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The correct choice of tile grout

Façade work process is quite complex, especially, when it comes to laying tiles. Along with the choice of material (tile), Adhesive mixtures and tools, important question becomes "What grout tile fits best, and how to select it?». note, that it has an important role when facing, as having a significant impact on the appearance of the coating on completion of the works. It is because, incorrectly selected grout can simply spoil the look.

That is why, It should take into account a certain number of factors, that have a direct impact on the choice of a mixture of.

Grout and its features

Today, one can meet a lot of different variations of the material, each of which will meet a number of requests, and the selection must be performed strictly on the basis of operational requirements.

First, let's find out, Why do need to grout tile:

  1. First of all it allows you to fully protect joints from moisture, and pollution.
  2. Besides, It achieved the best strength of the masonry and its strengthening.
  3. And another feature becomes a decorative function and visual improvement.

note, that the conduct of the grout is a must when carrying out tiling. Besides, mixtures available on the market both in dry form, and as a ready to use mastic. Well tolerated and independent cooking.

Another important feature becomes Zone, which is conducted masonry. When raising the question of whether, how the grout for a tile to choose, it is important to take into account the operating conditions of the surface. In this way, for example, in the shower area, where the characteristic constant contact with water, necessary to provide a special water-resistant formulations. In the same time, at the kitchen wall, You can use the cheaper options.

For, To understand how to grout tile fit directly into your case, you need to know in general terms that, what they are in composition and properties.

types of grout

For, to answer the question "What is the tile grout trowel" need to understand the types of material. Considering various formulations, You can distinguish the following classification:

  1. first, one standard, a cement mix. It consists of standard Portland cement, sand and optionally added plasticizers.cement grout tile
  2. The next type of latex can be noted. She also performed on the basis of sand and cement, but in addition it incorporates a latex components. Their addition significantly increases flexibility and elasticity. It prevents the penetration of moisture.Ceresio is 40
  3. epoxy. This variety is a mixture of epoxy resin and hardener. When hardening enables you to protect the joints against water penetration.epoxy grout for tile
  4. And the last type is furan. This type of addition to water resistance, also possesses resistance to chemical attack. For the most part used to fix the tiles in industrial buildings.furan grout tile

So we decided, The main factor is the composition for grouting tiles, and what better, we must think in each case.

Most of the stops on the choice 1-3 kinds. For example, for facing bathroom best use of epoxies. The alternative would be latex.

It should be noted, however, that some grout divided according to purpose. In particular, two kinds, over seams to width 5 millimeters, as well as for the more narrow. You can quickly calculate the amount of grout online calculator.

Color solutions grouting

The next issue on the agenda of the article becomes "what color tile trowel". This question is also very important, because in addition to the performance, we need and good decorative qualities. But how to choose the right color? For example, we have on the wall black tiles, but what is most suitable grout?

The answer to such a complex issue, we look at a few design decisions.

  1. The first one becomes white. It is a versatile way to add elegance masonry. In addition, white is considered neutral, therefore complement any decor, regardless of the most tile design.
  2. The second answer to the numerous opinions about, what should be the grout for a tile becomes monotony. ie. selection of the mixture of the same color, as does the tile. It is very important to choose the right shade, since the difference in the maximum permissible number of tones.
  3. And last option becomes how to find the contrast. the most risky, and sometimes, not justified method. Such an embodiment is to select a mixture of bright colors, that stands out well against the background of the tiles. In this case, it is important to choose the color that blends with the main.

what color to choose for grouting tiles

This factor should be taken responsibly. After all, the choice of color will depend entirely the whole look of the room (in particular, masonry).

How to make the right choice

so, we have already decided what are the grouting tile joints, and now, should clearly form an understanding about, what to pay special attention when it is selected.

In the first place it may be noted, that the best is an epoxy, but it is quite complicated and expensive to apply grout to the tiles. Because the replacement of such a composition often comes latex mixture. Particular attention should be paid when buying the seller's reputation, as well as the manufacturer. note, that each of the components required to meet the standard of quality, which must confirm the relevant documents.

Besides, regardless of, some grout tile joints better, much also depends on the duration of its life and storage conditions! Since the composition during mixing may take lumps, respectively applied badly and only spoil the look. So be sure to watch for these factors.

Naturally, and that a simple mixture of cement trowel for tile will last a long time, but the more complex the structure of the chemical composition of the higher performance of the. Another question is how much it is necessary under normal conditions.

Thus we understand what are the grouting for the tiles, and what you should pay attention when choosing your. More about applying the mixture trowel. We hope this material will answer all your questions exhaustively. Also, if you have any questions regarding this topic still remain, write to us, and get an answer. finally, We offer some video of Grout. = Lu7AC15hVuc


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