceiling is cracked, they will need to first expand the spatula, and then cleaned and primed.

Remember: on, how well will be made primer, It depends on the strength and longevity of the ceiling. The more deeply absorbed primer, so we put the best and keep the following products. Similarly, the ground coat. on, how well the filler is formed, It depends, as will be smooth ceiling cover.

The main function, rests on the primer, - a steep concrete surface in order to ensure a reliable and good adhesion across the surface and deposited on her layers. Respectively, putty is responsible for surface leveling and removal of small defects.

The final chord in the galaxy "to start repairing the ceiling coverings" is directly ceiling painting. acrylic, latex, silicate, silicone paint, what paint is best to choose. Even this does not end the list of goods in the construction shop, which will help you draw the final line under repair-work ceiling. See how to choose paint for the ceiling depending on the needs of.

Repair ceiling - a fairly time-consuming undertaking and hdopotnoe, requires patience and meticulousness. Only the desired result can be achieved with the right approach - pure white, smooth and strong ceiling, which will please you for a long time. However, the burden of repairing the ceiling cover can be shifted onto the shoulders of professionals from the construction companies. If you have noisy neighbors above, the need sound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment, their own hands it is quite possible to do.

How to start the second stage repair of an apartment - the walls

The most significant element of the interior - it's wall. It is they who are paying the most attention, and, surprisingly, it repairs the walls eat the entire stock of our time. Preparatory works are held in two phases - the removal of old coatings and walls leveling.

Big difference in removing the old coating technology from the ceiling or wall is not observed. the main thing, do not forget to call for help patience, because wallpaper, glued in several layers, will soak and consistently rip off layer by layer.

To remove the old tiles, which is often located in the kitchen, in the bathroom and the toilet, will have to arm themselves with a chisel, hammer or hammer.

Remember: an important part of any repair work is a primer. After the primer and putty - is the foundation of not only finishing work, but also complex repair of apartments. Its main function is to improve the adhesion of finishing materials to the wall, so the primer produced under such finishing materials, wallpaper, paint or plaster walls plaster.

Where to begin? The operation required to equalize wall plaster and stucco. Each tool is selected individually depending on the scale of the disaster: if irregularities (small dimples, cracks and vyboinki) do not reach into the depths of a 5 mm, it is possible to do spackling, at a depth of more defects 5 mm using plaster.

Well, the finishing touch in such a complex operation, and is painting Wallpapering on the prepared wall. paper, textile, vinyl, metallized, cork, flizelinovye, sound insulating wallpaper for the children - it remains only to choose a new look to your cozy nest.

We hope, Now you are wondering, to begin repair work. You know the main stages of work. As the materials of the site content will be a complete guide to repair apartments, affecting all aspects of, up to interior design and the choice of building materials and tool.

