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Winter gardens made of aluminum profile

Winter gardens made of aluminum profile can be found often enough: they are distributed in all regions of the country. This design can decorate private homes, administrative building, encountered in the design of the city or country house. In the winter garden can not only contain plants, but the rest.

What is the winter garden?

For a winter garden, you can use a variety of designs, the main task of which is protected against rain, wind and cold interior space. The most popular materials for decorating such facilities are plastic and aluminum structures. They meet the necessary requirements, have an attractive appearance, easy to install, have an affordable price.

The main area of ​​the winter garden takes glass. It is important to choose the right glass unit to create designs. The objective of the glazing is not only the creation of the aesthetic appeal of the room, but also to ensure a comfortable environment inside.

The shape and size of the winter garden can be very diverse. The design can be constructed from various materials, first among which are aluminum frame with glass. Conservatories today represent a wide variety of structures made of glass and aluminum, operating as a decorative, and practical function. Use the winter garden can be as a place of rest, greenhouses, room for receiving guests.

Production conservatories
Aluminum can build any shape conservatory.

Features of the winter garden of metal structures

Aluminum winter gardens are the most common, as it is the most practical material. He has a lot of positive qualities, wherein the disadvantages as low.

  • aluminum design look good smokers any style. They are in harmony with facades, decorated in a classic and modern style.
  • This lightweight and durable material, incorrosible. It does not absorb moisture, it does not infest pests. the rigidity enough, so that no extra bars to hold heavy glazing.
  • Metal insensitive to changes in temperature, durable, suitable for all climatic zones.
  • Installation of aluminum structures is straightforward, quick and relatively inexpensive.
  • The service life of more material, far superior analogs of wood, can compete with plastic.
  • material plastic, therefore it allows you to create structures of any complexity, shape and size, which in no way be limited.
  • Aluminum profiles are attractive, does not require regular painting, but, if necessary, they can be colored to obtain the desired aesthetic effect.
  • Due to the small width of the profile of the metal in the room gets enough light, to provide the necessary ultraviolet light all the plants.
  • Conservatories aluminum can well retain heat, insulate sound from the street, It is making them a comfortable place to relax. If insulated aluminum profile, It will be held in room heating and to grow in the winter heat-loving plants.
  • Heating the material is not afraid, does not burn, because from the point of view of fire safety is one of the most acceptable.
  • Positive quality is reasonable and the price of materials.

Making of winter garden has its own characteristics, and allows you to create the desired climate zones. thanks the number of glasses You can adjust the thermal conductivity premises. As a result, you can create sites, characterized by temperature and light regime, place them plants, requiring different conditions.

Conservatories aluminum
For the construction of conservatories applied thermally insulated system.

What are the design?

Winter gardens can be arranged in various ways, we should mention a few of them, which are the most popular. Most often placed such constructions on the balconies of apartments, rooftops, in the form of an extension or a separate building next to a country house.

Apartment - room, usually located at a certain height from ground, It has a bit of free space, therefore placed in her winter garden can only be on a balcony or loggia. This will require the glaze and warm hinged design accordingly. It is important to obtain the required humidity, the ability to maintain a certain room temperature, give enough light.

Besides, Winter Gardens can use the structure of the roof. Winter Garden will be a real adornment of the house, turn in an excellent area for rest, regardless of, how to weather the street. If we arrange a winter garden directly above the living quarters, the latter will be more comfortable at any time of the year, since the construction provide additional buffer zone between the room and the exterior.

If you have a private house, Winter Garden can be rasplozhat close to the main structure, making it an extension. If there is enough space in the yard can accommodate the design as a separate structure, the shape and the height of which will depend entirely on your imagination and financial capacity, because the more complex and more design, the more expensive it costs

If you place a conservatory as a separate structure, it will be more light, which is beneficial for plants, that it requires good lighting and fever.

Winter gardens made of aluminum profile
Winter Garden can be positioned on the roof.

Stages of construction of the winter garden

The construction of any construction begins with the development of its project. You will need to make at least a drawing of future construction. Take into account the need not only to their desires, but also the needs of plants, that you plan to place in the winter garden, as well as design features, which will be adjacent winter garden.

It plays an important role as a foundation, where you will start the construction of structures. Than it is stronger and more reliable, It serves the more aluminum construction. After creating the necessary conditions can begin construction of a winter garden frame. For this purpose, a variety of aluminum profiles.

To the room was warm, simple aluminum element is not suitable. Since metal does not retain heat, used special design, osnaschennuyu termovstavkoy. Once the frame is ready, it set triplex. The thickness of the glazing unit can be different and depends on the climate.

Winter gardens made of aluminum profile
Plants conservatory aluminum receive more sunlight.

Organize a winter garden at the apartment or at the site of a private house easy. This will require only buy the necessary aluminum design and assemble a sealed Pavilion. Do not forget about the opening casements: any premises to be ventilated.



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