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Which is better to buy a glue gun for household needs

among the ideas, related to the selection of hand tools for home use in domestic masters large discrepancies not - standard drill, drill, Planer yes hand tools, but as to, that will be glued, here there are different views on the welding machine to a standard syringe cartridges. But on this device, as a glue gun for some reason do not often remember, but in vain. And here is largely the problem is not so much, Such tools are not highly prevalent, and in that, that very little is known about, what Melt, that glues the glue gun, and what characteristics it has.

What is the Melt

Before proceeding to the question, a glue gun buy, you need to understand in order to understand what this tool, its working principle, modifications and differences of models and principles of operation of different types of Melt.

Common to all types of glue guns in favor of the working method of preparing adhesive - thermal heating polyurethane adhesive rod, and ejecting the heated mass through a narrow nozzle at the bonding surfaces. It obschevidovaya classification of this kind of instrument. Similarly, for all Melt form tool and is - in the form of the unit and pistol grip, which is mounted lever, regulating flow of the adhesive mass.

On this, actual common characteristics and end, but the differences make it possible to choose the features that will help to answer the question and a glue gun is better to buy. special adhesive cartridges are used for Thermo - rods, cylindrical shape, different lengths and diameters generally 7 and 11 mm. Respectively, for those, Who picks up the instrument, issue a glue gun is better to choose for this moment of creativity speaks very important, as pistols with rods in 11 mm more appropriate for professional use, but 7 mm Thermo better to apply to the work of.

The heating of the adhesive is carried out in a tubular heating chamber, wherein the adhesive is heated to a temperature 140-170 degrees, making a flowable mass, although overcoming the polyurethane melting point sufficiently heated to 105 degrees. Heating is carried out for 3-5 minutes, via an electrical heating element, power which is drawn from the mains or battery.

Loading the cartridge into the tool is held on the back side - is inserted into the cartridge and push the lever, similar to the trigger gradually be sent to the heat chamber. In this case, pressing the lever rod glue, solve it pushed through the sealing ring back side of the heating chamber, it gradually displaces the heated mass of polyurethane outwardly through nozzle, acting as a piston.

Scheme glue gun
Construction glue gun

The design of the heating unit, and therefore the characteristics of Thermo largely depend on the power of the electric heating element and the number of. For some guns, eg, for BOSCH, are more advanced thermocouples with gradual heating system, allowing not only to gradually heat the glue, but also maintain the optimum temperature of the adhesive mass, avoiding burning of polyurethane to the walls of the heating chamber. heating the assembly protrudes the most challenging part of the glue gun and its reliability depends on tool life. heating chamber for all models made of metal, it is the most optimum performance, metal conducts heat very well, metal easier to install heater, he copes with the task of maintaining the required temperature for quite a long time even after switching off the heater power.


Also thermal camera, before how to choose a glue gunt for household needs, you need to study the characteristics of the rod feeder. As a rule - it's a simple mechanism, ring pusher, driving the glue stick when you press the lever of the pistol grip. By itself, such a method of supplying adhesive in a heat chamber of the rod acts as optimal design, but, upon application of excessive force on the lever, made of plastic material, simply fails. Very often a node breaks down, if desired, as quickly as possible to work, when the adhesive mass is not enough warmed up, or when the rod is used, not corresponding to the size inlet thermochambers.

It is a disease of almost all branded glue guns, perceiving only standard, branded rods.

Reviews of the best Melt, common network does not always point to the tool assembly, but, for long term use and often there arise problems, because in the guide sleeve, host, sealing feed rod into thermal camera is very important as it is possible to maintain operability longer. The role of this unit is hard, but at the same time elastic crimp rod, and pass it only aqueous direction from the inlet to the heat chamber, blocking the possibility of reverse movement. it, perhaps, among the most vulnerable element nodes glue gun, because it consists of a rubber, which, as known, due to the constant presence in the high-temperature regime loses its properties and crumbles.

Glue guns there are different price categories

Feed finished molten adhesive is carried out through a nozzle or another it is called a nozzle or fluid tip. For professional use glue gun with nozzles in the form of interchangeable nozzles of different diameters fit better, because such a solution greatly expands the scope of application of the tool. Regardless of the number of interchangeable nozzles and the diameter of the outlet is equipped with a good glue gun unit dosage or nipple, serves to stop the spontaneous outflow of glue. In most cases, a small spring and a metal ball, closing an outlet opening of the heating chamber. Cheap model glue guns are not equipped with such a unit, because of which the molten adhesive flows freely.

For all types of Melt body material performs heat-resistant plastic. Still, the adhesive is heated to almost 200 degrees require reliable protection of the hands, so a good glue gun Craft necessarily the case must have a high-quality housing with rubberized grip on handle.

Besides, it is recommended to choose the model, in which the housing is provided with an inspection glass, to control the flow of rods for Melt.

Failure to refill the cartridge biggest problems will not cause, but the glue in the heat chamber can burn on, especially in low-cost, not equipped with a thermostat pistols. In a further practical work is important, to a gun in the interruption of the work I was in a vertical position, inclined downward with nozzle, Therefore, before how to choose the glue gun is better to check the availability of a special metal stand or stop near the nozzle.

Criteria for selection of Melt

Before choosing Melt, must be clear for what purposes and how often you plan to use such a tool. In many ways, this target setting will help you choose the right model, meets the most demanding requirements. In many ways, the right choice will help glue guns reviews, and placed in the network users reviews of Melt. Studying this information will determine the, Besides, and the need for special additional functions - e.g., for assembly work in the construction of the presence of the power switch of the heating element will not always be justified. But before choosing a glue gun for creativity should think about the existence of such a function, because it is often necessary to glue the fabric, plastic, natural material, wherein heating the adhesive to 200 degrees is not quite justified.