The cost of repairs, approximate estimates for the work on the apartment



The average cost of construction work in the apartment

Name of works U. amended. price, rubles
1. floors
1 Removing linoleum, carpet (without saving) 1 layer 100
2 Removing the hardboard, plywood (without saving) 1 layer 90
3 Dismantling of the wooden / plastic moldings (without saving) P. m 40
4 Removal parquet / laminate, which is laid floating manner (without saving) 165
5 Removal parquet / laminate, which is laid on the adhesive and nails (without saving) 215
6 Dismantling ties (to 50 mm) 240
7 Dismantling ties (to 100 mm) 300
8 dismantling lag 120
9 Dismantling of the wooden floor (without saving) 275
10 Dismantling of tiles 120
11 Dismantling of concrete plinth P. m 100
12 Dismantling of floor granite slabs (without saving) 360
13 Grouting in Keram. tile 100
14 Installation of beacons on the ground P. m 70
15 Filling with expanded clay under the screed 100
16 Warming of the floor expanded polystyrene 165
17 Apparatus cement screed to 50 mm 420
18 Apparatus cement screed from 50 mm 100 mm 650
19 Reinforcing tie metal mesh 60
20 The device self-leveling screeds finishing mixture 295
21 floor waterproofing (mastic) 190
22 floor waterproofing (roll) 290
23 Primer cement-sand screed betonokontaktom 60
24 Primer cement-sand screed acrylic primer 30
25 Flooring and cutting plywood glue 230
26 Flooring and plywood cutting on bitumen mastic 240
27 plywood grinding 130
28 Flooring substrate for heat / sound / waterproofing basis 50
29 Laying wooden log P. m 100
30 Laying of commercial linoleum 300
31 seams provarkoy commercial linoleum P. m 60
32 Stacking of linoleum 200
33 Flooring carpet 190
34 Stacking the coating on the floor of cork 360
35 laminate flooring 350
36 parquet planing 300
37 parquet putty 90
38 Flooring wood flooring for floating 400
39 Flooring wood flooring adhesive 500
40 Laying parquet (in Extension, herringbone) 900
41 Solid wood flooring for floating 600
42 Solid wood flooring adhesive 700
43 Apparatus controlled sexes 500
44 floor painting 160
45 floor varnish 200
46 installation of a plinth (wood or PVC) P. m 150
47 Varnished wooden plinth P. m 50
48 Laying Keram. standard size tiles (20×30, 40) 840
49 Laying Keram. standard size tiles diagonally 900
50 Laying Keram. tiles less (20×30, 40) 960
51 Laying Keram. tiles less (20×30, 40) diagonally 990
52 Laying porcelain tiles 1 500
53 Masonry mosaic tile or a complicated pattern (price of) 1 300
54 Grouting ( mosaic) 250
55 Grout joints Keram. tile / porcelain stoneware 180
56 Washed down tiles under 45 degrees P. m 495
57 Facing Keram steps. tiles 1 050
58 Laying Keram. curb, plinth,ornament P. m 240
59 Installation of metal nut P. m 120
60 sex Shelter 80
2. Walls
61 Removing old wallpaper 1st layer 70
62 Cleaning the walls of water-based paints 170
63 Cleaning the walls of the non-aqueous inks 200
64 Dismantling of tiles 150
65 Cleaning the walls of putty 180
66 Removing the ventilation grille meals. 100
67 Dismantling of plaster 235
68 Dismantling of brick walls (1/2 brick) 285
69 Dismantling of brick walls (1 brick) 495
70 Dismantling of reinforced concrete walls thick. to 8 cm 2 420
71 Dismantling of reinforced concrete walls thick. to 16 cm 3 795
72 The dismantling of the walls of foam blocks, drywall, wood 350
73 Dismantling of gypsum concrete walls 450
74 Masonry walls of the foam blocks 540
75 Laying curved walls of the foam blocks 740
76 Masonry walls made of bricks (1/2 brick) 665
77 Masonry walls of the brick 970
78 Masonry walls of complex shape of the bricks 1 150
79 opening device in the concrete wall 4 235
80 opening device in the brick wall (1/2 brick) 2 365
81 opening device in the brick wall 3 025
82 opening device in the wall of foam blocks 1 540
83 waterproofing walls (mastic) 190
84 Installation of drywall partitions in 1 layer 540
85 Installation of drywall partitions in 2 layer 670
86 Plasterboard paneling in 1 layer on the metal with mounting shumaneta 420
87 Plasterboard paneling in 2 layer on the metal with mounting shumaneta 490
88 Device box plasterboard P. m 550
89 Bonding joints serpyanku P. m 45
90 Clapboard cladding on the frame 500
91 Cladding plastic panels on the frame 430
92 Wall insulation Mineral Plate, foam 150
93 Apparatus soundproofing walls 550
94 Installation of masking grid 90
95 Bonding with glass walls 150
96 Primer walls betonokontaktom 75
97 Installation of plaster beacons P. m 80
98 Apparatus metallic reinforcing mesh 120
99 Plastering walls to 20 mm 600
100 Plastering of walls against 20 mm 50 mm 650
101 Primer wall acrylic primer 3 cycle 135
102 Primer wall acrylic primer 4 cycle 180
103 Painting sets of angles P. m 60
104 plaster walls 1 cycle 295
