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Dual Sliding interior doors

Double sliding interior doors - this is a great option for large doorways. They are used in apartments. As well as in offices and other public areas. Construction of such doors is significantly different from the standard swing. Although installing them may seem more complicated, hinged doors can significantly save useful space apartments.

Materials for double sliding doors

The sliding interior double doors themselves can be made of different materials., including:

  • Wood.
  • clear matt, stained glass.
  • metalloplastik.
  • of PVC panel.
  • Plates from MDF.
  • Plywood plain and laminated.
  • The combination of several materials.

Each material has its own pros and cons. Wood always looks stylish and fits easily into the interior, but the cost is slightly higher, than other options. Glass looks nice and goes to modern interiors in the style of high-tech or modern, but it can be broken, so handle such products need to very carefully.

Dual Sliding interior doors

Often, the cost of the door is directly dependent on their durability. You should decide, some of these indicators are importantshe.

Advantages sliding mechanisms

When installing them it is important to determine, appropriate to use such a construction doors. To perfectly fit into the door opening and are easy to use, opening should have a width of 90 to 190 centimeters. If a pass is not required, one of the flaps may be mounted fixedly, and the second movable remain.

Sliding doors They have a lot of features, but the most important - is the minimum area, such that the door takes. Door coupe selected residents of small apartments, where each meter is needed.

double-leaf sliding interior doors open on the same principle, as well as the door to the compartment of a train. One or two pictures shifted on special rollers, opening passage. It has many advantages:

  • Do not leave a lot of space, to conveniently open the door.
  • Opening and closing of these doors can be safely, they do not pinch and not giving.
  • Appearance design quite modern and stylish.
  • In this construction also, as in the swing, You can set the lock.
  • It is not required to mount the door frame.

door design It depends on the width of the opening. A small opening is more convenient to use a single flap. special rails are installed to move the door, on which the web is transferred by means of wheels.

Interior sliding double doors

door design

Sliding mechanism - an essential part of the sliding door. It is attached to the floor and the ceiling. This mechanism includes:

  • The lower and upper guides.
  • roller mechanism.
  • Locks.
  • Pens.
  • fasteners.

The guide rails are attached to the floor and the ceiling. They mounted the sliding mechanism, and then placed on the guide door leaf. Moving is done by displacement roller bar. If all collected right, it does not cause any problems, and there is virtually silent. The second strap prevents the doors while driving to fluctuate and go guide.

Double-leaf sliding interior doors

Features a selection of interior doors

Choosing a double sliding door, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Dimensions. Fabrics should be symmetrical and have equal size, and correspond exactly to the doorway and room height.
  • design. It should fit into the interior of the premises and the overall style apartment.
  • color solutions. Today you can buy almost any color door, so it is important to choose one, who will come to your room.
  • Material. It is worth to pay attention not only for its visual appeal and price, but also on the durability.
  • findings. It should match the flaps. For light doors can buy accessories of metal and plastic, and for bulk can only use metal.

Double sliding doors

When choosing the right door is important to strike a balance between their tastes and models, to be comfortable and functional.

Special features

Installation of sliding doors must be done in a certain order. Only in this case, they will not only be reliable and durable, but also easy to handle.

How to install windows is usually the next:

  • To the upper end flaps fastened roller mechanism. It is set on 5-10 centimeters from the edge and fasten with screws.
  • You can then embed on the door handles and lock set, if necessary,.
  • At the bottom center of the door leaf slotted hole sizes 15 millimeters in depth and 5 across. This will limit the movement of the door. In today's models often a gap already.
  • The upper guide is mounted on the ceiling. Between it and the ceiling prevent wood substrate. It is secured with anchor bolts and must exactly match the height of the door leaves.
  • The rollers are mounted on the guide, then the door slowly rise into place.
  • Set and the second guide fixed to the floor. The door finally set in place, then put the stops.

Dual Sliding interior doors

Tips and tricks

When installing sliding doors should remember several important rules. They make use of this design is more convenient and more reliable. First of all, important to remember, both flaps in the sum should be wider than the doorway by about 10 centimeters.

Interior sliding double doors

It is important to set the door so, the mechanism works smoothly and evenly, without squeaks and "twitching". If the door is moving unevenly, possibly, You need something to twist or grease.

outdoor installation emphasis will be most convenient to carry, if you insert the door into the slots, put in place, and then gently slide, releasing one side of the guide for installation. When one end is fixed, the door can be moved more and tie the rest of the.



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