You should decide in advance - as the work will be carried out under steady-state conditions, when you can have a gun at hand, plugged in or choose a laptop, The battery-connecting tool. Or fit a compromise, eg, Dremel Glue Gun 930, having the possibility of disconnection of the supply cable and work briefly offline.

solving, a glue gun to choose, you must pay attention to the power of the heating element - this is one of the important indicators for professionals, working with large amounts of bonding surfaces. For such a model will suit the needs of the more powerful, from 150 to 300 Tue. But for those, who is constantly engaged in decoration works, where it is necessary to decorate the large volumes will be the best choice glue gun 60w. For home creativity is best suited model glue gun 40 Tue.

For those, who are engaged in handicrafts and children's creativity, for glue gun, what power to choose the thermocouple does not play a big role, it is important to, the tool was placed in a child's hand, It was light and small in size, and cordless glue gun with a massive battery definitely does not fit here.

In this way, considering all the characteristics and technical features tools, do not forget that, how it will be convenient to use such a Melt.

Considering all models, estimating a glue gun is better to opt for creativity, finally in the selection can be satisfied, just taking it in hand, experience, how convenient to keep him and work with him.

The most popular model of the market

What is the glue gun is better to choose for permanent use in the end it will help compare the most popular models and critical analysis reviews the owners of the results of their use.

Among the best Melt Adhesive Melt Dremel has a special place of honor not only because of their quality parameters, but also due to the fact, Dremel that often acts as legislator ode to those or other technical innovations, eventually becoming a mandatory option. Dremel 940, It refers to a class of tools, having excellent reputation, thanks to its excellent performance. Melt reviews, about which, at 100 % cases are positive really deserves attention. Light, having several interchangeable nozzles, nipple and detachable power cable, Melt is perfect for thin and responsible works. He was not fastidious in Nutrition, for him to fit the diameter of the rods 11, and 12 mm, and heating to 214 degrees at a power 60 Mo ensures uniform heating of the adhesive mass.

In the matter of a Melt opt ​​for simple home work, definitely need for art and handicrafts to draw attention to the glue gun Kolner kgg 11/60. Universal Intended, a simple and reliable tool provides for the preparation of the finished adhesive 1,5 minutes from power on. Melt adhesive Kolner kgg 11/60 consumer reviews, about which, allow us to speak about it, as a fairly successful model for use 11 mm rods.

certainly, Melt for best battery life is by far the battery glue gun Bosch. Rapid heating time, Total 15 seconds is enough to get started, capacity battery, ensuring continuous operation time guaranteed 30 minutes, for which you can spend up to 6 replacement cartridges, It makes this tool necessary to complete both home worker, and professional. but, due to the nature of the battery power supply method uses glue gun 7 mm glue sticks, what to consider when buying.

In the ranking of Melt adhesives, which plays an important role the reliability and capacity of the glue gun Metabo ke 3000 и Steinel gluematic, probably, will be located close to each other. This is designed for professional use glue guns with success justifies not only its brand name, but also fully meet the needs of professionals. Glue gun Steinel gluematic, metabo as though it has some kind of brutal, but they are very reliable and hardy models. As the glue gun Bosch, Steinel has a function change of the electronic heating power, so in hot condition consumes 14 to 25 Tue.

Among the tools of household trend in most democratic price range you must pay attention to the model glue gun and glue gun alliance Sigma. The models of these manufacturers fully meet all the needs of home use, from the children's creativity, to the simple repair of furniture.


What you need to know about the glue sticks

Today, the most commonly used sizes removable stickers or otherwise glue sticks protrudes diameter 7 or 11 mm, these parameters and serve overriding the choice of sticker. It varies in length from 40 mm and up 20 cm, wherein the polyurethane is easy to reduce the size and cutting, not difficult. It should be noted, that it is better to use the rods, recommended by the manufacturer, than unknown origin.

Color coding of rods not always strictly definite value, mostly just adding an appropriate pigment, but, before the application is still recommended that you read the instructions - some manufacturers label black composition for sealing, and yellow for glass or ceramic. It is also true about the temperature marking, for conventional rod melting temperature corresponds 105 degrees, but for special high temperature it will be equal already 150 degrees, so that such stickers are not suitable for all models



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  1. I often do some needlework, but not knitting, gem, and I do something for the decor apartment. Recently my daughter was a year, I think all seen those famous edinichki, dvoechki, who buy children's birthday. Well, that's just such a yedinichku I did myself. Usually sell the bulk units, which stand on the floor, but I did order, to hang on the wall, so I took a cardboard layer. And so, these flowers glued to cardboard, I spent a lot of time. At first I tried to make it a stapler, turned, but only on the edges, until the middle of the box stapler can not reach it and then I went for glue gun. I bought it just for yourself, so very fancy not even sought. In the end I bought Dremel Glue gun company, man-seller, very much to me advised, tk. there fit different rods, glue is uniformly heated. In general, I use it can not only for their own purposes, but in the home it is also useful. With him, I even pasted oboinu, which tore the child, experienced course, but for 3 month holds great or even visible, I glued together somewhere. It is very simple to operate, He is not heavy, keep very convenient. I advise firms Dremel Glue Gun, you will not regret, It will serve you for a long time!

  2. Faced with the, that very cheap guns work very long, missing a few applications and then burn. I try to choose the value of not less than 500 rub, better to buy once and will serve for a long time, than ever to buy a new. In addition to the very cheap pistols every glue will melt, some temperature is not enough. How can you write adhesives and many with different properties, should be chosen by their need.

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