105 plaster walls 2 cycle 450
106 Sanding walls 1 cycle 70
107 Sanding walls 2 cycle 140
108 Bonding with glass walls 230
109 Plaster wall finish 1 cycle 210
110 Plaster wall finish 2 cycle 350
111 painting walls (2 layer) 245
112 Application of rough cast 1 100
113 Vinyl wallpaper glue walls without selection pattern 220
114 Vinyl wallpaper glue walls with the selection pattern 280
115 Fleece wallpaper glue walls without selection pattern 300
116 Fleece wallpaper glue walls with the selection pattern 350
117 To glue the walls textile wallpaper 750
118 Sticking walls lynkrustoy 1 000
119 Sticking curb oboynoho P. m 130
120 Wall covering of ceramic tiles of figure 100 × 100 970
121 Wall covering of ceramic tiles of figure 200 × 200 850
122 Wall covering of ceramic tiles of figure 200 × 300 825
123 Wall covering Keram. one tile pattern different sizes 1 000
124 Laying the mosaic on the finished surface (price of) 1 300
125 Laying panels of tiles on the wall 1 500
126 Washed down tiles under 45 degrees P. m 495
127 Installing ceramic border P. m 250
128 Installation of decorative corners p.m 100
129 Gluing decorative stones 825
130 Grouting (mosaic) 250
131 Grout joints Keram. tiles 180
132 Primer slopes betonokontaktom P. m 75
133 plastering slopes P. m 540
134 primer slopes 3 cycle P. m 120
135 primer slopes 4 cycle P. m 160
136 Caulking slopes P. m 300
137 grinding slopes P. m 70
138 Sizing slopes with glass P. m 230
139 Plaster finishing slopes 2 cycle P. m 350
140 painting slopes ( 2 layer) P. m 260
141 Mounting the fan grid meals. 250
3. ceilings
142 Removing old wallpaper 1st layer 90
143 Cleaning the ceiling from water-based paints 190
144 Cleaning the ceiling on non-aqueous inks 310
145 Cleaning the ceiling of the putty 190
146 Purification of the foam ceiling tiles 250
147 Dismantling the pinion ceiling in the bathroom 250
148 Dismantling and stucco ceiling cornices P. m 250
149 Dismantling the ceiling eaves PVC P. m 150
150 Dismantling of plaster 240
151 dismantling the ceiling of GCR in 1 level 140
152 dismantling the ceiling of GCR in 2 level 210
153 Grouting and sealing of cracks P. m 120
154 waterproofing ceiling (mastic) 250
155 Device box plasterboard P. m 750
156 The apparatus of the false ceiling in plasterboard one layer 445
157 false ceiling device in two layers GCR 550
158 Installation of tiered ceiling of GCR 660
159 Device 2 the ceiling of complex geometry. shape 750
160 Device 2 the ceiling with built-in interior lighting 825
161 Device 2 the ceiling of simple geometry. shape 660
162 Bonding joints serpyanku p.m 45
163 The device is a mirror on the ceiling 10 m². 725
164 The device rack ceiling in the bathroom 880
165 The unit ceiling of type "Armstrong" 250
166 Insulation of mineral ceiling tiles, foam 200
167 Headlining lining on the frame 545
168 Headlining plastic panels on the frame 460
169 Installation of a stretch ceiling turnkey (price of) 650
170 Installation of plaster beacons P. m 95
171 Apparatus metallic reinforcing mesh 110
172 Primer ceiling betonokontaktom 75
173 Plastering ceiling to 20 mm 630
174 plastering of the ceiling 20 mm 50 mm 670
175 Primer ceiling acrylic primer 3 cycle 135
176 Primer ceiling acrylic primer 4 cycle 180
177 Painting sets of angles P. m 75
178 plaster ceiling 1 cycle 360
179 plaster ceiling 2 cycle 500
180 grinding ceiling 1 cycle 90
181 grinding ceiling 2 cycle 180
182 Bonding with glass ceiling 280
183 ceiling plaster finish 2 cycle 380
184 Putty, sanding curved ceiling elements P. m 620
185 Bonding with glass curved ceiling elements P. m 250
186 ceiling painting (2 layer) 280
187 To glue the ceiling vinyl wallpaper without matching pattern 280
188 Pasting ceiling wallpaper under painting 300
189 To glue the ceiling vinyl wallpaper with a selection of drawings 360
190 Non-woven wallpaper pasting the ceiling without matching pattern 370
191 Non-woven wallpaper pasting the ceiling with the selection of the figure 420
192 Textile wallpaper pasting the ceiling 900
193 installation, stretching and plaster moldings of plaster along the perimeter (price of) P. m 500
194 installation, coat of polyurethane foam ceiling cornices P. m 290
195 Painting polyurethane ceiling cornices 2 cycle P. m 100
4. Electrical work
196 dismantling of electrical wiring P. m 40
197 Dismantling spotlights, sockets, switches meals. 60
198 plug sockets, switches meals. 170
199 dismantling chandeliers (price of) meals. 150
200 Dismantle of the power panel meals. 420
201 concrete Shtroblenie a wiring 20x40 mm P. m 240
202 Shtroblenie bricks under the wiring 20x40 mm P. m 180
203 Shtroblenie gypsum under wiring 20x40 mm P. m 120
204 Incorporation Stroebe P. m 170
205 Holes in concrete 25 mm meals. 240
