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Selection of fittings for sliding doors

Sliding doors is an important component, on which depends the reliability and durability of the door. From simple doors are not suitable mechanisms, and the choice must pay attention not only on price, but quality. We will help you understand the features of the hardware and the intricacies of its choice.

Types of sliding doors

on, what kind of design you are going to install, depends on the, What accessories should be chosen for her. The following types of doors:

  • swing: you'll find most of it. They have the standard form, is hinged, open at one or both sides, depending on the loop structure. This door takes space, since the opening it needs a lot of space, which is inconvenient for narrow corridors or places, where the open door blocked the passage.
  • Folding doors are not used very often, They have an original appearance and is most often used for internal decision-making. Such design consists of several sections, which are connected by means of steel springs. Spreading such accordion section, similar design can be seen in the trolley.

The design has a significant drawback: it can not hold heat and noise, It can therefore be used not everywhere.

  • Door coupe. This sliding design, which is moved along the wall; such a system can be seen in the compartment carriages and cabinets. This popular design, which is used not only at home, but also in supermarkets, equipping with the automatic opening system. Photocells react to the approach of a person, and the door moves towards itself. Such a model can significantly save space, because it does not take it into the open state, it is well suited for use in narrow corridors, small rooms.

Sliding doors

Elements of a sliding design

Sliding door - a complex product, which has several components. In addition to paintings and boxes, It requires special fittings sliding doors, cassette, door handles, guides, roller mechanism.

Buy all components can be both with the door leaf, and separately. Turn an ordinary door to the sliding is possible, If remake opener, replace loop on a roller mechanism with guide. Choose your favorite door, Be sure to check, What is included, not all companies put all the necessary elements. This may be done inadvertently or in order to reduce the cost of construction. Missing will have to buy separately.

Before you buy make sure, the condition of the web: often happens, that on delivery it gets damaged.

Sliding door fittings
Sliding doors

What should be included?

The main component of any door is a painting: this is the door itself. one or more may be used for sliding structures, but not anymore 8 sections. The web may be made from different materials: plasty, natural wood, MDF, metal, DSP.If you want to reduce the cost of construction, better to use several standard blades, rather than one large with oversized doorway.

An important component vyalyatsya fittings for sliding doors interior. It may be different quality: worth remembering, what, cheaper than hardware, the less it will last. It is better not to save money on a roller mechanism and door handles. If the door is planned with a locking mechanism, better to overpay a little, but to set the lock, capable of withstanding daily regular use, as his replacement is often more costly, than buying a new.Note, what style decorated your home decor. If the room is small, do not get involved cumbersome structures made of wood, what if, eg, your room is decorated in a classic style, glass door is out of place. The design must be in harmony with the overall design of a room or building, when it comes to the front door.

Another important design element - a box with frames: it is a U-shaped system, which is installed in a doorway. It put the door leaf; most commonly used for the manufacture of solid wood box. note, that the door frames should be included. They can be made of wood or other material, sometimes decorated with carved patterns. Different form of casings: meet curly, flat and rounded. From a practical point of view there is no difference between them, choice of form depends on the aesthetic preferences of the owners premises.

Sliding interior doors
Accessories on sliding doors

Sliding interior doors, accessories that are not adapted to this model, be uncomfortable. This is an ordinary door handles: they will not give the right to open, They will cling to the wall. A special feature is a special pen, that it does not protrude beyond the door leaf, allowing you to open it fully, and not until the handle rests on the door and come off.

Typically, the handle is already complete. They crashed to the canvas, which is cut under them special cavity. You can purchase a pen and separately. There are models with locks, by which the sliding door can be locked.

Additional devices are often those, which are not included as standard. They need to be purchased separately: it can be mount, locks, designer pens.Acquiring such elements, check, to them went Installation Guide. It is not always easy to mount their own.

Additional elements can be attributed, and a sealant. Sliding constructions it is recommended to use a sealing element brush type: he needed to, to protect the premises from dust and cold air. It is worth paying attention to, sliding design that can not be closed tightly, so without seal drafty phenomenon is quite natural.

An element of this type are well close the gaps and crevices, making the connection box and the door virtually airtight. It is applicable for constructions, with several door panels. To install it can be any sliding structure, regardless of its type; ease of application of the sealant is, that it is attached to the adhesive base, that allows you to fix it on the door quickly and without special tools. This can be done independently.Choose the thickness of the seal, taking into account the width of the gap between the floor door. The sealing material should be tightly contact, but does not interfere with opening doors. If you correctly pick him up, you get not only a good protection from the cold, but also make the room much quieter.

Individual attention ways to hide the sliding door in the wall.

What used rollers?

Constructions sliding door may be different, often applied with a roller mounted on top, at least - from the bottom. The most reliable is the mount with double rollers, in this case a door leaf fitted with elements such as the top, and at the bottom, however, this approach is not without drawbacks.

Using a sliding door with rollers mounted on top lets you virtually get rid of the threshold: guide can sink into the floor or make a flush with them, and not be able to avoid the threshold at the bottom when mounting clips. When you attempt to drown them in the floor will have to leave a gap for, the rollers can function. Such slits inconvenient, it is often clogged with dust and various debris, which is quite difficult to remove, and zabivshiysya roller mechanism will not open or will not open the door.

Details about the installation interior doors Box and accessories.

The use of glass doors and accessories to it

Glass doors are increasingly part of the everyday life and are used not only for offices and shops, but also for apartments. They reflect light well, They are made of a durable material, look stylish and do not clutter up the space. However, the glass sheet has some features, which must take into account when choosing accessories to it.

Sliding interior doors, findings
Sliding glass doors on rollers

Fittings for glass fabric structurally slightly different from intended for a leaf from other materials. First of all, it has a peculiar way of fastening, and, purchasing a glass door, order the right parts for this kit. Install hardware in the home is not always possible. The fact, that the web is in many cases it is necessary to drill, and it can either immediately destroy it with the wrong approach, or make it more fragile, that affect the continued operation.

Do not skimp on accessories to the glass door. It costs more usual, but to save on quality - not the best idea. Replacement cost more, what overpaid when ordering higher quality products at once.

Sliding interior doors
Roller sliding doors

If you liked the painting, but not satisfied with accessories, which is attached to it a set of, ask the seller to replace it with your chosen. Usually, everything you need can be purchased separately, and the seller will set the dates of your details. From this only the cost of your purchase will change.Pick up accessories for sliding doors difficult, when choosing a need to rely on the quality of, as it depends on something from him, how long a door for you.

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