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SRO approvals

To create and implement successful market and economic relations, which would be less regulated and financed by the state, the law "On self-regulatory organizations" was issued. This law came into force since 01.01.10 of the year.

All companies, firms and organizations, engaged in construction, are required to join an SRO and receive admission, regardless of the size of the organization and its income. Failure to comply with the rules may result in exclusion from the association and even criminal liability. Given the current growth rates of the number of construction companies and the ways of their "survival", it is worth thinking about joining such an organization not only for that, to avoid criminal liability, but also for the further prosperity of the company.
What is SRO? Non-profit organization, uniting subjects of entrepreneurial activity based on the unity of the industry of production of goods (works, services) or the market of manufactured goods (works, services) or uniting subjects of professional activity of a certain type.

Construction SRO

Very often you need to issue an SRO admission , postpone such an important matter. One must also understand, that the preparation process takes a very long time. Huge document folder, which you must prepare, includes various types of certificates from the tax, old and new documents, which store information about your equipment, necessary for the implementation of work, all information about your employees, including their education and qualifications.

There is agency and internet resources, offering to help in the preparation of the entire set of documents, necessary for the construction permit of SROs in Moscow and across Russia and are even ready to control the progress of this process.

On the website of the Moscow company StroyYuris you can easily get an open source license and find all the necessary information without wasting time: Price List, Contact phone numbers, types of organizations and much more. Thanks to computer progress and the development of Internet technologies, you can control the process and keep abreast of events while sitting at home, without wasting extra money and time.

These resources offer high-quality paperwork in accordance with existing requirements, joining support and even granting membership loans.

How to quickly join an SRO

After joining the SRO, usually, the attitude of third-party organizations towards your firm or company will noticeably change - partners and customers will be confident in the quality of your work.

Construction companies, as opposed to design and survey, can join the SRO of builders and receive an extract from the register of members only in that region, where their legal address is registered. That is, for builders and developers there is a so-called regional principle.

Desire to limit government interference in market activities as much as possible, in particular, in construction work, well received by construction companies and is forcing an increasing number of entrepreneurs and legal entities to join the community in a short time. Besides, quick entry guarantees a dynamic and measured promotion of the company in the domestic market of the country, legal support of all types of company activities, stable income and optimal working conditions. Without joining the organization, a construction company simply cannot withstand pressure from competitors., that is, it will not be able to fully develop in conditions of difficult economic realities.

Why is it so important to quickly join an SRO, let's say for 1 day? Because the sooner you start to take advantage of, which guarantees membership in any self-regulatory organization, the faster you can optimize your business and start full-fledged financial development. Of course, joining an organization per day requires additional financial costs. But you can be sure, that the very fact of membership will make it possible in the shortest possible time to return the money spent a hundredfold.

Of great importance for builders is the size of the contribution to the SRO compensation fund, which is formed at the expense of the funds of its members. It can range from 100 thousand with contractual obligations less than 60 million, to 5 million rubles - for liabilities from 10 and more billion rubles. It depends on the specific level of responsibility.

Payment of the fee is a prerequisite. Submitted only once, but subsequently grants protection to all members of the non-profit partnership.

SRO builders

Joining an SRO in a short time obliges your company not only to submit the necessary package of documents in a short time, but also clearly define the major types of work, which will subsequently become a priority for your team of professionals. So, distinguish between SRO designers, builders, organizations of energy auditors and prospectors. Therefore, before, how to decide to join, it is important to clearly outline the business plan of the construction company, at least for the near future, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own business, analyze the dynamics of the company's development and determine the level of professional qualifications of employees.

Today, many construction companies are in a hurry to prove their involvement in the activities of self-regulatory organizations and to join the organization in a short time also because, that often the ability to refer to the interests of the corporation becomes the only possible way to survive in the construction market, because now large associations of builders are increasingly "pushing" on small firms, whose existence becomes similar to the life of one-day butterflies. Joining an SRO is equivalent to the surety of the participating companies, who will be interested in supporting your business on an hourly basis and contributing to the professional growth of the company.

At the same time, one must understand, that the presence of a company in an SRO obliges to comply with certain dogmas and rules of conduct in the market, which are developed and determined directly by members of a particular self-regulatory organization.

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