206 The holes in the brick 25 mm meals. 120
207 Laying the power cable to the 6 mm² P. m 90
208 Laying low-current cable P. m 45
209 Installing raspayachnoy box meals. 180
210 Installing the transformer (12 AT) meals. 240
211 installation of trays P. m 320
212 Mounting elektrokoroba section up to 50x50 mm P. m 100
213 Mounting elektrokoroba section up to 200x50 mm P. m 200
214 Installing an internal panel to 24 module (Concrete) meals. 4 235
215 Installing an internal panel to 24 module (brick) meals. 3 025
216 Installing security systems panel meals. 1 210
217 Assembling the power panel (price of) meals. 5 000
218 Installing external panel meals. 1 815
219 Laying of heating floor heating element 800
220 Connection and installation of a rheostat to warm the floor meals. 400
221 Installing Enclosures in concrete meals. 230
222 Installing Enclosures in a brick, gypsum meals. 180
223 Setting outlet, switch meals. 380
224 Setting the ring meals. 350
225 installation of video intercom meals. 550
226 Connecting electrical towel dryer meals. 1 870
227 Connection and installation of the fan meals. 485
228 Installing spotlights meals. 370
229 Installing a sconce meals. 450
230 Installing ceiling lamp meals. 550
231 Setting the hook under the chandelier / lamp meals. 180
232 Installation chandelier 3 Pelvic diameter up to 50 cm meals. 500
233 Installation chandelier 3 Pelvic diameter of 50 cm meals. 700
234 Installation chandeliers 5 Pelvic diameter up to 50 cm meals. 650
235 Installation chandeliers 5 Pelvic diameter of 50 cm meals. 850
5. Plumbing work
236 Dismantling of PVC pipes P. m 130
237 Dismantling the iron pipe P. m 150
238 Dismantling water pipes P. m 130
239 dismantling of tubs meals. 1 700
240 Dismantling the kitchen sink meals. 420
241 dismantling shell meals. 620
242 dismantling towel warmer meals. 480
243 Dismantling of washing machines meals. 300
244 Dismantling «moydodыra» meals. 330
245 Dismantling shower meals. 900
246 dismantling toilet, a meals. 550
247 radiator dismantling meals. 330
248 Dismantle the mixer meals. 190
249 dismantling of crane, filter, reducer meals. 165
250 Shtroblenie brick under communication 50x70 P. m 650
251 Shtroblenie concrete under a communication 50x70 P. m 1 400
252 Incorporation Stroebe P. m 170
253 Laying of sewer pipes PVC P. m 210
254 Laying metal-diameter pipes of up to 32 mm P. m 290
255 Laying Pipe polipropillena P. m 230
256 Laying of copper pipes P. m 400
257 The tubular connection of copper brazing PC. 600
258 Fittings made of copper (corner, Tee, Crossings, couplings, etc.. P.) PC. 350
259 Installing the comb meals. 960
260 Installing the filter, reducer meals. 960
261 Installation baths iron / steel / acrylic meals. 2 200
262 Install a shower enclosure with connection meals. 5 445
263 Setting "Moidodir" meals. 1 650
264 Installing shell, Tulips meals. 1 450
265 Installing the shower rod meals. 400
266 installation installations meals. 2 420
267 Installation of WC and bidet meals. 2 145
268 Install radiator on a regular place meals. 650
269 Installing a new heating radiator meals. 3 000
270 Installing the heating radiator in the riser perevrezkoy meals. 5 445
271 Install the towel warmer meals. 2 500
272 Installing the storage-type water heater meals. 2 300
273 Installing the instantaneous water heater meals. 1 650
274 installation accessories meals. 250
275 Connection of the washing machine meals. 1 400
276 heating pipes Paint 2 cycle P. m 70
6. carpentry work
277 Dismantling of the door leaf meals. 100
278 Disassembly of the door unit meals. 275
279 Mounting swing door unit meals. 1 900
280 Setting the swing door with a hole loops, lock with installation of the door frame, with frames and transoms kompl. 3 000
281 Installing casings kompl. 990
282 Install transoms kompl. 1 100
283 Mounting recoil doorset meals. 2 100
284 Mounting recoil door unit clamshell meals. 2 700
285 Installation of double-leaf doors swing meals. 2 200
286 Inset door hinges, locks with handles kompl. 600
287 window painting 360
288 painting doors 420
7. Fare
289 Removal of debris bags meals. 80
290 Removal of debris bags (floors without elevator) meals. floor 40
291 Skid construction materials t 1 500
292 Skid construction materials (floors without elevator) m floor 750
293 Construction waste container 8m3 (at a weight of cargo in the container to 5 tonnes) expense. 6 000
294 Construction waste container 20m3 (at a weight of cargo in the container to 15 tonnes) expense. 14 000
295 Construction waste container 27m3 (at a weight of cargo in the container to 26 tonnes) expense. 18 000
296 Construction waste container 32m3 (at a weight of cargo in the container to 26 tonnes) expense. 20 000
297 Delivery of building materials t 1 700

