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Which size cross tile needs

Laying tile can not do without the support details. It was one of these are additional devices for filling of joints. Flat seam - one of the main requirements to quality and attractive coating of tiles. And here the main thing - is to decide, which crosses need to tile, and what factors affect their choice.

What are the crosses

Firstly, for the correct selection of crosses, their model and size, should decide, Why do they even need them, then, consider the various types and their purpose.

which crosses to choose tiles

so, first look, What are the functions tic:

  1. First of all, they help to create the perfect seams, More specifically,, perform the joints between the tiles of the same width, that provides an attractive finished coating.
  2. Also, Sometimes an extension can occur tiles, due to moisture absorption. Tic same in this situation keep distance, thereby avoiding deformation of tiles and grounds.
  3. When tile laying on the floor, which crosses need, it will depend also on the material itself, because when working with mixed tiles, these devices allow you to save the distance between elements, that hides all the bumps.

How to choose crosses

so, the main question becomes: "What crosses are needed for the tiles on the floor or wall?». And the answer will depend on several factors, which we shall consider further.

To start disassemble outline. It should be noted, the choice depends on the following criteria:

  1. The size of the elements.
  2. The number of the product.
  3. edge Detail.
  4. quality products.

And now look at each of the criteria in more detail. Nachnem in order.

The size of the elements

Some people do not know, Such devices are made of different thicknesses, from 1 to 8 millimeters, step up to the 1 mm. And that, which crosses to choose tiles, It will depend on the following parameters:

  1. The presence of the bevel, or lack thereof. In the second case, it is your responsibility to display the boundaries between tiles.
  2. quality tile, rather its evenness, and the lack of chips. In some cases, such defects must be eliminated, for which such a method is used, as a deliberate increase in weld.
  3. visualization. As is well known tiling technology, It recommended for rough layout, It is meant to calculate. But, Besides, This process allows you to see, It will look like the cover and will help you choose the desired seam thickness.
  4. Also, the choice depends on the tile size. At all, the weld width is calculated by dividing the maximum tile side on 100. But it should be noted, which is not always suit small seam. It also depends on the aesthetic qualities. Besides, The more tiles, the more you need to make the distance between them.

what size tile crosses

Important! Mark need and, what is necessary correctly choose grout. Her selection is carried out directly after the selection of stitches, but not before. In this way, to the same tile, in SWE in 3 mm can approach one grout, and a slight increase in it will have to spoil the view, and need another.

Number of sides

Depending on the type of presentation may provide different crosses. In this way:

  1. In the case of standard packing elements used with four ends.
  2. At the same time laying in the Extension involves the use of three-pointed elements.
  3. Also, do not forget about the designer tile, which may have 6 or 8 faces, for her crosses have made to order.

Depending on the profile

Also, considering the products of different manufacturers, decide, which crosses the best for tiles, It is sometimes difficult. They often differ in form, vary in size, for example, One side may be thicker than the other.

which crosses tile

Such elements complicate work, since it is necessary to constantly monitor the use of only the same side of crosses. recommended, of course, use standard tic, not paying attention to all sorts of ingenious products.


An important selection factor is the quality of the materials used. In this way, quality, flexible crosses, has good strength, you can easily pull out, while, Using low-quality elements, they can crumble at withdrawal, and pieces remain in the seam, that is not always good.

Incidentally, also, considering the quality of the, you can pay attention to the two types of inserts. It is hollow and solid elements. In the case with the first insert when they are extruded solution, accordingly does not stain the surface of the tile, which is not the whole.

types of crosses

And in the end, before, how to determine, what size tile cross to choose, You need to consider their varieties:

  1. Cross-shaped elements. These are the standard insert, which have been used for many years. In its structure, they represent two straight, crossing each other, forming at the intersection of straight corners. The people call them plus sign.
  2. The second type are T-shaped insert. These are used for laying tiles vrazbezhku, as well as side seams. This kind of items are sold separately, but no secret, they are easy to make the most of the standard, cutting off one end.
  3. The following are the wedges for laying tile. This kind of elements are adjusted manually by any seam thickness, for which they were enough to deepen to the desired length. This kind of device can often be found at a laying of a wall or stairs.
  4. And last observed tile leveling system. Also referred to as 3D inserts. These elements not only allow to align the seams, but also bring to the same level adjacent tiles, tightly clutching their. For more information on these systems can be found in a separate article.

species crosses for tile

How to find

After that, To select the type, Crosses for tile paving need to count. The average number is one element on the side.

In this way, to perform the calculation of the number, should calculate the number of laying tiles per square meter coating, then multiply the resulting number or 4, or 8 (Depending on the method of inserting crosses). Thus it should turn out quantity, needed for one square meter. Of course, do not forget to count and 10% stock, since in some lost, some break, and some even, marriage will.

tic tile

Average, depending on the size of the tile, for one square meter used by 30 to 100 crosses. While in standard packaging them there 100 units.


In the end,, mention, which crosses to choose tiles, experts recommend to select elements, which are able to align the seams, and in addition, to set the tile layer and fix it. Such coatings are precisely aligning system. With them will work faster and easier, and most importantly, qualitatively. In conclusion, tic bit about you can look at the videos below. There will be given tips on choosing, as well as analysis of the characteristics of different kinds of crosses. There are tile and replacing it crosses the SVP system.

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