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Installation of a laminate kitchen apron

Increasingly, as a material for a working kitchen area users choose laminate. Among the reasons can be identified excellent properties and quality, as well as the appearance of. It can pick up perfectly to any interior space. In addition, the technology is not standing still and is constantly being improved laminate. Now there is even water-resistant laminated, capable of for a long time in the water and maintain their quality.

The choice of laminate

Before, how to perform an apron made of laminate kitchen, you should pick up the material itself. Laminated panels are used more often. Apron laminateOn the strength they are ranked as 31 or 32 class. During operation time apron will be able to withstand certain loads.

We should not forget about their own health. Almost all of the laminated panels are made of components, containing formaldehyde. They were specially added to the manufacturers in the production of. For this reason, you should pay attention to what, what class safety level include laminate kitchen. The best option in this case - E1.

With regard to the appearance and shade, then there is will depend on the artist. Each interior is chosen all individually.

Advantages and disadvantages

that Kitchen Apron perform its functions, it must have a certain set of positive aspects, which include:

  1. Affordable price.Apron laminate
  2. If there are no external influences on the apron set, he is able to last for a long time.
  3. A wide range of color schemes, and invoices.
  4. Easy to use during installation.
  5. Can choose this option, which will resemble a natural tree. Untrained eye can not even distinguish it from the original.
  6. To care for him there is no trouble.
  7. The pure material from an ecological point of view.

But this is only the minimum number of the main advantages of using the material in the process of implementation of the kitchen apron made of laminate. You can not at the same time forget about it, that in any case there will be some negative side of the material, which include:Apron laminate

  • If you do not choose a special waterproof laminate, the moisture it will begin to warp and lose attractiveness in appearance. Better a few perepalit and get quality, than to redo everything again for a short time.
  • Tremendous impact on the material when changing temperature regimes, which can not be avoided in the kitchen while cooking.

All these little things can be avoided, important to choose quality laminate for all occasions from leading manufacturers.


make apron Laminate can practically everyone. Apron laminateIt is very important to respect the sequence of actions and execute all neatly and carefully.

The first step is to produce a set of preparatory actions. The surface of the walls is required shpatlyuetsya. This material helps to remove all the many irregularities, as well as defects. The wall is aligned and ready for subsequent laminate device instead of an apron in the kitchen.

But to directly mount, should perform crate, for which various materials may be used.

To arrange a kitchen apron made of laminate, all elements battens should be placed near each other at a distance, is no more 30 cm.

Fastening laminate sheet to the batten, covered with concrete screed or linoleum, carried out by means of screws, plastic dowels. May be applied and screws. Apron laminateIn certain situations, a special glue. When docking elements to each other, all connections are coated special sealant, that will increase the degree of protection from external factors. With regard to the material under the apron in the kitchen, it is important to, that it was just a flat over the entire surface.

The end of the kitchen apron made of laminate with your hands is best to close decorative corners, made of polymeric materials. Tone can choose any brand, including a product itself of a laminate. His fixation is carried out with liquid nails.


After that, like finish laminate apron completed, should think about proper care. The material must be cleaned from foreign debris and dirt. You can use plain water. Even during operation of the product used for cleaning detergents, capable of removing grease stains formed.

It is not uncommon appearance on the apron scratches and minor defects. In this case, they can be repaired, using special tools. Their large assortment presented in DIY stores and at affordable prices.

All these subtleties will help us to answer the question of whether, how to make an apron made of laminate. The minimum set of material and tools embellish the room and make you feel comfortable.


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