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Produce your own kitchen – this is real

The rhythm of modern life requires, that the dwelling was not only beautiful, but also functional. Design washing machine washing, Dishwasher soap well, coffee quickly cooked delicious coffee and so on. Everybody knows, that everything is beautiful and versatile costs a lot of money. This also applies to a modern fitted kitchen. The modern and high quality kitchen sets will cost dearly. although, for many the concept of "cheap" has different limits, for the average family with average income it will not afford. Recently, very important to make the kitchen furniture with their hands on schemes, developed their own ideas or found in other sources.

What material do

To the kitchen was strong and lasts a long time is necessary to choose the right material, from which it will be. Base or frame any furniture interior object consists of a particleboard. It is better to look for the material manufactured in Europe, its density is several times higher than the domestic producers of goods, It is composed of more than wax and glue. Standard Particleboard plate width - 16 millimeters, It has thick specimens - up 18 millimeters.

Also, in the manufacture of kitchen furniture with their hands, you can use MDF, but it needs to be painted. The material itself slightly more expensive DSP and greatly surpasses it in terms of strength and flexibility. From this material, you can make decorative home furnishings, very convenient when forming. MDF density in some cases even superior to natural wood, why is the most frequently used analogue.

Materials for the kitchen with his hands
DSP, wood materials are perfect for creating a home-made cuisine.

If the owner - a supporter of all natural and good for health, you can make your own kitchen furniture made of natural wood. But, worth remembering, it is very sensitive to frequent changes in temperature and humidity. It will be necessary to cover all the blank with special impregnations, including antiseptics. This material can be replaced with a novelty in the world of building materials - multiplex. It is not deformed, and not so much exposed to moisture.

Countertops can be made of chipboard, MDF, natural wood. But it is worth remembering, that a large part of the load is exactly it, so kitchens are advised manufacturers to produce them from natural or artificial stone. The first is quite expensive and very heavy. The second is much easier and processing lends itself better.

Recommendations on independent manufacturing of kitchen furniture

first, where to begin assembly of kitchen furniture with their handsThis measurement of the room and place, to house the future kitchen. In specialty stores, you can find everything you need to build, but should be alert to the, some items can not be made independently, We need the help of specialists in sawing on the set sizes.

need for furniture:

  • hinges for furniture;
  • konfirmatы;
  • screws;
  • dowels;
  • electric drill;
  • jigsaws;
  • Cordless;
  • drill;
  • pencil;
  • roulette.

In the first place going to the lockers. For this it is necessary to drill holes for the metal tie. When the main body is ready, you need to install a rear wall. It is better, if it is made of laminated chipboard. You should check the correct assembly, the geometry of the product and mount the legs.

The table top is set to at least the lower cabinets. It is fixed on the screws. But, an opening for cleaning is necessary to prepare in advance the table top. To do this you need to put on a flat surface countertop, top - sink bottom upwards, and carefully cut around it with a pencil. To withdraw from the received line 1,5-2 centimeters and accurately cut a hole. To keep water from getting under the sink need all internal seams carefully handle silicone sealant.

Before proceeding to mount facades, We need to fix the loop. From the top edge pull back 80 millimeters, and the center of the hole should be in 20-25 millimeters from the front edge.

How to restore the old furniture

many agree, that the restoration of kitchen furniture with their handsIt is an art. In addition to the financial side of the issue, It is still present aesthetic. Not every will tinker with the old, step by step, restoring the geometry, Colour, the overall style.

  • To bring any furniture in the order it is necessary to possess the following skills: competent and accurate disassembly;
  • cleaning and washing products;
  • struggle with defects varnish surface;
  • Working with wood defects;
  • repair and reinforcement of fasteners;
  • veneering;
  • staining and wood primer;
  • painting, decoration product appearance, sostarivanie, with a high protection factor varnishing, polish.

The most difficult thing is to restore the table, to be precise, his legs. You need to remove the old veneer, reconstruct the shape of legs with the help of liquid wood.
There are some fine workmanship:

  • Bathing furniture is best done using standard detergents. When polishing is also possible to use car polish;
  • If caring means are composed of ethyl alcohol, kerosene or ammonia, it is best to check its effect on the training surface;
  • The most popular wood treatment material is considered a green rind walnut;
  • Protect wood from pests and rot, you can cover the entire surface of tannin;
  • If a piece of furniture must be painted, it is better to take the oil or acrylic enamels;
  • If you need a waist cloth, it is preferable jacquard, velours, kurtizan.

If you have any defects, then fix it help article how to remove the chipped furniture.

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  1. Thanks for the useful and interesting article!

    The kitchen is often used to call the heart of the whole house. After all, it is a place the whole family gathers together, Besides the kitchen welcome guests, relatives. In the kitchen there is a dialogue. It is because of this approach to the issue, how to make the kitchen, should seriously, especially if the repair work will be carried out with their own hands.

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