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Overview 10 popular models battery bolgarok

Cordless angle grinders (UŞM) hardly a novelty of the domestic market, however, about the benefits of these tools, not everyone knows. But "Bulgarian battery-powered", especially if it is the unit of the 18-volt line under the following diameters 125 mm, can be a great help on the farm.

Cordless grinders angle grinders - fairly narrow segment of the domestic market: implemented in Russia is not more than a year 10 thousands of pieces of this device, while Hitachi products represented by single models, while, both Milwaukee and Metabo units are large enough demand. Buy such equipment primarily specialists plumbing, who often have to perform work on the objects, where there is no electricity.

Key parameters when choosing a good grinder on the battery

LBM picking of the most popular models, should pay attention to several key parameters:

  • limiting stress;
  • battery capacity;
  • Possible scope of work, which is enough to perform a single charge;
  • Number of cuts on a single battery charge;
  • Efficiency of performance grinding work using Bakelite grinding wheels of two types (thickness 6 mm 3 mm);
  • Resistance to cold temperatures (known, At low temperatures, the battery performance decreases considerably, therefore, considered to be of higher quality product, do not lose workers' qualities in the cold);
  • quality grinding.

An additional evaluation parameter may be a parameter fluctuations spindle speed frequency. Usually, from storage devices below it, than the aggregate, working from the network. Fluctuations spindle speed frequency affect consumption and performance circles: lower rate, the faster the wheel wear.

It is also important to follow, as the temperature changes important unit components after intensive work. known, that heating is enhanced by the greater intensity of the work, become a cause shorten the life of cells and decrease in battery performance. This parameter developers pay a lot of attention, trying to find the optimal balance in a fairly rigid boundary conditions.

These characteristics of the models

LBM batteries
When buying a grinder note the number of batteries included

Cordless angle grinders hardly a low-noise devices, however, they are much quieter, than similar units, powered from the mains. If we are talking about brands, the difference in the noise level of domestic and foreign models is extremely low.

Around the same parameters and the index has safety devices. All, without exception, manufacturers claim, that at an output unit of the system, immediately turn off its engine. The difference in the implementation of this option is, in practice, a few seconds.

Rate ergonomic equipment is quite difficult, since the evaluation of this parameter is always very individual. This parameter is studied on such indicators, as the principle of placing the casing in a comfortable position, incorporating peculiarities of working keys and place overload sensor arrangement.

practice shows, that all modern angle grinders are very practical, although the two batteries can be discharged quickly enough (10 minutes under intensive load, such as - grinding). but, generally such aggregates are used as auxiliary tools, working long and frequent stops. If the performance of work requires a considerable burden on the LBM, better to prefer analog network, connected to the generator. In other cases, the number of cuts, if you do not hold them one by one, may exceed 100, at timely intervals does not occur batteries overheating.

An additional advantage is that LBM, it is possible to connect additional equipment to their batteries - for example, pressure testing for fittings or a hammer, therefore, two batteries may be sufficient to perform the work by at least one object, and in some cases for the whole day.

When buying LBM, it is important to pay attention to the capacity of the battery, It depends on the duration of..

ampere capacity
Depending on the amp capacity The graph shows the duration of the different angle grinders

classification of LBM

Presented a review on the domestic market of LBM can be divided into two categories - with brushless motors and 4-pole collector. It differs from them only the "Anchor", on which the two-pole motor with a simple device.

In comparison with the commutator motor, brushless about 15% better able to cope with their tasks, Therefore, in this review we will focus primarily on their characteristics. but, even for brushless car battery can overheat (eg, when grinding at full load) and cause failure of the device. But when exposed to low temperatures aggregates, The only problem is they can become functional capacity of the batteries.

Battery freezing and storage capacity

practice shows, that on cooling the battery capacity is reduced to give a large current. So, the amplification unit for pressing a sanding process the number of revolutions decreases faster, if the device is worth chilled before using the battery. Also, cooling of the battery before use may provoke a reduction of the total weight of the metal shot, however, this difference is not critical, and after recharging this negative effect can be completely eliminated.

Important: avoid freezing batteries, This adversely affects the service life.

On most modern angle grinders mounted lithium-ion batteries, but, All of the above proves, that hypothermia for either is not fatal. Manufacturers do not recommend long to keep batteries in a discharged condition and at extremely low temperatures, because it increases the risk of deep discharge, but such cases are rare. To ensure a long battery life, fully charge them before storing.

