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Using penofol for warming the balcony

Proper insulation of the balcony is playing an important role inside, as it allows you to make the room much more comfortable, get rid of drafts, arrange a cozy atmosphere in the room, save electricity costs, spent on heating.

The main task of thermal insulation

materials, used for thermal insulation inside the balcony, can be very diverse. Suitable and mineral wool, and solid insulation, such, as a foam, penoplex, penofol and other analogs. It is worth noting, that with hard work, do not share in the fiber insulation is much more convenient. Installation is faster, It does not require additional insulation from the heater, it is easier to attach to the walls, He does not miss the cold air, so I do not need a vapor barrier, which can significantly reduce the cost of operation.

Warming of the balcony penofolom
Option warming loggia penofolom

Warming of the balcony penofolom can be made with your own hands. This process will not cause difficulties, It does not require special skills or tools. Glazed and insulate the loggia, you can turn it into a useful space, which can be used at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions. Such a hinged design will not only keep the heat in the room, but also to expand the space of the room for a few square meters. They can be used as a room for relaxation, office, library, storage of various items, that require certain temperature conditions and the lack of moisture.

stacking scheme penofol
The scheme of packing a heater penofol balcony

Warming of the balcony penofolom or similar materials can quickly and easily isolate the cold air, Make the room comfortable. employment costs and the purchase of material at the same time will be minimal.

insulation characteristics

  • Penofol - a modern material, which has a high ability to isolate the cold air from the room. Besides, material did not absorb moisture, good protection against steam, and therefore do not require an additional vapor barrier.
  • Available penofol usually in rolls, which may vary in thickness. Due to a solid shape and standard dimensions of a heater assembly is greatly facilitated: It is not required to do crate to secure it, attached to the wall sheet may be liquid by means of nails or any other glue, You can also use special plastic dowels.
  • Thermal insulation of loggia penofolom not otyazhelev design. Penofol made of polyethylene foam, then coated with a layer of foil, due to which the material acquires the ability to repel heat. If necessary, the sheets can be bent or cut. They are easy to cut, even with a knife stationery.
  • Insulation sufficiently thin, but effective, he will not take a lot of space, thus create sufficient noise- and thermal insulation.

varieties penofol

solving, how to insulate a balcony penofolom, must be considered, that there are different types of material. Most often, the sale can be found in the type A: in this case the polyethylene base is coated with a foil on one side only, which you want to place the heater in the room side.

Insulation Type B has a bilateral foil coating. Due to this, we should not think, which side to consolidate the material: he repels heat in both directions, it allows in winter to keep warm air inside the room, and in summer - to tear him from the balcony, creating a pleasant coolness inside.

Wall insulation inside the balcony can be made and the material of the type C: such foil material is coated on one side only, and the second side has an adhesive. For installation you need only tear off the protective film, pin heater to the wall, and he immediately attached without the use of additional materials. This mounting method is particularly suitable for places, get into that difficult, surfaces, having a semicircular or circular shape,.


In order to glue well fastened to the wall, it must be clean and dry.

Less commercially can be found insulation type M and R. they differ, that one of the parties has a relief shape. At M-type foil flat part, from R - relief. Insulation this structure is used in multilayered constructions, eg, for thermal insulation of roofs. The foil may further be covered with polyethylene film: this is done to the best of its safety. This heater is suitable for the installation of floor heating.

Using Penoplex instead penofol

Warming of the balcony inside Penoplex also a common goal. This material is available as a light, compact boards, which are conveniently mounted on the glue. Also you can use to install the dowels made of plastic, having a plate special.

Laying the next row, shifts it. Avoid overlap vertically disposed seams, otherwise the structure is blown.

Penoplex plates are easily cut, so you can adjust the size of the slab to your design space, cut a piece of any shape, using a writing knife or a saw for metal. Technology insulation balconies inside using Penoplex be filled with all the joints with foam. Due to this it will be possible to make room sealed, getting rid of all the cracks.

Warming of the balcony penofolom
Loggia, insulated Penoplex

Warming of the balcony can be combined with Penoplex penofolom. This approach will provide additional insulation, reflect warm air, increase the room temperature by a few degrees. Once you have fixed penoplex, glue on top of it penofol. As a result, you get a reliable seal balcony, wherein the thickness is minimal while.

How to mount a heater?

Technology warming balcony Penoplex penofolom and not very complicated, and master it, you will be able to. First of all it is important to prepare the wall. It is necessary to cover all the major cement mixture gap or fill them with foam. The wall itself must be cleaned of debris, fat, contamination for, to glue well clutched. You can then paste insulation. Take care, the foil was looking into the room; penofol, as penoplex, mounted joint to joint. In order to close the seams, You can use foil tape.

Proper insulation of balcony from inside

If you plan to fine finish, for it may be necessary to crate. This is usually used wooden slats, the size of which - 20 on 40 mm. Between the decorative covering and insulation must remain free space, formed air gap creates additional insulation layer.

Place the rack at a distance of no more than 45 cm apart. This should be done parallel to the ceiling or floor. Check the evenness of slats position using a spirit level. Mount the need to start from the bottom up.

Do not forget, that you will have a plinth, so the first rail need not be placed close to the floor, and with some indented, which then closes the plinth.

Once the crate is ready, it can be attached to any favorite you materials for walls. Quite often used drywall or battens.

detailed instructions

Thermal insulation of loggia Penoplex and penofolom together give better results. Heaters are well combined, complement each other, provide reliable insulation of your home from the outside environment.

Materials and penofol penoplex together
Using penofol and penofleksa for warming the balcony

If you do not plan finishing panels, then you need to start working with batten mounting. For this use-dried wooden beam of small thickness,. Attach it comfortably on dowels; between the wall and the outside elements necessary to leave a gap. It is better, if furring cell will coincide with the size of the plate Penoplex, that you put into it. Try to place the heater in such a way, to avoid the formation of cracks.

Take care, to a heater not peeking behind crate: it must remain within. At the end of seal all joints with tape foiled. Then you can paste over the existing insulation penofol and start installation of decorative covering. Take care, that there are no gaps, material is positioned overlapping.

Modern building insulation have a small mass and volume, allow qualitatively insulate any structure, without the help of professionals and incurring minimal material costs.




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