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Sliding sliding gates

Usually, after the completion of the main construction work on the construction of a residential building and all other outbuildings on the personal plot, the owner of private real estate is faced with the question of choosing the fence of his possessions.
Modern building materials market, as well as the entrance gate, which are called "garage" offers a huge number of options, each of which has its own strengths. When it comes to gates, which in the best way can "fit" into the fence structure of the personal plot, then the favorites are sliding or sliding, gate gate structures.

The advantage of sliding gates

It should be noted, what a sliding gate type in the case of a backyard, country or garden fence will be the best choice, of course, if there is enough space along the fence to open them.

Sliding gate design

The advantage of automatic gates is comfort. Today, automatic gates have such a name because, that they are driven by an electric drive and automation. Besides the open and close function, they additionally have a lot of possibilities.
The main purpose of the additional functions is to ensure maximum safety, as well as providing convenience and comfort in use.
Among the additional functions, the main one can be distinguished - the ability to control from a distance, using the remote control.
Another useful quality of automatic gates is that there is no problem in terms of operation in the event of a power outage.. Using special unblockers, there is an excellent possibility of opening and closing the gate manually. Available prices for sliding gates with an electric drive allow you to order various options for different budgets.

The cost of sliding gates to the company ALUROL LLC When choosing a gate, it is important to take into account a number of factors, which will allow you to find the optimal solution for each case.
Type and design features (principle of operation, one- or bivalves with inward opening, outward, up, to the side, etc.).
Total serviced area, door dimensions and weight. Material compatibility in construction. Features of external performance, ensuring the practicality and aesthetics of the finished product.

Sliding gate automation

For more comfortable use, or rather, control of sliding gate structures, manufacturers offer to equip them with an automatic opening / closing system. In this case, the gate can be controlled, without leaving the car, or even without entering their house, using the remote control for these purposes.

Automatic sliding gate manufacturers

It should be noted, that sliding gates with automatic control last much longer, since their mechanism and design does not experience "stress", as a similar type of gate with manual opening. Besides, automation of gate structures is a modern solution.

Basic equipment of sliding gates

The peculiarity of sliding gates is, that their opening occurs especially along the plane of the opening. There is a supporting profile at the bottom of the gate, on which the door leaf stands and rolls on roller carts. The opening type can be, both remote and manual.

Installation of high-speed automatic gates is necessary in case, if there is an increased intensity of transport passage in this area. The main advantages of automatic gates are such indicators, how to increase bandwidth, no drafts, protective function against noise and dust, no heat loss.

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