Do LBM shortcomings

Like any other technology, at the corner cordless grinders, there are some disadvantages. However, choosing a, positive qualities can be found even among the cheapest models. Each buyer must evaluate tools, on the basis of its tasks and the requirements of the instrument (and therefore, and financial opportunities). So, should decide, some assembly required - professional or consumer, how often you plan to use it, as well as consider their own skills in the use of such machines.

Bulgarians will review the storage and look at the advantages and disadvantages of the most common in our country LBM.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

This model - a professional tool, equipped with high-current batteries LiHD-technology and electronic overload protection. Unit is equipped with angle grinders and apart from the competition the biggest batteries and brushless, allowing on one charge to carry out the maximum amount of work. For, to maximize the efficiency of the unit is sufficient to use standard battery capacity 5,5 A * h, Moreover, experience shows, that the device can operate with a lower capacity batteries (4-ampere).

The device has a number of design features. In particular, filters in the unit is easily replaced and installed back, which is especially important, if consider, LBM that ejected dust and gases are gradually deposited on the walls of the device and reduce its effectiveness. The closed construction protects the machine motor from the ingress of dust into the gap between the armature and starter. Besides, engine Metabo angle grinders protected fine mesh, which, although it does not protect against fine particles, but it acts as a reliable protection from potentially tokovyvodyaschey dust on the contacts, which makes operation of the device more secure.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick
Ushm Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

Swivel angle unit has flawless technical implementation node, however, when using angle grinders, you may experience some problems. So, Device under heavy load contacts may slightly overheated, what, however, It does not lead to automatic shutdown of the machine.

Among the design features of the model, we should mention the possibility of turning on the battery 270 degrees, which is important when using the machine in confined spaces. It simplifies the access to the site of the cut, and an elongated body LBM.

External structural features of the device protrude:

  • Quick-flange nut, does not require the operator to use the key;
  • a spring ring, not allowing quick nut otkruchivatsya during braking;
  • Possibility of repose of the housing without the use of additional elements - enough to move it to the desired position and lower the lever
  • The presence of anti-vibration handle front.

In this way, This model has a maximum functional equipment. For operator convenience and provided the opportunity to lock the trigger button in the on position, a spindle brake device is able to stop within two seconds. Machine showed perfect results when testing the security system of merit, including under the frequently encountered problems - jamming range. by the way, in case of emergency braking accumulator practically not heated.

so, Battery Metabo angle grinders demonstrates excellent capacity, safety and reliability. The main advantage of these machines - the ability to use to perform the work with the maximum load.

Milwaukee M18 CAG125XPDB 502 X

LBM Milwaukee - a professional tool with battery grade Redlithium-Ion, part of the 18-volt line. This device quickly charge (for 59 minutes) and allows the use of a circle of diameter 125 mm.

The device of the machine has a number of ergonomic solutions. So, the unit is equipped with electronic overload protection, indicator of the state of charge on the batteries and the spindle lock button. A feature of this LBM is the presence of the brushless motor and intellectual Powerstate Redlink Plus control system. Included with the apparatus are supplied to the two battery 5,0 Ah, and plastic case.

Milwaukee M18 CAG125XPDB 502 X
УШМ Milwaukee M18 CAG125XPDB 502 X

Operating the machine is simple and does not require operator effort and attention: launcher key LBM wide and long, functional and comfortable. The only drawback is, that in the closed position lock the device will not work, since the tool is switched off, as soon as the operator stops pressing the button.

Charge level indicator has four red LEDs, and indicates the occurrence of such problems, as a low remaining battery level and battery overheating. Located directly on the sensor unit housing.

Device, equipped with a brushless motor, It is showing excellent results in grinding, that is the main advantage of rechargeable Bulgarian Milwaukee.

Dust shields by fine metal mesh on a frame made of plastic can reliably protect the LBM of coarse dust. Smaller particles do not create problems during operation, but they are also provided protection.

Special attention is given safety record test - the unit is protected from seizure, It has a spindle brake, in the event of emergencies is activated immediately after their occurrence. The security system has a complex algorithm, similar to, which is used in angle grinders. stop time (performed spindle brake) on the stated parameters shall not exceed 2 seconds. If the range of wedges, Security triggered immediately - within a couple of seconds, without heating the battery. Besides, when performing cutting and grinding millimeter circles a serious load on the engine is not created.

tool price policy by 20000 rub. for high-end models have more 50000 rub. It will not be too expensive for ordinary team of installers.


