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Alteration of a headlamp on the battery into the battery

The idea, how to remake the headlamp into the battery was a long time, this is especially true in the fishing and installation of electrical wiring. Since the batteries are constantly buy unprofitable, in this age of mobile phones. Here reflection and ordered the necessary spare parts, which I will describe below proceeded to finalize The headlight flashlight batteries under their own hands, using the Chinese scheme under zaryadkoy.Chto makes it possible to charge the battery in the car, and from the usual micro USB modern phone. I order usually Aliekspres although it is possible to find in stores but 2 times more.

LED flashlight
Very bright and functional headlamp flashlight, for such costs but for some reason is not found such a sale
alteration lantern
I tried to remodel and a model , a bit not comfortable with installing buttons and diode plate heated, It had to be isolated from a piece of plastic battery. But in the end flashlight is working correctly

Flashlight delivered to the post office for 20 days that pleased :) Link to store.

The idea is very simple and the power of each, it will require only a small battery from an old cell phone, there is installed Li-Ion battery with protection. Specify voltage fits perfectly, LED flashlight has a voltage range from 4,5 - 2B, 3.7V and 4.2V battery in a charged state at the same time has a decent capacity, which can be increased, adding another battery in parallel. It is only necessary to correctly identify contacts (on most of these plus and minus) remains neatly solder contacts, so as not to melt and to avoid circuit.
The problem with charging through the normal micro yusbi easily solved, order a small fee worth about 20 rub. Micro USB has a very important role to control the charging and disconnecting ice lamp at low battery.

The board mounted LEDs, that show color when converted LED Flashlight charged. Thus the completion of the Chinese lantern The headlight comes to soldering wires Clem.
I use this card any alteration flashlight lithium quite simple, it is only important to know the, how many volts battery issues.

alteration flashlight LED
Fee charging, Available in online store with free shipping

maybe order such a scheme here for themselves at once ordered 10 pieces because it is versatile and can be used in children's toys.

connection options
Scheme batteries compound

boards Settings

  • Input voltage with Micro USB : 5 AT
  • Charging voltage cutoff: 4.2 In ± 1%
  • Maximum charge current: 1000mA
  • The battery during the discharge overvoltage protection: 2.5 AT
  • Is protected against over-current current: 3A
  • board size: 2.6*1.7 CM

In fact, it is a separate board that is used to purchase and if paverbanke usb output and you can charge your phone

Proceed to the alteration

ice lantern perednlka
An exploded view of the lamp assembly and the first stage

Now, about herself instead of reworking the flashlight batteries under the battery, Most lights used 3 By AA 1.5v by size, comparable to the mobile battery, and it is placed in the main body, only have to expand seat. After some simple manipulation by loosening or cutting out all unnecessary, assemble on the hot melt adhesive component parts into place.

Wiring ice lantern
Scheme alteration LED lamp
Installation scheme flashlight
Solder the component parts into place with the help of Thermo
The headlight flashlight power increase
If needed, you can increase the storage capacity by connecting 2 batteries
 dodelanny headlamp flashlight with yusbi entrance
We get upgraded headlamp flashlight with mini yusbi entrance

Finally: LED flashlight has worked actively 3 night on the old phone battery without recharging. It is also possible to have more than enough, to cut-off is not felt. Lithium batteries do not like a full discharge. Overall, very pleased at cost 140 rub. the only thing, He is very bright is not always necessary. Encouraged by the presence of charge indicator board. When charging for usb glows red when the battery is charged blue.

This way you can convert virtually any flashlight, the only question is the amount of batteries. Eg battery from iphone not a very practical and tear if contact with the board connecting sloppy that they are not soldered.

Do not use lithium batteries if they are swollen- it's not safe!

It happens, that the board protection trips, and you need to revive him, In that case supply voltage from a power supply or paverbanka. If the phone battery very old, the headlamp flashlight naturally faster work protection and he will go out. Although the batteries from the old Nokii (more 4 years old) are functioning.

Save money when buying and thus it is cheaper to buy a cashback possible vospolzovatsya (it is when % with accumulated purchases). So just install a browser extension and the money itself gradually piling up.

Useful video collection on completion of lanterns






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  1. Thank you very much for the article! Long searched the Internet, how to convert a frontal flashlight battery with your hands and that's found! Everything is very accessible and understandable. There are still smart people! I will try)

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