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  1. Yes, really! It sets out the repair, you must have a clear plan detailing the desired result. Only then can we make a list of works and observe in the course of their clear sequence. Otherwise, do not avoid the waste of resources due to the implementation “bad” work. Thank you for the article.

  2. I think the best option is to finish the ceiling plasterboard. So to say the golden mean. Although in the budget embodiment can dispense paint. But stretch ceiling domestic production the fastest and most economical option.

  3. Husband in our new apartment all repairs firmly took his man's hands. And immediately messed up wiring. Then spoiled plumbing. A few weeks could not assemble furniture. Almost divorced, until pasted wallpaper. All as a joke. To keep the family, We decided to turn to a specialist. My sister gave contact Alina fierce. This designer has done repairs at several of our relatives and friends. We also trust Alina. I did not expect, it is possible to finish the repairs in the apartment so quickly and were satisfied. It's just so cool to see how ordinary apartment turns into a great place, where it is very desirable to live. service, of course, not cheap, but I do not regret any of the penny!

  4. Here we are also thought to make repairs on their own, but then revered, We thought that it might come out more expensive than ordering workers. Fortunately, we were advised to friends the good guys

  5. surprisingly, damn I liked your article. Already advised to read her friend, as it is taken soon to do major repairs. And here we are in the apartment already made. although, because of meager experience we almost lost the order. We took to pull the ceiling after gluing wallpaper, and it would be necessary to. But anyway we went out repairs to fame.

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