See DGA504 RME

This device falls into the category of professional units. equipped with battery Li-Ion, it is charged in just 45 minutes, at the same time it has a number of design features, ensuring at the same time its affordable price and excellent specifications. So, the unit is equipped with a brushless motor, electronic overload protection, indicator of the charge on the device.

See DGA504 RME
Bolgarka Makita DGA504 RME

The results of using this model can be compared with those in other angle grinders, in this group, but, as it noted above, the device has a lower value. Cheaper is not only achieved at the expense of battery capacity, but also so-called "body kit", that is more ergonomic unit. So, front handle and the flange nut on the conventional apparatus, It is not located on the pen display, and on the device, (that is, to find out his condition can only include equipment).

by the way, quality indicators in this unit often causes complaints, since in the presence of all 50% percent charge device can inform about, that is fully charged. Your machine is not a brake spindle, so after turning off the circle continues to rotate by inertia. But the device has its own security system, at jamming range operate instantaneously. Equipping the device a minimum number of technical solutions, developers are also taken care of the convenience of its operation. So, actuating button can be locked during operation, which is especially important, If cutting or grinding is necessary to perform in an awkward position.

These design features a rechargeable Makita grinders require, that the security system had been the most reliable. Lockable button in emergency situation will not allow to stop work immediately, so the developers have provided reliable Makita angle grinders, activated within a couple of seconds a security system. At the base of the handle of the machine has triangular inserts, looking like design elements, and in fact acts as a filter and are located on the air intake grille. The apparatus has a relatively small spindle speed while maintaining performance worthy. Sparingly consumed and the battery charge, providing a uniform operation of the machine even at high loads. Respectively, Unlike collector LBM, This device does not turn off with a strong overheating of batteries.

Despite all choosing battery Makita grinder you get a proven optimal cost brand. Prices depend on the model, start from 20000 rub.


Bosch GWS 18–125 V–Li

Another representative of the professional angle grinders with a Li-Ion battery. This machine has optimal performance range of the rotation speed (10000 rpm), that allows the device to handle faster with its tasks. Developers also supplied its systems Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) и Electronic Motor Protection (EMP), protects the battery and motor when peregruzkah.Obem carried out works of this unit can be compared with other models in this class, as the battery is discharged at the machines fast enough.

Bosch GWS 18–125 V–Li
УШМ Bosch GWS 18–125 V–Li

This model quickly heat up the battery (surface temperature may reach 66 °C), However since in practice by means of grinding apparatus is not performed nonstop, the occurrence of such problems is possible only in theory. The device has an affordable cost, because the manufacturer has applied for the device a number of ergonomic solutions, among which:

  • standard flange nut;
  • possibility of changing only the protective cover using the key;
  • the absence of anti-vibration inserts.

Softer work wheel provided on the flange ring antivibration, so the device while it may deliver some performance problems, It remains reliable and secure. LBM is a feature of the Bosch L-Boxx - branded case, wherein the discharged LBM, Solid and comfortable, it can be joined with other case studies, creating a single "super-case".

Actuating button of the unit can be fixed in the closed position, which facilitates the use of the process unit, eg, cutting in an awkward position. The model range is resistant to jamming, at the same time it has the highest threshold of sensitivity of the described vehicles. so, this machine is different from the competition more easily "underweight" and affordable price. An additional advantage of the device is the ability to save on its purchase, as batteries and chargers for them can be taken from any other models of the 18-volt line. Perhaps the biggest line in the selection of models from Bosch. The cost starts at 12000 rub. depending on battery capacity.



This model differs from competitors primarily externally: its rear handle has a specific shape and is equipped with a protective bracket. Hand Protection seriously helps in the performance of complex technical jobs, However tool dimensions increases, making it less ergonomic. Respectively, LBM before you buy should be precisely defined, what kind of work will be done with it, because in some cases, large size can be a serious obstacle in the use of the machine. battery DeWALT grinder possibilities are extensive enough, and the device has a device conceived. So, to rearrange in a casing machine, the operator should not use additional tools.

