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What are the screws used to fasten drywall

Taking an important decision to do ceiling lining or plasterboard walls, should examine all the details of. One of the important points is the selection of screws for the profiles, drywall. They have distinctive differences in the technical specifications, and functionality. Screws for gypsum boards and profiles are sold in the construction market, supermarkets. But, how do you know What need screws for fastening sheets GCR.

variety of screws

All fasteners used in drywall structures are conventionally divided into 2 large groups:

  • Screws for profiles with and without drill.

    крепежи для профиля
    Screws, used for fixing the profile to the suspension and crabs

  • Screws for gypsum boards usually black.

    The choice of the screw for gypsum plasterboard
    1. Screws with fine thread of metal. 2. screw on wood

The importance lies in the fact, that - properly chosen screws create fragility of the whole structure of the plasterboard. This will lead to the emergency strain.

Do not use for fixing sheets GCR screws with a drill. In profile, using the screwdriver wrapped perfectly ordinary black screws with fine thread.

To determine how much you need to purchase, use self-tapping screws calculator.

Screws connection profiles and suspensions

Let us examine some screws are needed for Profile? Screws for metal are divided into 2 species. Each is different in its technical capabilities and is designed to perform certain functions.

The difference of using screws
The difference of using screws

Here it should be noted, that can be used as a self-tapping screws with a drill and without. The choice will depend on the quality profiles. It is better to keep the screws without drill bit hard but they twist through the two profiles, and for fixing the most suspensions.

Screw with presshayboy

Among the masters have names such screws as "seeds", «Ê». They have a small size, used to fix profiles to each other and are the most popular.

Screws for GCR coated or galvanized, oxidized or coated. Despite various tips functionality at the same fasteners. In order to mount these screws pre-treatment is not required. They are easy to install using a screwdriver or a drill. Fine tip quickly and makes a hole by slight pressure on the screw it is firmly fixed in the profile.

To save screws and quick installation, use Prosekatel Profile.

With the help of screws made strong fixation of the profile to a batten or fixing metal hangers. Operate with a screw is permitted without pre-drilling holes. Thin tip pierces the base material, and tightly fixes cap-screw elements. The most popular size of the screw for fixation of conventional design and length profiles 13- 16mm.

screw with dog washer with a drill
Screws with conventional pressshayboy
Screws with a drill with presshayboy
The size and number of screws
dimensions, the quantity and weight

Phosphated conical screws

Саморез фосфатированный
Phosphated screw with a cylindrical head(klopik)

ê screws

Distinctive features of the head:

  • If the tool slips off on the screw head can not be get hurt - it is rounded;
  • Conveniently press the screw during installation with a screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • With this cooking, in some cases it is possible to use the washer, gaskets;
  • The cylindrical shape ensures a secure fit.

Dowel nails for fastening the profile to the concrete walls, ceilings

Clamps for fixing the profile to the brick, concrete wall. Use special screws with threaded complete with nut. Tapping screws are made of solid steel and covered means, that protect the metal from corrosion. On the cap screw shock has cruciform pattern, which allows you to do the installation (dismantling) fasteners. Dowel has a spacer portion, the locking element in the wall (ceiling) when screwing to the screw. The safety of the dowel does not allow early work of the spacer during installation. Using nails dowel to speed installation. Drill hole puncher, (brown M6) straight through the profile is driven into the dowel.

selection anchor nail
Divided by type of hat

Screws with dowels for concrete surfaces 2 types: countersunk head, mushroom shape. Mushroom cap differs increased collar, which makes it possible to increase the area of ​​attached elements. Blind cap during assembly comes fully into the material and not sticking to the surface. This makes it possible to carry out additional work.

In the construction market of screws for fastening the profile to the concrete (brick) surface discount packed in bundles.

Name Number of pieces in a pack, PC.
Impact screw 6*40 mushroom cap 100, 200
Impact screw 6*60 mushroom cap 100
Impact screw 6*60 countersunk head 100
Impact screw 6*80 countersunk head 100
Impact screw 8*60 countersunk head 100
Impact screw 8*80 countersunk head 50
Impact screw 8*100 countersunk head 50
Impact screw 8*120 countersunk head 50

For a concrete wall using dowels 6*40. This type of fixture is securely holding the guide profiles to the base, which bear most of the load of all the metal frame.

Саморез с дюбелем грибовидная шляпка
Screws with dowel mushroom cap 6*40

Screws for fixing the profile to the tree

Screws distinctive in length, and the step section. For fixing the profile to the wood screws used 25mm length. These screws are divided into 2 species: fosfatirovnnye - black and yellow versatile. Both types of screws are countersunk head with cross pattern for proper fastener installation. As well as the thread pitch - rare.

For mounting screws is not necessary to make additional holes using a drill. They are easy to pierce the surface and are included in the base, thus there is a strong fixation.

саморезы по дереву
Screws for fixing wood gypsum board to the framework or a wooden base

In case of fixing plasterboard to the wooden furring, to apply special screws for wood. In these screws thread wide, This provides ease of tightening and fixing strength. Different sizes of screws applied. But, the softer type of wood, the longer must be screw.

Монтаж самореза по дереву
Mounting the screw in wood

Sales screws can be in packages and in bulk. To calculate the one guide profile length 3 meters need to be installed around 20 Pieces of screws in this calculation the distance through 15- 20 cm.

Self-tapping screws for fastening drywall

Consider what screws are needed for drywall. They differ on appearance, in size, color.

крепление гипсокартона саморезами
Fixing plasterboard without bevel to the metal frame with screws

Sheets of drywall are attached to the metal created, Wooden frame, as well as directly to the Draft base. It may be concrete, brick, wood. For each individual there is mounting specially designed fasteners. Screws Drywall made from durable sstali with treatment against corrosion effects, oxidation.

Letter plasterboard, In most cases, attached to the created frame of metal profiles. Fasteners forced into a sheet with a small submerged, to keep the surface flat and smooth.

How to mount a sheet

For this process, use self-tapping screws for gypsum boards with fine pitch thread. Screw the tip of a sharp, for a good entry into the metal. Screws for plasterboard sizes which start from 16mm. It is applied depending on the thickness of the gypsum board, as well as its quantity.

Mainly for fixing a sheet of drywall screws are used the dimensions 3.5 * 25mm. If the second layer is required to mount plasterboard, Then you need screws 3.5 * 35mm, packed for 1000 PC. at 1 packing.

Hat plasterboard screw constructed in such a manner, that for fixing its upper cardboard layer remains intact, while the screw comes to "flush". Electric applied for screwing or cordless screwdriver to control the tightening force. Drywall screws performed exactly as quality standards and given the dimensions.

The right choice when buying

covering the screw. Besides the base material from which the screw is made, it is covered by a shell.

  • Phosphated coating - is black. Fasteners used in rooms with high humidity.
  • Oxidized coating - black. A protective film is applied and is used in a room with normal humidity level.
  • The galvanized coating - indoor use, outside the house.

As well as screws have differences in shape of the head, threaded, tip.

Unlike tip

To choose the conventional cross PH Spitz at bat.

Bit PH2 Phillips

When choosing screws for gypsum boards should pay attention to the size, weight. All items must be flat head and cross recess have sharp edges.

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