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Aluminum entrance groups - what it is and what it is used?

Entrance groups of aluminum profiles are widely used for various construction projects. They are used for residential area, and for offices, shops, other organizations, aimed at the general public. Constructions differ durability, affordable price, attractive appearance. With their help, you can create any design for the facade of the building.

What are the requirements for an input group of aluminum?

Aluminum entrance groups are most often used in places with high cross. A large number of people regularly use them, so the design of higher abrasion resistance is required. Manufacturers produce hard, solid construction, capable of withstanding the increased load daily. An important requirement is the design, as the entrance should be in harmony with the appearance of the house, fit into the basic design concept of space and the outside of the building.

At high cross doors can be somewhat: In this case, the input of the group can create a kind of tambour 2-3 series. This method helps to keep the heat, with regular opening doors warm air will not have time to leave the premises. To a group standing outside provide quality retention of heat and sound insulation, It uses a combination of warm and cold Profile.

Entrance groups of aluminum profile

Advantages designs

Aluminum has many advantages compared to similar materials. Firstly, it is worth noting his strength and durability. Such designs do not bend, They keep their shape, rust, they are not formed by a fungus or mold appears, they do not need to be painted, however paint construct optionally can, if so required by the design intent.

Council: Order input group of aluminum, pay attention to the quality of fittings: cheap fast fail, and it will have to be changed frequently. It is desirable to establish a reinforced hinges, quality pens and other items, especially if you plan to frequent maintenance doors.

Aluminum entrance groups

Due to the wide range of possibilities can be installed aluminum construction in almost any doorway. No exception is the structure of non-standard openings. The aluminum profile can be any shape, have a high complexity, practically unlimited size of the structure. The products have a long service life: the material will not fail you for 80 years old. It is able to withstand extremely high temperatures and low, It does not crack in the sun, does not rot, is not afraid of changes in temperature, does not burn.

Low weight allows you to place aluminum doors input groupss in the structure, is not capable of withstanding a large mass.

Entrance groups of aluminum profile
The aluminum profile can be any shape

Differences between cold and warm Profile

There are two types of structures - warm and cold. They are characterized by their ability to keep the profile of the heat in the room, isolate street noise.

Cold doors have thermobridge. They are usually installed in a warm room, eg, as a connecting. They are suitable for places, where it is not required to preserve warm zone. Most often, this type of input groups is applied as follows:

  • Creating partitions in an office or residential area.
  • includes organizations in unheated rooms, eg, the warehouse.
  • glazed windows, a building facade.
Input group of aluminum
Aluminum Profile "cool"

Underfloor structure more versatile, but their price is much higher due to the presence of thermo-insertion. These profiles are used as inputs in a heated room, to create a warm zone in the vestibule, they are applicable for residential and office space, conservatories. Profiles usually equipped with two- or three-chambered glass package, due to which there is an effective insulation of the building from the street. The profile itself is also composed of three chambers, connected by special bridges.

Entrance groups of aluminum profile
Aluminum profile "warm"

What happens accessories?

Input group of aluminum, like the plastic counterparts, can be equipped with different kinds of accessories, from which not only depends on the functionality of the door, but its longevity.

Given the completeness of accessories, you can divide the products of most companies in the two types of:

  • Economy class: Chinese-made accessories used, sometimes used the products of other manufacturers from Asia. Its average quality, the price is low.
  • Standard equipment: use accessories manufactured in Europe. Its price is much higher, but the products of the German, Finnish and Italian companies characterized by high quality and reliability, able to serve many times longer than Chinese counterparts.

Varieties locks aluminum entrances

Locks for aluminum entrances
Electromechanical lock

The doors can be equipped with various locks and latches depending on the wishes of the customer, his willingness to spend a certain amount, the need for a locking mechanism and design of the door. The lock can be:

  • Odnozapornym. This design has only one bolt, latch and adapted under the handle, as a plastic window.
  • Mnogozapornыm. Through this mechanism, the door leaf fixing takes place at three points, which ensures its reliable clamp to the frame. Fold this profile even with scrap is virtually impossible.
  • electromechanical. These locks can also be one- or mnogozapornыmi, depending on the design. Locking passage occurs due to the electric pulse. Management normally occurs by means of special devices, such as kodonaborniki, timers. The disadvantage of this lock is useless during a power failure.
  • In places with high cross people, when creating checkpoints and other passages, where it is required to organize a controlled bandwidth, They can be set turnstiles, turntables, other elements, if necessary, blocking or vice versa is completely releasing doorway.

Conclusion: input group of aluminum profiles are advantageous and convenient solution. They have a relatively low price, to issue a building permit in any style, They require no maintenance costs, have high specifications.



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