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How to paint ceramic tiles

There are situations when you want a neat and bath time and money for a full repair is not enough. In this case, there is a way to repaint the ceramic tiles in the bathroom. Do a full repair, knocking down completely whole tile, In this case, it is not necessary, simply repaint the special paint tile. You can do, if you need a little refresh the interior of a bathroom or update a working wall in the kitchen.

To paint the tiles, you will need:

  • scrubbing brush;
  • cleaner;
  • solvent to degrease;
  • paint ceramic tiles;
  • brushes and rollers;
  • primer.

Advantages of spray paints for ceramic coatings

  • easy to apply. Due to the aerosol paint easily and quickly falls to the surface: simply shake well

    Aerosol enamel bathtubs and ceramics DECORIX
    Aerosol enamel bathtubs and ceramics DECORIX

    spray paint for 20-30 seconds and spray its contents from a distance 20 – 25 cm. from the smooth surface of uniform motion. This simple rule will help avoid unwanted stains and as a result get a nice smooth surface.

  • dries quickly. To paint ceramic tiles in the home today, within a day you are able to exploit the new object.
  • reliable. Resistant coating will serve faithfully at least 5 – 7 years old, especially if you use an epoxy paint.
  • economical. Due to aerosol, spray paint is more economical in application, than the canned version.
  • It gives perfectly smooth surface!

The procedure works

  1. Arm yourself with a stiff brush and a cleaning agent, to thoroughly wash the ceramic tiles and the seams between her. Then take a fine sandpaper and wrap it a wooden block. With this tool, start sanding the old tiles, checking from time to time the surface texture. When the fingers will feel slight roughness and feeling smooth sliding disappear, the work stop.
  2. Clean, dry brush or cloth to remove abrasive dust. Degrease the surface with a special compound, pay attention to the seams between the tiles - it accumulates oil and dirt in them. When prepared by the tile is dry, Treat it with primer.Как покрасить керамическую плитку
  3. This agent must have a high penetration ability and moisture resistance. Choose should be in specialized stores with a wide product next, to buy exactly, what you need. Due to improper primer work will have some time to start again.
  4. There you pick and paint, which will hold well in a humid atmosphere of the bathroom or kitchen. Especially for these facilities are available aqueous dispersion of latex paint, and that can withstand repeated cleaning of the surface thereof a mild detergent (about 1000 time).
  5. Apply several thin coats of paint, using a small foam roller surface. Thin layer falls evenly thick and provides better adhesion to the tile material. Wait for complete drying of the previous layer of paint, before applying the next. seats, in which the roller penetrates, paint over a paint brush.

Period, for which the ink layer dries, usually indicate the bank, strictly follow the instructions. So you get a smooth surface tiles without stains, will need to apply 2-3 thin new coat of paint.

A selection of videos as well as what color the tiles in the bathroom



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