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Little helpers big business

On any industrial enterprises apply various types of carts to move products. Trolley design always includes some form of wheels. Materials for their manufacture will vary depending on the application, environmental conditions and physical stress on node.
There are two versions of wheels: using autonomous fastening axis of each wheel to the base carriage. The second embodiment is performed using the bearings and screw fasteners to the bottom of the trolley. Materials for manufacturing wheels are steel and iron, polyurethane. As a tire using rubber or nylon components of different thicknesses.

Wheels for building with a high temperature

In bakeries, on confectionery plants and smokehouses, bogie wheels have a special alloy. The fact, that in such premises storage equipment must withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures, up to three hundred degrees Celsius. Besides, such wheels must withstand sudden changes in temperature up to minus forty degrees, eg, the export of bread out of the oven on the open rack to cool.

Heat-resistant cast iron wheel
Successfully suitable for wheel bogies of such heat-resistant cast iron using the roller bearing and the stainless steel anchorages. For example Piterskaya trading company "KolesaRoliki.SPB" website Heat-resistant wheels offers high quality at a reasonable cost. The range presented in various modifications.

The main technical parameters of products:

  • wheel diameter, 80 – 100 millimeters;
  • the bottom of the ride height, 106 – 127 mm;
  • type built-in bearing, ball or sliding;
  • capacity of one wheel, 120 – 140 kg.

If you already use in the production of self-leveling floors, or tile, and the temperature in the furnace reaches 300 degrees Celsius, strongly advise you to buy a special heat-resistant wheels made of cast iron.

These wheels are carefully refer to quality liquid and tiled floors. But do not use them on the old coating of iron plates and sheets of corrugated metal. Such imperfect floors can eventually kill polymer termokoleso. On metal floors, use a wheel made of aluminum, or iron. If the temperature range in your plant 250 degrees with a possible short-term increase to 300 degrees, but not above.

The main thing in the heat-resistant wheels - a material of manufacture. It depends on it, temperature range in which they will serve, how to chemically aggressive media resistant, as well as how they are safe for flooring.</p>

Cast wheels made of cast iron - the classical solution. They are able to withstand temperatures above the recommended + 300 ° C and serve for many years. The only important thing in the application - floor strength. The solid cast iron able to damage the tile and other floor coverings brittle or fragile materials. The axes of iron wheels mounted plain bearings, which must be periodically lubricated with heat-resistant compounds. Plain bearings durable, they are not afraid of water and shock.


Resistant to wheel mounted trolleys by means of steel brackets to mount platform (playground with four holes). As they face extreme temperatures, thermal shock and high humidity, Brackets are reliably protected against corrosion double zinc coated. If necessary,, models can be ordered with stainless steel brackets.The pivot bracket assembly is a double ball bearing with the heat-resistant lubricant, and in a sealed housing, prevents the penetration of dust and dirt.

In the event of difficulties in the selection of the wheel structure, the buyer can turn to professional counselors online store, through electronic feedback or contact numbers. All mechanisms used specialized heat-resistant grease, increases the comfort of use trolleys and durability of the whole structure. The wheels have a warranty period from the manufacturer, It is very important.


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