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Hinges for doors of aluminum

Aluminum doors are widely used due to its practicality, affordable price and high reliability. Increasingly, they can be found not only in commercial areas and schools, but also in homes. When installing such windows the important role played by the choice of accessories, and hinge for aluminum door must have a high reliability and an attractive appearance.

Variety of options and selection criteria

Choosing hinge for doors of aluminum, you can pay attention to the company's products Wala. It's not the cheapest option, as the cost of goods starts from 11 euro, and the average price - 18-40 Euro kit, but it is quite well-known for its quality manufacturer.

The company was founded and is based in Germany, advanced equipment used to create the product, modern technologies. The company has existed since 1980 of the year, It manufactures a complete range of accessories not only for aluminum, but also for all other types of doors and windows. All products are certified and meet European quality standards. Besides, loop accompanied by a document, which indicates, that they have passed the test Rosenheim (Germany).

loop villa
New items loops companies Wala

Most modern high quality profile systems equipped with hinges WALA. Found them to be in such systems, how AGS, aluprof / metal plastic, ALUTECH, initial, New Tec, real estate, Reynaers, SCHUECO, Alyumaks / Widnau-progress / Mosmek, VSMPO, Petralyum, Sial / Kramz, Sibprofil, Tatprof. Hinges are 3-planar smooth adjustment: clamp 1.8mm, horizontal 6.2mm, vertical 4mm. Hinges are available in standard colors, and without coating with the possibility of coloring.

Products having a different structure, different dimensions, system, high strength, smoothness. Most models can withstand load, exceeding 200 kg, It can be used in fire constructions.

adjustable aluminum hinge

If you want to save, you can buy Russian-made loops, which will start at the value of 600 rubles. For the money you can buy ordinary hinge with bearing, many manufacturers produce them, but do not expect from such a high quality product.

Average for the price and very good in quality can be considered firm DOMINA loop: the cost of such products in the average 1300 rub.

Loop Domina Classic 3 sections
Loop Domina Classic 3-section

It is distinguished by the following qualities:

  • high strength: loops are not calculated on less than 200 thousands of openings.
  • Lifting capacity up to 160 kg, If a loop consists of two sections.
  • The material is resistant to corrosion. When the loop tests showed, that can withstand more 240 salt spray.

The company's products can be of two types - in the form of a wedge anchor plates or inserts. Adjust the loop can be in all directions, details in the video.


Adjusting the door hinges aluminum horizontal


Adjusting the door hinges of aluminum on the squeeze


How to choose a quality product?

Hinges for aluminum doors are not only structurally, but also have different quality characteristics, choosing hinges on their doors, it is important to take them into account and to choose the right system, which is able to withstand the load, you assigned to it.

The main indicator of the quality of the product is its reliability and mounting profile. That is why it is not necessary to purchase cheap design of unknown brands. they serve is highly likely not for long. attachment loops aluminum doors

If you want to install the door in place, accessible to intruders, eg, as input or balcony, while on the balcony you can climb from the street, better not to save and buy a vandal hinges, that can not be unscrewed or cut off from the street. An important role in the selection of such loops is not only the quality of the material, but also a way of fastening the loop,.

Durability depends, how quality alloys were used to create loops: the more often the door is opened, the greater the burden placed on its mounting. Even expensive fittings in public places is not longer than three years, at home rises to 10 years or more, because the door will not open more than a hundred times a day.

Interchangeability is also an important factor when choosing a design. If you need to replace the hardware, to look exactly the same like it was quite difficult, it may stop for any reason, let. Besides, individual components mechanisms wear unevenly and may require replacement. Such repairs will cost less complete replacement hardware kit.

Product quality is also important: if you buy a new door or put accessories, be careful, that the latter was a new model. Old type designs with age are beginning to creak.

Hinges for doors made of aluminum profile is better to choose those manufacturers, which had proved themselves to be good. Save a few hundred rubles for a cheap fittings, you will spend much more, often it is changing.

Hinges for aluminum doors

What materials are used?

various metals and their alloys can be used to manufacture the door hinge. Most often, the sale can be found in the loops of brass, aluminum, various iron alloys, become. Each material has its own pros and cons:

  • Brass - well suited to the doors of aluminum profile. The material has sufficient flexibility. Such loops can be polished, processed in various ways, which allows for an aesthetically pleasing appearance of the loops. In most cases, brass is used as a latent fittings, it is durable, durable, rust, It can be coated with paint. By cons include the following: eventually loop of brass will turn black and will require polishing.
  • Metal products are durable to wear, have a long service life. Loops of them can be adjusted. You can not put such a loop by lining. Over time, they appear rust, the door ceases to be opened smoothly.
  • several times stainless steel exceeds the iron quality loop, since it is not subject to corrosion and has a solid structure. Such loops are well suited for heavy and often opens the valves, since they have a high resistance to wear. Most often, they are installed in areas with high traffic. Appearance loops usually attractive, but to put on their decorative coating is almost impossible. Price of the material is quite high.
  • Aluminum alloys - cheap, superficially attractive loop, but the main disadvantage is the wear. The strength of such fittings low. They are suitable for door weight of less than 50 kg.
Hinges for aluminum doors
The design of hinges for aluminum doors

Properly selecting hinges for aluminum doors, you will ensure reliable operation of the door mechanism, You can not worry about the safety of the premises.



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