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What tile to choose apron: tips and tricks

One of the main issues in the finishing of the kitchen becomes, some tiles for the kitchen apron fits best? In total, facing one of the main processes of repair, and it depends on what it, how it will be perceived premises on completion of repair work. Besides, the quality of the materials selected also depends on the durability of the coating. note, that part of the wall, located over the stove, sink and kitchen table is the most vulnerable, and the most exposed to pollution and adverse factors. That is why you should pay particular attention to the finish of this zone.

some tiles for better apron

Why do we need an apron

Before, how to determine, What tile apron in the kitchen just need to understand better, Why do we need this tile finish area. In a nutshell, this is the plot, which is most exposed to the negative impact.

Among the advantages of facing ceramic materials noted following:

  1. The widest possible protection walls throughout the coverage area.
  2. Increased strength and wear resistance of the surface.
  3. The coating itself has a high level of water resistance and vapor resistance.
  4. Besides, ceramic coating maximum hygienic and environmentally.
  5. Also worth noting, and good aesthetic qualities, that helps to create a unique scenery on the wall.
  6. And the last is worth noting the ease of care and maintenance of.

choice of tiles for apron

In this way, properly selected material for lining, as well as full compliance with the technology of stacking will cause a great operational period covering. BUT, Besides, such a surface will provide protection against the spread of bacteria and fungi on the wall, and also quite effectively decorate a room.

The choice of tiles

We now proceed directly to the issue, how to choose a tile on an apron? And first of all, we note, what to consider when choosing a, and that a certain number of factors, among which:

  1. Material type.
  2. tile size.
  3. coating type.
  4. relief material.
  5. Color and pattern.

And now look at each of the proposed separate factors more details.

What type of tiles used

The first question becomes, of course, the type of material selection, from which the tile is made. In part, this factor will condition the longstanding service coverage. note, that the apron is a small load, compared with the floor, but at the same time the level of impact much more, when compared with conventional walls.

This is due to constant temperature jumps and dirt, unable to cope with than the poor-quality coating. Besides, Floor apron exposed daily acids, as well as many varieties of household chemistry, precisely because tile apron must be able to withstand such an impact.

tiles for the kitchen apron

In particular, surface must be impervious to the effects of temperature, Climate extremes state, It should be easy to wash and to withstand hot water, chemical compositions and Fats.

tile size

the, what size tile for the kitchen to choose, It depends directly on the premises of the. For starters, you can sketch out the layout on paper and some present, how it will look. Total tile options may be three:

  1. square.
  2. rectangular
  3. Mosaic.

But there are a number of recommendations, which in any case should be considered, in particular:

  1. In small spaces is not recommended to use large tiles, further reducing the room (visual course). An ideal variant is to use such a square-shaped tile small area.
  2. Using a rectangular tile can visually enlarge the space. Considering the horizontal masonry, visually width increases, in the case of vertical, respectively - height. Besides, Using such a material can simulate brickwork, that would look quite impressive and elegant.rectangular tile apron
  3. With the help of mosaic, you can create a pretty interesting design apron. Check out the unusual play of colors, and besides, the material can also be used on a countertop.
  4. For larger rooms, you can choose the most tiles, that will make them more comfortable and elegant.

Considering the number of tiles, you want to buy, should consider drawing, type and stacking zone area. The ideal option apron layouts - complete coverage of the territory of the work area, where there is no additional headset. counting the number, necessary to take stock of 10-15% taking into account the possible marriage and broken tiles.

coating type

Another factor is the choice of the coating, in particular, we are talking about the decision of the selection of glossy tiles or matte. Each of the species in its own good, and you opt to be addressed based on the inherent characteristics of the materials. First of all we are talking about the ability to resist soiling or minimized.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Among the advantages of the glossy coating:

  1. It looks impressive and allows you to create a pretty nice interior.
  2. Such tile inherent imparting visual cleanliness.
  3. It allows you to make the room more visually illuminated by reflecting light.
  4. Pretty easy cleaning.

glazed tiles in the kitchen

Speaking about the shortcomings of the material:

  1. Every drop and speck of dirt will be most visible on the cover.
  2. It requires a careful maintenance and constant washing.
  3. If on the surface of the frozen fat or plaque appeared spots, remove them would be virtually impossible.

And now on the matte tile:

  1. When pollution tile does not lose its appearance.
  2. She almost did not view prints of hands and fingers, as well as the minor defects.
  3. But at the same time due to its porous structure can absorb grease and dirt, which will be difficult to eliminate.

matt tiles in the kitchen

That is why the choice between gloss and matte finish will be driven by your desire, on the one hand with the need to constantly wipe the glossy tile splash, the other with a matte coating after a while to clean up oil.

tiles relief

Now it's time to deal with relief tiles, that should be selected taking into account all the features of the kitchen. Here, the main factor is the, that over the countertop tiles contamination occurs quite rapidly and therefore the choice of the relief material is practically unacceptable.

Even taking into account, that the relief of the coating looks much more impressive and is to his interest, in the case of the kitchen which means less than clean and easy care. Think about it, daily cleaning, cooking, wash-up, and all this in the amount of coating is a threat, a greater degree of contamination.

relief tiles in the kitchen

In this way, even wiping the tiles every time, not always be able to completely clean up its pollution, in this way, after a short period of time apron become a hotbed of dirt, which will be very difficult, and sometimes can not be cleaned.

Naturally should take into account the kind of relief. For example, considering tile with small indentations, worth mentioning, that they quickly become dirty, but at the same time are easy to clean. But speaking of more complex forms, for example, porous tiles, it just becomes a hellish dream. That is why it is best to choose a perfectly smooth surface, it is more hygienic and much easier to clean.

but note, that completely reject such an option is not necessary, for example, You can perform embossed finish in the places, where the level of pollution is nearing zero as compared with the space above the table and the stove. In particular, It can be considered an option in the case, when you almost do not use the kitchen.

Color tiles and drawings

And last, that we consider, It becomes the appearance of tiles. That's it, What color tile in the kitchen will depend on the overall impression of the room. Thus it is possible to perform emphasis on certain zones and hide flaws other. In particular, the choice of color depends on several factors. Among the most popular design options:

  1. Performing apron white.
  2. Adjusting the color of the furniture.
  3. Focusing on the individual work areas.
  4. A popular option is to perform monotonous.
  5. Besides, lining is often done under the color of other surfaces, gender, wall or ceiling.

And note, whatever the tile was not selected, It should take into account another factor, and stick to it. It is mandatory apron should correspond in registration with one of the elements of the decor and interior design. In most cases, adjustment is performed under the set. Also popular design to the style of home appliances.

tile patterned in the kitchen

You can also create a kind of decoration, using drawings and photo printing. Of course, this solution will cost a bit more expensive, but at the same time it gives a rather spectacular appearance, at the same time unique.

In conclusion, that in addition to the choice of tiles, should take into account and correct laying. About tom, how to put the tiles on the apron can be found in a separate article. And now we offer watch a few videos, which presents design options apron, possibly, something you'll be pleased.

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