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Installation of plastic doors with their hands

Plastic doors are popular due to its practicality, affordable cost, aesthetic qualities and high tightness. they are durable, does not require complex care, can be used in all technical and climatic conditions. Installation of plastic doors with their hands available to most customers, which can significantly save money.

Where do you start work?

Installation of plastic doors, as well as any other work of a similar structure, I must start with the preparation of the doorway. Besides, need for installation prepare itself plastic construction.

Most often expand or narrow doorway is not required, since plastic construction made according to the dimensions provided by the customer and the selected aperture resemble perfect. If you make a mistake with the size, the aperture can be adjusted, not to order a new door. If he is busy the old design, it is required to dismantle anyway; also need to prepare the walls. To do this, take away the excess plaster, dust, mud, ground surface.

Mounting box of plastic doors
Mounting options plastic boxes in doorway

Installation of plastic doors have a certain algorithm works. You do not work correctly put the door in the assembled state, since it is heavy and with a high probability can be skewed. Most often, the manufacturer delivers a door or assembled, or does not stick for easy transportation glazing. Before installation, you need to remove the frame from the door leaf, then you can begin the installation of fasteners elements; You need to fasten the hinges to the frame.

How to install plastic door

If the doorway is prepared, you can begin the installation of the frame, without a door it will have little weight, It is easy to adjustments and tilt. Installation of PVC doors and fixing them can be done in several ways:

  • On special brackets, placed on the back side structure. For them, the box may have grooves. If no slots, You can use anchors, for this need to drill through the box. This method has certain disadvantages, since it weakens the reinforced part of the structure, and when incompetent mounting frame may lead.

Council: this installation of plastic doors, windows may harm structure and bring it into disrepair, so it is better to trust the professionals.

Another disadvantage of this installation - fixing are visible, therefore significantly suffer appearance design. Mounting brackets need at least three on each side of the door frame.

  • Second, a better way, available not only to professionals, but fans, that does not harm the door design - securing the frame to the mounting foam. When using this method will have to wait, until the foam dries and hardens. Frame itself should be placed on a special stand, thanks to which it will be possible to align, until the foam has dried up, even during operation. However, the foam requires additional protection from the external environment, it requires a minimum of plaster.

Council: if you do not want to accidentally spoil the door, Plant it on a foam. It will stay firmly enough, and frame skew the risk is practically eliminated. In case of improper installation, you will be able to dismantle the structure and try again, or hire a specialist.

Installation of plastic doors with their hands
Preparing to install the door

How to fix the box?

installation plastic doors It begins with the installation of the box, it requires to do the following:

  • In the doorway prepared beforehand is inserted into the door frame. For convenience, it can be tilted, be careful, the edges of the product are the same distance from the wall. This will ensure a smooth installation of doors.
  • You will need to prepare in advance rack level, which will be at least half a meter size, several wedges, which you will align the structure. In addition to mounting bolts need to punch, Boer, fasteners and a hammer. All this is necessary to keep on hand.
  • Installation of plastic doors, windows occur approximately in the same way. First level put on the nut and driven by a wedge. We need to ensure, that box was perfectly straight, otherwise fold quickly sag and can not normally open or her problems arise immediately. The same procedure should be followed with the construction sides. They are inciting wedges, achieving smooth location. Fixing the door to start with the top of the doorway, then proceeds to the bottom.

Council: during installation it must be ensured, to box pressed all put tight stops, not to deviate from them. It is more convenient to do the job alone.

Installation of plastic doors

Installation of plastic doors must not start, until you make sure, that the box is in the correct position, deviates to one side, not twisted. If there was a skewed, the frame needs to be adjusted, check, if it is properly worth, using a spirit level. To begin the installation more convenient by the canopies on the upper part of the structure.

Council: after you have installed the screws and dowels, do not tighten them firmly. maybe, still need to adjust the door frame.

Very important, that box was exactly, especially if you decide to use not foam, and plugs and anchors. Anchors can bend profile.

What to do after installation boxes?

Prior to install the plastic door completely, you need to collect and seal the side opening, otherwise the cold will not go through the door, and through the slots, left between the wall and the frame in its mounting. First of all set the door leaf. The methods may vary depending on the design features. Most often, the operation is performed as follows::

  • The web is connected to the lower canopy, then tightly closed and connected to the top hinge.
  • If the door has a ventilation function, she just screwed to the hinges.

How to seal the opening?

The final stage of work is the sealing of the doorway after the installation of plastic doors with their hands. To do this will need to purchase the foam core: with it filled all the voids between the door frame and the wall. Thus you can not only get rid of the cracks and make the construction airtight, but also more reliably fix the frame in place.

Council: to better foam grabbed at the surface, they are recommended to moisten. Due to moisture can provide a more rapid response of the material, good grasp.

Foam dries not immediately. After the material exits the balloon, it significantly expands. The degree of expansion depends on the type and quality of foam, do not be afraid of excess. When they are dry and harden, you can trim the excess foam office knife.

Conclusion: installation of plastic doors with their hands does not cause too much difficulty. You will easily cope with the problem on their own, and you do not have to pay the installer service.



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