Bulgarian DeWALT DCG412M2

On the spindle there is a rubber ring LBM, protects against vibrations, as well as the softening range of motion, making it easier to control the machine. At the same time, the model is equipped with a standard flange nut, a screw with a key, which creates certain difficulties during operation. Front handle is long enough, which provides more grip and makes it possible to hold the LBM for housing, if the work is carried out in the pits or niches without losing the safety factor (the only drawback is, that one hand have to press the start button, because the device does not lock in the closed position). As a kind of compensation system provides protection from accidental start as an additional pass-through buttons. This security measure is very relevant, since the battery is always in the active state, and the spindle has no brakes (circle continues to rotate for some time after power outage, and therefore using this angle grinders should be especially careful to follow safety rules).

Informing about the charge level is done by the line of the three LEDs, the indicator is located directly on the batteries. Model loses performance parameters, but has excellent performance life extension. So, Engine power is shut off quickly in case of overload, especially when grinding: circle stops immediately when a stronger, than is necessary, pressing. At the same time we should not forget, that the grinding - only auxiliary problem LBM, the main purpose of this unit - cutting. Prices from 25000 rub.


AEG kisses 18-125X

This is one of the shortest battery bolgarok AEG BEWS 18-125X. The model has a sufficiently massive battery, which is mounted at an acute angle to the longitudinal axis of the machine, that is made of ergonomic considerations apparatus. This device is ideally suited for use in confined spaces, as quite compact and manoeuvrable. Additional advantages of the machine are the largest and ergonomic anti-vibration handle, housing, which can be permuted without additional equipment and is easily accessible button lock release. Each battery set the remaining charge indicator.

AEG kisses 18-125X
Bulgarian AEG BEWS 18-125X

among LBM, presented in the domestic market, model AEG BEWS 18-125X different possibility of installing the handle in three positions (which is especially useful for grinding, although the performance in the implementation of this function, the device is not very high), while similar machines in the line have the opportunity to reshuffle only two. Start button can be locked in the closed position, so the developers have taken care of the maximum safety of the operator during operation of the unit.

possible negative, Device protection works not only during grinding, but also when cutting, wherein the strong pressure and the device can not withstand overloads. The machine has an overload LED indicator, located next to the power button. This may pose a problem for some operators, since cutting it is not always in sight (however, signal light at this angle grinders strong enough). display settings and its mode of operation is very ergonomic. Usually, light comes in advance, therefore, the operator has the opportunity to respond and reduce the load before, than device disconnects. Respectively, the machine can operate at peak performance. The apparatus has a high spindle speed, therefore faster ripples, units than competitors.

Conclusion, the main characteristics of the LBM - low consumption of laps at low spindle speeds, It is making the unit a good solution for the implementation of simple and brief work, requiring cutting or grinding surfaces. Price models 18000 rub


Энкор AccuMaster АКМ182

Choosing a low-cost battery LBM Anchor, Unlike previous models, It developed without the control of the European producers and is produced in Chinese enterprises, but under the direct control of the Russian customer. it, but, absolutely does not affect the quality of the final product. The machine is the same quality, both branded counterparts, It has affordable price and excellent performance metrics. The tool has no innovative solutions and has a fairly scanty design, but it always copes with its tasks. So, not inferior to the quality of cuts branded counterparts and only when grinding unit shows lower performance. At the same time, the model is easier restarts, and when congestion occurs quickly off.Энкор AccuMaster АКМ182

All structural device in this unit are simple enough. So, model has two standard rechargeable engines, cover and flanged nut, mounted turnkey and standard handle. Developers also abandoned charge level indicator (it is missing the battery, and the charger), inferior branded device models and charge rate. Also, the unit has a different "raskhodku" - in contrast to the standard for most models diameter circles 125 mm, on this model the manufacturer puts a 115-millimeter discs.

Apparatus rechargeable grinder Anchor AccuMaster It is not very convenient start button: it is tight and short, so keep it constantly activated uncomfortable. It is a complete surprise and rotary battery, has several drawbacks. So, used in the connector assembly the sliding contact at intensive operation quickly heated, and ceases to be a reliable contact, however LBM activated with a delay, and only when a certain battery position. This construction solution, along with the location of the unit in the elongated body, It would be to simplify the execution of work in confined spaces, however, in practice, much better results are obtained by the use of the extension adapter AK1835, allowing the battery to hang on a belt, connecting it via a cable to the LBM without the formation of unreliable sliding contacts.

Price models 3000 rub.


so, the domestic market is represented by an extensive range of angle grinders domestic and imported. When choosing a suitable device in the first place need to be defined, for what purpose it will be used more often: cutting or grinding. Other important parameters are the choice of casing permutation principle, the functionality of the indicators and their location, speed disable unit for critical overload occurs.

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